What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate Review? Is It Worth The Risk?

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate? (Review)

Have you heard about affiliate marketing and wonder if you can make any money with it? A lot of people are successful with it, myself included. But where do you go? What do you do?

If you’ve been looking into it, you’ve probably come across many products like this one. But what is the 12 Minute Affiliate? Could it work for you?

I’m very happy to see you researching this system before buying it. You never know if it’s legit or just another scam. And believe me, there is a lot of junk out there that don’t deliver what they promise.

My desire is to help beginners learn how to make money online, and how to avoid being caught up with lousy offers. This is why I write these reviews for you.

I want to show you what’s inside, how it works, and then offer you my honest recommendation, OK? By the end of my review, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Before we start, would you like to learn the way I became successful?

The 12 Minute Affiliate? review rating




First, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Do you understand what affiliate marketing is? It’s when you promote someone else’s product, and if your visitor buys that product through your affiliate link, you get paid part of the profits.

For instance, my business offers advice and solutions for people who are looking for the best ways to make money online.

I write reviews, yes, but I also write tutorials on many affiliate strategies, and make myself available for anyone who needs help.

My desire is to build a trusting relationship with my readers so that they might feel safe with my recommendations.

If they choose to click on my links, they are sent to the product’s website. And if they purchase the product, I will make an affiliate commission. The product owner will pay me for sending them that customer.

It’s a wonderful way to earn an ongoing, online income. Take a peek at this video by Joel. He used to work with Google and really knows his stuff. It’s an older video, but timeless…



What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate?

The 12 Minute Affiliate systemThis is a Clickbank product, and the creator is Devon Brown. It’s a plug-and-play affiliate marketing system with capture pages, follow-ups and offers. It was launched in January 2019.

He says that you can make you $460 per day, with only 12 minutes of work.

What’s Inside

Basic Level: 1 Niche – 14-day trial for $9.95, then $47 per month or one payment of $397 (lifetime)

  1. 12 Minute Plug & Play System
  2. Choose 1 of 3 Top Niches
    • Home Business
    • Weight Loss
    • Personal Development
  3. 10 Funnels
  4. 40 Email Follow-Up Messages
  5. Funnel Wizard
  6. Private Facebook Group
  7. Instant “Pizza Traffic” Solution
  8. Optional 3X – one on one coaching – $297
  9. List of Top Affiliate Products

Gold Level: 3 Niches – 14-day trial for $9.95, then $97 per month or one payment of $797 (lifetime)

  1. 12 Minute Plug & Play System
  2. 3 Top Niches (Plus Future Niches Added)
    • Home Business
    • Weight Loss
    • Personal Development
  3. 30 Funnels
  4. 120 Email Follow-Up Messages
  5. Funnel Wizard
  6. Private Facebook Group
  7. Instant “Pizza Traffic” Solution
  8. Optional 3X – one on one coaching – $297
  9. List of Top Affiliate Products


#1: 2X Email Follow-Up Messages

#2: Personal Development / Success Library

#3: 16 Free Traffic Tactics E-Course

#4: Done-For-You Hot Product Promos


#1: 3X Your Results Blueprint – $39

#2: Done-For-You Setup – $67

Expected Costs

  • Product – $47 – $97/month or $397 – $797
  • Autoresponder – $19/month and up
  • Solo Ads – $$$$/month


Who Is This System For?

who is 12minuteaffiliate for?

12 Minute Affiliate would be for those people who don’t want to create their own sales funnels and emails. It’s a done for you system that has everything ready to go.

What he doesn’t tell you is your cost for your autoresponder and your paid traffic. And that’s on top of your monthly membership.

Do you know what Solo Ads are? This is what your paid traffic is. It’s when you pay someone to use their email list.

Marketers who’ve created huge email lists will often “sell” the use of it to others. They will sell clicks, for an average of $1 per click. A click is when someone opens the email in their inbox.

So if you buy 200 clicks, it would cost you about $200. This program uses top-tier clicks, so the cost can be higher.

I think this system does what Devon says it will, and there’s the possibility that you can make money. But it all depends on whose eyeballs your promotion reaches, and whether they buy.

There are many who can make big money with Solo ads, even though it’s considered cold traffic.  You’ll just have to make sure it’s a list of people interested in the make-money-online niche.



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How Does It Work?

When you first see the sales page, it’s quite decent compared to many products out there. I found the income claim to be unrealistic though. Knowing that this system requires paid traffic, it would take you A LOT of money for traffic to make $460 per day.

