Travel Destinations For Retirees – Can I Afford To Go?

travel destinations for retirees

Are you retired or soon will be, and would like to travel? Are you wondering if you can afford it? Let me share with you how you can earn extra income so that you can feel confident viewing all those glorious travel destinations for retirees. And not just viewing and dreaming, but viewing and booking!

Hi. My name is Suzanne, and like you, I want to be able to hit the road in my retirement years. We’ve worked hard all our lives, be it in a 9-5 job, or raising a family, or both!

But as we near our retirement, we discovered that our retirement plan was not sufficient. With the ups and downs in the market over the decades, we lost investments and barely recouped others. We certainly have not reached the goal we were hoping. Sadly, our ideas of traveling were going out the window!

Is There A Way To Fix This?

Yes!! I found a way to earn some extra income from the comfort of my own home. With  online affiliate marketing. I found the best online platform with easy to understand, step by step education to get me on my way. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate University.

With an extra income stream, you could travel the world at your leisure. Personally my bucket list includes a cruise to Alaska to see the northern lights, hiking up to Machu Picchu in Peru, wine tasting in Tuscany, safari in Africa, and discovering the sights of Europe and Southeast Asia.

Travel Destinations For Retirees in AlaskaTravel Destinations For Retirees in the Tuscony country Travel Destinations in Machu Picchu in Peru

Travel Destinations in Paris to see the Eiffel tower Travel Destinations For families in Africabest travel destinations for june in southeast Asia

I never thought we could afford to do the things on our bucket list. Airfare and accommodation have gotten so expensive. And travel insurance for 60+ years has gone through the roof, especially if you have any medical concerns.

The other issue many seniors have today is the intimidation of the internet. Us up and coming retirees of the baby boomer generation did not grow up with the technology that the younger generations have. Even my two year old grandson can change from one app to another on my IPhone.

Personally, I enjoy all this new technology and the convenience it brings with it. If used properly, it can make us an income so we can enjoy our retirement years.

Having my own online business has advantages!
    1. Be your own boss – you’re the one in control. You are the one making the decisions. The more committed and persistent you are, the more successful you will be.
    2. Have a flexible schedule – the hours you invest in your business are yours to schedule. No more punching the clock from 9 to 5. You decide when to start and finish.
    3. Work from anywhere – most of us work from home. But you can work from any location as long as you have an internet connection. Home, Starbucks, vacation home…..anywhere!
    4. Helping people – do you have a passion or skills that you would like to share with people? The internet is the perfect platform to do that with. Helping people become financially free is my passion.
    5. Making money – you get to keep all the profits (unless you’re married haha). You can decide if you want a supplemental income, or replace your employment income all together.
    6. Change the world – OK, that might be a little ambitious, but that’s how some people got started. Think Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, or Bill Gates with Microsoft. Maybe you’ve designed something that can make your part of the world a better place. Anything is possible when you have a global audience!
So Where Do I Start?

With Wealthy Affiliate University of course!  Here’s my review.

Wealthy Affiliate logo

This platform has everything you could need to start your new business.

It has:

  • 2 types of certification courses to get you on the road to success
  • domain names, website builder, and hosting platform
  • keyword search tools
  • live community support
  • a large variety of classrooms for everything you could think of
  • live video classes on a weekly basis
  • incentives to “pay it forward” within the community
  • free starter membership
  • most affordable premium membership with no upsells

I could go on and on, but I believe these are the basic items people look for online.

learn how to earn travel destinations with Kyle and CarsonThe owners, Kyle and Carson, are already successful marketers who wanted to share their knowledge with others.

They themselves started working online before all these amazing systems started being developed. They did things the hard way by writing their own code to set things up. If you’re interested in Kyle’s story, he writes about it here.


The courses that Wealthy Affiliate offer are written step by step and are easy to understand. Most have videos for those visual learners as well as text. Each lesson is interactive and engaging. You will have your website up and running within phase 1 and actively working on it with each lesson. This way you can learn while you earn!

Once you’ve picked out your passion, you have access to any domain name (your business name) available. Then using WordPress, they can have your website up in 30 seconds. Really! Here’s your proof….

Hosting your website is made easy too. They have their own, powerful hosting platform, with all the bells and whistles that you would have to pay extra for elsewhere.


Jaaxy logoTheir own proprietary keyword tool is called Jaaxy, and it too is very powerful. It provides you with the best advantages to rank high in Google and other search engines. We all want to be #1, and Jaaxy gives us the best chance.


The community support is the best online, anywhere. Where most learning programs have forum support at best, our community is live. And with over 1 million members worldwide, there is always plenty of people online to give you support and encouragement, often within seconds. So if you are ever stumped with a teaching point, there are many available members to help you out.

Over and above the certification courses, there are ample classrooms for every aspect of online marketing for additional help. Weekly live videos from our in house expert, Jay, are recorded and available for replay within days. You can watch these at your leisure.

And Finally…..

The most enticing thing about joining Wealthy Affiliate is their free membership…no credit card needed. Once inside, you have access to everything a premium member has for 7 days. With 2 free websites, you can decide if the starter courses are enough for you to remain free, or upgrade to Premium for the full meal deal!

For me it was a no-brainer. After researching how much the alternatives would be elsewhere online, this was the way to go. For $49/month or $359/yr (a 40% savings right there), I get everything I need under one roof. Piecing together what I’d need elsewhere would run me in the hundreds per month.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other good teaching programs out there. But they don’t supply all the tools you need in one place, and some are extremely expensive.

So why not give Wealthy Affiliate a try? You have nothing to lose. Literally, it’s free to join. And everything to gain!

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Come and meet me inside. I’m here to help you on your way.

So what’s on your bucket list? I would love to hear, so please leave me comments or questions below. If you know of anyone else who needs help to fulfill their bucket list, please share this post with them. 🙂

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