The Influencers Earn Review. BEWARE. No Earnings!

What Is Influencers Earn About?

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash from home? If you have, the ad for this product has probably shown up on your social media accounts.

Amazing how that works, eh? The algorithms use keywords to link ads to you by what you search for. And unfortunately, we see lots of junk because of this.

So what is Influencers Earn about? Is it more of this junk, or could it actually make you some money?

I checked it out myself, to see if it’s legit or another scam. I want to show you what’s inside and how it works.

By the end of my review, you’ll know the truth!

If you’d like to know how I created my own online income, please read this!

influencer earn review - rating




What Is Influencers Earn?

what is influencerearn about

This product has an unknown owner who registered this website on Sept 25th, 2019, in Panama.

They claim to pay you $10 for each referral, which you can cash out with such systems as PayPal and other methods.

You can also make extra money making YouTube videos or writing surveys.

Influencers Earn – Free to join with an email address

What’s Inside

Home Dashboard

  • $25 for signing up
  • Your referral link


  • Video tutorial – 2:49 minutes
  • 25 tasks to earn

Refer & Earn

  • Links to Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Instagram

Completed Tasks

  • Lists your completed tasks

Promotional Posts

  • 9 social media images for promotion
  • Earn $50 to make your own YouTube promo video
  • Provides the Title & Video description

Instagram Submission

  • Want you to add your link to your Instagram Bio
  • Earn $50 to change your bio link to this one.

Facebook Submission

  • Earn $10 to post a testimonial with a link

Twitter Submission

  • Earn $10 to tweet the link

Rewards Center

  • Exchange points earned for Apple products



Who Is This System For?

how to become an influencer

No one. I’m convinced this is a scam. Anything you wish to sign up for requires your full name and email address, as well as your credit card information to confirm.

These are classic ways to collect a lot of personal information to sell to others.

I wouldn’t trust this product as far as I can throw them, lol. Which isn’t far…

There are so many legitimate ways to make money online. And this isn’t one of them. Please beware!

Other, almost identical scams are:


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How Does It Work?

instagram influencers is just one of the platforms

This isn’t the typical product that you can find in Clickbank or any other affiliate network.

It appears to have started appearing on social media and on YouTube and is continuing as people sign-on.

They are hoping that the hype is true and that they’ll get paid for promoting on different platforms.

When I saw the sales page, I had some serious red flags appear.

So I did some research, signed up with a different email (in case of spamming) and want to tell you what I found, OK?

Let me tell you about the sales page first…

Sales Page

It’s not the worst page I’ve seen, but with all the page builder tools out there, even scam sites can look pretty good!

Here’s what jumped out at me…

Red Flag #1 – 10 Years?

If you click the green button on the sales page, you can read how it works. Well, sort of…

They claim to have been in business for 10 years. Really? That’s weird because the site isn’t even 1 year old yet.

At least here, you find out that you supposed to get a $25 sing up bonus!

sign up bonus to be an influencer

And I couldn’t find any indication that they were in business under a different name.

Red Flag #2 – Testimonials

The testimonials are no better. These are so easy to fake, and they talk about how much money they made last year, etc.

Now, if you click on the testimonial link at the top of the page, you’re taken to a new page with 12 income proofs.

If you click on one, you can see it magnified…

a fake testimonial

Most of these are old, as you can see. That guy made $640 in October 2018, from a product that wasn’t released until September 2019.

That’s a cool trick… Amazing how this works when it wasn’t even online yet! LOL

Red Flag #3 – Brands??

The brands they supposedly work with is a complete lie.

they don't work with these brands

They copied some famous brand names and pasted them on their site, haha. There’s nothing referring to these companies inside the platform.

OK, now let’s look at what you get inside…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you first sign up, they ask you for your personal information. They want your name and your email address.

I used an email that I use for this kind of thing because I don’t want any spam in my personal one.

If you want to try this out, I recommend you do the same.

Once you’re inside, you see a dashboard like this…

inside the dashboard

As you go down the left-hand side, you get access to all the different ways you can promote this product.

Tasks – Earn Here

This tab brings you to the various tasks you can do.

There’s also a video if you want to know how they want you to proceed. I’ll include that below in the “Video Demo”.

different sites for influencer marketing

I tested the second one that says you can stream the best movies.

When clicking “continue”, you’re asked to submit your email and create a password.

give email address in hopes of making money

The next page is when they ask you for your credit card information.

each campaign requires your credit card information

Nope!! No way I was giving that out!

So I went back a step and tried to log into the movie streaming site with my password.

It didn’t work of course, but guess what I saw? I noticed why they wanted my credit card info.

you will be charged monthly for these memberships

They were going to start charging me $49.95 US per month after a 5-day trial. Nowhere did I see any mention of a 5-day trial!!

In fact… it said I would get a “FREE ACCOUNT”!!

All the other tasks were similar. You had to provide your credit card info in order to sign up.

You won’t be paid any money from “Influencers Earn” until you did.

Refer & Earn

This tab gives you your referral link as well as links to Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Whatsapp link didn’t work. Twitter and Facebook did. And this is what I saw when I tried the FB link…

facebook bans their links

Hmm… Do you think it’s been overused?? LOL

Completed Tasks

This just shows you what you’ve finished applying for and what you’ll get paid.