I’m not saying it’s impossible but very unlikely!

The Sales Webinar

The webinar has some good information, especially if you’re a beginner. Devon Brown is very enthusiastic and speaks very fast, so you’ll want to pause now and then to let things soak in, lol.

The video starts off with some testimonials. These are real people who are claiming they’ve made some money. They don’t say how much, but at least they’re real.

He claims he wants to make it easy to make money online, without spending thousands of dollars to get started.

Well, bless his heart! LOL. But what he doesn’t tell you is how expensive it will be to pay for his membership plan, and how much it will cost you to buy Solo Ads.

Devon introduces himself and gives you some of his history, and how he lost a lot of money online. He even filed for bankruptcy by age 23.

He then talks about the 3 secrets of $100K affiliates:

  1. Never buy traffic and send it directly to an offer.
  2. Capture their email address and send follow up emails offering other (same niche) products.
  3. Use a bridge page to pre-sell your offer.

OK, now #1 and #3 I agree with, but not #2. Yes, you should be capturing their email addresses. But you shouldn’t be sending them one offer after another. But this is his system that you’re buying into…

12minute affiliate sends out offer emails

If I were at the receiving end of that, I’d be unsubscribing!

The biggest selling point in his video is the ease of using his affiliate program. Everything is done for you. All you do is pull up a product, add traffic, and go!

Really! Let’s see how it really works…

The Member Dashboard

Once inside, you go down the sidebar, one by one:

Getting Started

Here, he provides you with a quickstart checklist to help walk you through seven steps. Each step has a video and/or text explaining exactly what to do.

12 minuteaffiliate has a quickstart checklist

this system has video instructions

  1. #1: Basic Member? Choose Which Niche To Promote
    • A basic member can only choose one niche. Either home business, weight loss, or personal development.
  2. Create A Free Affiliate Account
    • It will send you to sign up for a free Clickbank account, then enter your ID into the system.
    • It will show you how to use different affiliate networks as well.
  3. Get Your Autoresponder
    • They currently want you to use Aweber, Getresponse, or MailChimp as that’s what’s integrated into the system.
    • They claim to have other autoresponder integration coming soon.
    • This will be an additional cost to you starting at $19 per month and up.
  4. Set Up Your Autoresponder
    • Step by step instructions for integrating your API into the system.
  5. Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnel
    • Click the “activate” button for all the funnels for your chosen niche.
    • These can be changed or edited later on.
  6. Optional Done-For-You Setup
    • For a fee of $67, you can have it all done for you.
  7. Get Done-For-You Traffic
    • After picking your choice of opt-in and bridge pages for your niche, you buy your traffic.
    • Select the type of traffic you want, and insert your page link.
    • Select the number of clicks you want and your payment information.


Devon also gives you a step by step list for succeeding. It also gives you the link to their Facebook group.

The main point of this list is his encouraging you to order traffic as frequently as possible.

12minuteaffiliate uses solo ads

Well ya! Of course he says that! The more you spend on traffic, the better the chance someone will buy. But at what point will you finally make more in profits than you’ve spent on traffic? And you can bet he’s making a commission on all the traffic you’re buying too.

Sorry, do I sound skeptical? Because I am!

He tells you not to worry because your follow up emails will be automated for months, and they’ll eventually buy from you.

Now, this is where I disagree, again. Like I said before, you shouldn’t be sending out offer after offer. They won’t buy… they’ll get annoyed and unsubscribe!

On top of the automated emails, Devon encourages you to send additional, regular emails to your list. He says you can get 3X to 10X more results if you promote more products over and above the system. Really??? Yikes!

One nice surprise on this list is his free vacation contest. If you make 5 affiliate sales in your first 45 days using the system and show off your results in the Facebook group, they’ll send you to one of a dozen exotic locations. Whoo Hoo!

earn a free vacation with only 5 affiliate sales

Get Coaching

There is a box that describes his one on one coaching, which he tells you will be very valuable to your success. And it might be, but it will cost you another $297.

I know he said this was a beginner-friendly system, and it is, but your upfront costs are going to be fairly high. Plus you will have to have a pretty healthy advertising budget to pay for all your traffic.

I understand that Devon is sincere with this new product, and maybe this type of affiliate marketing works for him, but I’m concerned for all you newbies.

This system is easy to use, but actually quite expensive. To make any email campaign worthwhile, you’re probably looking at spending at least $200 each time you send one out.

