How To Retire And Travel With Your Passive Income

How To Retire And Travel

The thought of travelling after retirement is the goal of many people. Why not? You’re no longer working, so now’s your chance to see the world! But are you ready? There are many things to consider if this is what you’d like for your future years. There are many considerations to look into, but the biggest one is most…

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Travel Destinations For Retirees – Can I Afford To Go?

Travel Destinations For Retirees

Are you retired or soon will be, and would like to travel? Are you wondering if you can afford it? Let me share with you how you can earn extra income so that you can feel confident viewing all those glorious travel destinations for retirees. And not just viewing and dreaming, but viewing and booking! Hi. My name is…

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What Are The Baby Boomers? We’re The Movers and the Shakers!

What Are The Baby Boomers?

What are the baby boomers? We’re probably the largest generation who’ve rejected, redefined, and influenced much of today’s way of life. From child-rearing to politics. We’ve seen the most technological changes in any generation, and have easily adapted. We’ve gone from encyclopedias to the internet, from hide & seek to PlayStation, and from party lines to cell phones. I…

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Who Are The Baby Boomers? You’ll Find Us Online, Making Money!

Who Are The Baby Boomers?

It’s a baby boomer world. The rest of you just live in it! Probably the best-known generation, they’re known for rejecting traditional values and redefining them. They have influenced the way children are raised, to senior care. By sheer numbers alone, they were a force to be reckoned with. At almost 76 million boomers in the US alone, they…

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