Promotional Posts

This is where you can choose from 9 different images to attach your link to and promote on social media.

instagram pics for engagement

Is it me, or are they not the nicest looking images?

YouTube Submission

This tab wouldn’t help any beginners at all!

They suggest you make your own YouTube video saying how this works, how much you’ve made, and why you love it.

Really? Like everyone would know how to do this??

There’s no instruction or training on how you’d go about doing this. All they give you is the Video Title and description.

Do you know where to put that? Do you even have a YouTube channel??

If you accomplish this, you can earn $50.

Instagram Submission

Here, you can link to the images I’ve shown you above, add your link and post to Instagram.

Once completed, they want you to submit it to them via your Instagram username to get $50 added to your account.

Facebook Submission

According to this product, you can submit one post every 48 hours. They provide you with the post content and your link.

As you saw above, the previous FB link didn’t even work.

I’m assuming that there are so many people trying this, that FB is banning the link!!

Once completed, you can earn $10.

Twitter Submission

They tell you that you can submit a tweet every 48 hours. They provide the wording and your link.

And again, you can earn $10 for your submission.

Rewards Center

Apparently, for every $1 you earn, you also earn 1 coin. When you’ve earned enough, you have the option to choose from 1 of their 6 Apple products.

get paid in cash or with rewards

By the look at what they’re worth, I doubt anyone has earned one! lol

My Account

In this section, you can choose the payment method you wish to have. They don’t offer as many ways as their sales page says.

They only offer:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash App
  • Mailed cheque

You are also told that the minimum payout is $250…

bad reviews about not getting paid

I was a little concerned when I read that you “must meet the following requirements to cash out for the first time”.

There were no written requirements…


my wa landing button



My Concerns

I have a lot of concerns about this

Wow, where do I begin?

First of all, I wanted to check out any consumer complaints. I didn’t find anything with the exact name, and probably because it hasn’t been around long enough yet.

I’m sure those who’ve signed up haven’t reached their $250 minimum threshold yet.


But I did find something very close with the Better Business Bureau.

There are other scams out there that are very similar.

They claim to pay out for tasks done but never do. This is some of what the BBB is saying:

“To make matters worse, they have also provided the outfit running the scheme with sensitive information such as name, telephone number, email, and in some cases, Cash App or PayPal account information. They also may have provided the names and contact information of friends and family members in the referral process”.

If I were a betting person, I’d say this was just another one of their schemes.

Term & Conditions

I had one heck of a time finding this document. It should be readily available, but it wasn’t… surprise!!!!

It was extraordinarily long. Covering their butts, maybe?

And I didn’t find one thing about “requirements for cashing out for the first time”. You can take a look if you want. I didn’t bother to look again.

I’m already convinced this is a scam!

Confirming With A Credit Card

I’m used to seeing crappy products with fake testimonials and income reports.

But when it comes to signing up with a bunch of unknown companies and confirming your membership with a credit card?

That’s something you should never do!

It’s one thing when a reputable business asks you for this. But never with someone you’ve never heard of before. Even if they do promise you great things.

And please beware of the monthly charges that will start with most of these companies.

If you don’t read the fine print, you’ll end up with hundreds of dollars charged to your account.

The Tasks

When looking through the tasks, they all seemed rather sketchy to me and I didn’t recognize any names.

There’s only one site that may be legit, and that was for a survey site. Their website has been around since 2014.

But you never know how long these scams have been going on.

The remaining links, the ones that worked anyway, were all created in 2019.

This all seems too coincidental to me. Like it’s all been set up…

Payment For Tasks?

I’m almost positive you won’t get paid out for anything! If anyone does, please let me know so I can update this review.

This type of scam is for collecting your personal information so they can turn around and sell it.

I’m sorry, but there just isn’t anything I like about this product. Please beware!



Video Demo




  • None that I can see



  • No refunds
  • Unkown companies for tasks
  • Must provide too much personal information
  • No proof of anyone being paid out



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I always recommend wealthy affiliate

I am thoroughly convinced this is a scam. If I was unsure before, the BBB notice convinced me.

Please be very wary of this offer, or any other like it. I’m quite sure all they want is your personal information.

Is Influencers Earn a scam?   Yes

Would I recommend it?   No

I certainly don’t blame you for wanting a way to make some money from home. Extra income is needed by most everyone these days.

If you’re truly interested in earning an online income, there are better and safer ways to do this.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? This is what I do, and I earn my own income with my own business I built.

It’s probably the easiest way for anyone to earn money. Even if you’ve had no experience.

With the proper training and tools, anyone can do it.

Some people try to do it on their own, but unfortunately, most fail. And that’s because they’re going from site to site trying to learn on their own.

Or… they fall prey to all the “outrageous” offers out there, promising riches. I mean, look at the product I just reviewed? See what I mean by outrageous?

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

What if I told you that you can start for free. No credit card necessary!

I’d love for you to come and see where I learned, and where I run my business to this day!

It’s a wonderful platform with all the training and tools you need to get up and running. And they also have a large and very active community to give you support 365/24.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and coach you along for as long as you wish.

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Where did you hear about Influencers Earn? Was it on social media? I’m wondering if they’ve figured out how to bypass Facebook’s algorithm, lol.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.