10 Best Email Sign-Up Forms For High Conversion Rates

10 Best Email Sign-Up Forms For High Conversion Rates

Do you have a website, but not enough traffic? Have you thought of starting an email list? Yes? That’s awesome. And now you’re wondering how to get those emails, right? That’s where email sign-up or pop-up forms come in.

These are the pop-ups you see on many websites you visit online, that ask for your email address. Usually, they’re offering you some sort of incentive. Sort of like a trade-off. You get something of value and they get your email.

There are many options as to where to place these. But where is the best place? Well, that’s why I’m here today. To show you the best, high converting places you can put your sign up form for a high email capture rate.

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Sign-Up Forms That Convert

Before we get to the high converting placement of your opt-in forms, let’s look at a few things to create and enticing form that will attract your readers to take action.

  • Less Is More – Get rid of as many fields as you can.  The simpler the better.  Really, you only need to ask for the email address, but asking for their name is ok too.  It’s needed if you want a double opt-in.
  • Sell It – Always offer an incentive to obtain their emails.  People aren’t willing to give away any personal information unless they’re getting something of value in the exchange.
  • Social Proof – Show your visitor who else is on the list.  Mentioning well-known names is a great way to get others to sign on.
  • Next Step – Tell your visitors what’s going to happen when they click that button.  Everyone likes to know what to expect next.
  • Design Matters – People trust beautiful designs more than plain ones.  It shows professionalism and a desire to keep your site attractive.
  • Single Column – According to eye-tracking studies, single columns work better.
  • Submit Button – Your call to action is the most important part of your form.  So make it big and obvious.  Make the button as wide or wider than the field for the email address.
  • No Captchas – Unless you have serious security issues, don’t use captchas.  You’ll tend to lose more opt-ins than gain them.  People get frustrated when they fail them and just leave.  If you need added assurances, use a double opt-in.


1.  Sidebar

This spot is at the top of your sidebar. This is probably the most common place for one. Because most people are used to seeing one there, they automatically look for it. You could be losing out on valuable email subscribers if you don’t.

You can even add several there. One for a newsletter for example. And another for a promotion. Maybe an offer for your new ebook. Give your viewer some choices. This way you can start segmenting your list right away. You will know their interests according to which sign-up form they use.

Look at Anik Singal’s Lurn Nation blog. He has a sign up for his “digital bootcamp”, and another below for promoting his gear.