The Six Figure Mentors Review, I Will Be Honest!

The Six Figure Mentors Review

Are you looking for training to be an affiliate marketer? Learning a solid foundation to owning an online business can create a substantial second income. Have you come across a program called The Six Figure Mentors?

I would like to give the Six Figure Mentors review of this platform, updated since some significant changes as of June 2018. I have done a considerable amount of research and would like to share it with you.

It can be so difficult to discern who is trustworthy and who’s not. I have been burned a couple of times trying to find the right fit for myself.  Many promise the moon and stars, but all they really want is your money. It’s certainly been a learning curve for me.

I’m so pleased to see you researching these programs before buying into them.  You’re a smart person, being careful with your time and money.  My wish is that this review will help you make an informed decision that’s best for you!

I did finally find the perfect online learning platform.  If you’d like to read about it now, please CLICK HERE.


Quick Review Of Affiliate Marketing

Before we begin, do you understand what an affiliate marketer is? Affiliate marketing involves 3 people…the merchant, the affiliate (You) and the customer. The affiliate recommends a product to a potential customer for an agreed upon commission if the product is sold.

In other words, when your customer buys a product using your link, on your website, they’re sent to the merchant to complete the sale.  Once completed, the merchant pays you a commission for the sale.  It’s an online business that you own and can be very lucrative.

The Six Figure Mentors Review on affiliate marketing


What Is The Six Figure Mentors