Upgrade Account

If you do find yourself successful, (yay!), then this is where you can upgrade to the Gold Plan. You’ll have access to all three niches.

Account & Logout

This is where you’d update your personal information and log out of the system.

Done For You Traffic

This is the tab where you would buy your traffic. He explains how you’re buying “clicks”, not opt-ins. There’s no guarantee how many people will give you their email address, let alone buy.

you pay for clicks not opt ins

It is real traffic though and is top-tier. Meaning English speaking from the USA, Canada, England & Australia.

He explains how traffic is usually delivered within 7-14 days and can run in spurts. That’s pretty typical of Solo Ads.

Other Traffic Methods

Though he highly recommends paid traffic as your best chance of success, he does provide you with a course on 16 ways to get free traffic. You will read about blogging, YouTube, forum marketing, etc.

Education Center

This is where he has recordings of his “team training”, which he hosts live in the Facebook group. These seem to happen a couple of times a month and discuss different topics such as understanding broadcast messages or understanding your funnels, etc.

this system has previously recorded training sessions

Email Swipes

You also have access to all your email swipes for your chosen niche. These are what Devon recommends you use if you’re setting up a custom sales funnel, or sending out more emails over and above your follow-up sequence.

12ma Integrations

There is set-up information here if you choose MailChimp or Getresponse rather than Aweber. And there is also information on how to add external tracking codes to your funnels.

Personal Development Library

This contains many PDF’s and MP3’s for additional training and mindset. Such titles as:

  • Finding the Perfect Harmony Between Life and Work
  • Public Speaking Made Easy
  • How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think About You

12 minute affiliate has a personal development library

And many more. About 20 in all. Some even come with workbooks.

Top Affiliate Products

This section shows you all the current recommended products. These are the ones included in the instant funnels. Guess which one is at the top of the list? Haha… Yup, the 12 Minute Affiliate!

That’s in the home business niche, of course. There are products for each niche. They have chosen the highest converting ones, with the highest commission rate.

So if you don’t want to look through Clickbank (or any other marketplace) on your own, you can simply choose these.



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  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 14-day low-cost trial
  • Pre-made funnels and emails
  • Option to have everything done for you (for a fee)
  • Live training on Facebook



  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Not a sustainable long-term business plan
  • Solo Ads are very expensive with unknown results
  • Can only promote in three niches
  • High monthly membership cost. For what?
  • No training for learning skills to become independent



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

this affiliate program is a done for you system

I was happy to see that this system does exactly what Devon Brown said it would. It’s certainly an easy way to send out product promotions. But that being said, I find it quite pricey for what you get.

If this is something that really interests you, I would recommend you buy the one-time payment. The cost of membership will cost much more in the long run. For instance, the $47 basic membership payment will add up to the one-time payment in just over 8 months.

The entire system is intriguing, but my gut tells me it’s a risk. An expensive one, lol. Do you have extra money you can play with for a while? Is it money you can risk losing, just in case?

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes and No…

Maybe it’s just me. I’m not a huge risk-taker. Yes, I do affiliate marketing, but in a much different way. And it didn’t cost me anything to start.

My other big concern is the lack of proper training in the affiliate marketing industry. Because you’re depending entirely on this system to do all the work for you, what happens if it shuts down?

It’s happened more times than you think. Devon may choose to move on to something else, who knows. And then what happens with your online income? Poof!

Do you know how to start up again? Where would you go next?

Personally, I’m not a fan of done-for-you systems. I will always recommend you learn how to build a business from the ground up. That way, you’re not dependent on someone else to sustain you.

Internet marketing is a wonderful way to build a passive income for yourself. But the only way to create a sustainable business is to have your own. One that you’re in complete control of.

It’s easier than you think. With the proper training and tools, anyone can do this. It’s how I started and now have a successful business that I own. I’m not dependent on someone else for my income.

Can I make you an alternative recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned everything about affiliate marketing, and where I run my business to this day.

This platform has all the training and tools under one roof. It’s especially great for beginners because they start you off with a focus on free traffic strategies.

And the best part is that you can sign up for a free starter membership. Yup, all free, no credit card needed.

And when you see the value offered, you’ll want to sign up for sure!

Just click on the image below and you can read all about it. When you sign up, I’ll be there to greet you and offer my help for as long as you want me to.

my wa landing pic

So how did you come across 12 Minute Affiliate? It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But beware of the extra costs!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I’d love to hear from you.