What Is Quantum Commissions? Don’t Leave Money On The Table…

What Is Quantum Commissions?

Are you struggling to make an online income with your business? Are you looking around for a new technique that would help you increase your profits?

If you’ve been looking around you may have come across this product. But what is Quantum Commissions? Could this really help you grow your business?

I’m happy to see you doing some research on products before you purchase. And I’m here to help you answer your questions.

Let me take you inside so I can show you what this is all about, how it works, and if it’s what you’re looking for.

I really think you’ll enjoy what you see because this product creator is one of the good guys, haha.

What I mean by that is that he is honest and transparent and he’s helped me tremendously over the years with my own business.

By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s right for you or not.

Would you like to see where I learn to create my own successful online business?

Quantum Commissions review - rating




What Is Quantum Commissions?

sales funnel method using optin form

This product shows you a highly effective way of using Facebook ads and a tiny budget, to generate very targeted traffic and scale your business earnings.

It was created by JayKay Dowdall. He launched it on Warrior Plus on April 30th, 2020.

Quantum Commissions – $47

What’s Inside

Welcome to Quantum Commissions

  • Overview of the Strategy

Product Selection

  • Choosing the Right Offer

Customer Research

  • Audience Insights

Pre-Sell Page Setup

  • Whiteboard Explainer
  • Pre-Sell Content
  • Pre-Sell CTA Setup
  • Pre-Sell Legal Pages

Bridge Page

  • Whiteboard Explainer
  • Live Walkthrough
  • Sales Video
  • Custom Affiliate Link

Email Optin

  • Email Marketing Whiteboard
  • Email Optin Walkthrough


  • Audience Insights Refresher
  • Whiteboard Explainer
  • Ad Creatives Explainer
  • Facebook Ads Walkthrough
  • Understanding Facebook Ad Data


#1: 3x Case Studies

#2: Done-For-You Email Templates

#3: Free Traffic Tutorials

#4: Direct Access To Me


OTO #1: Inboxxr – $25.95/month

OTO #2: Flux Capacity Traffic – $97



Who Is This Training For?

affiliate marketing strategy for traffic

This training is for any online marketer who wants to increase their sales. The training is very well done and can be followed by any beginner or intermediate marketer who is struggling to make an income.

Don’t’ let the fact that this is about Facebook Ads scare you off.

JayKay is going to show you how to get incredible value out of only $5 for Facebook Ads.

The way he lays this out this step by step training, you’ll never have to worry about huge budgets and lots of testing.

This strategy also works with all types of paid and free advertising. You don’t need to use Facebook Ads.

You will really appreciate how he not only shows you each step but explains WHY you’re doing what you’re doing!


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How Does It Work?

better than youtubeThis is all about a forgotten “guru” strategy that was lost, but JayKay revived it and it’s adding daily leads into his email list.

And because of that, he’s making fresh sales every single day!

Wow! I like the sound of that.

Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

This traffic strategy and simply funnel used to be reserved for students paying $5K to $10K for private coaching.

Back in the mid-2000s, this was considered so effective that most affiliates used only this. They never bothered with:

  • Blogging
  • eCommerce
  • Freelancing
  • Product creation
  • Amazon, etc…

Super affiliates were making up to $2500 per day. Really!

But then Google stepped in, and businesses were destroyed overnight. And the strategy was forgotten.


JayKay rediscovered it and tested it out. And he makes $423.72 in less than 24 hours. Then he tested it again and make $265.67 in less than 12 hours.

With further testing, and making sure this technique wouldn’t become saturated, he’s now willing to share it with you.

To make money online you need:

  1. Something to sell.
  2. An audience who wants to buy it.
  3. A system that turns that audience into customers.

And now you can do that in 2 easy steps:

Step #1: Using 1 simple (and free) resource that’s available to everyone, identify the most targeted leads and buyers.

Step #2: Create a very simple 2-page funnel that will bring you a ton of clicks, as well as growing your email list.

You can now build a complete affiliate business from scratch. And you’ll never have to:

  • Build a full website
  • Create your own products
  • Offer services or outsourcing
  • Make videos
  • Build a store
  • Do cold-calling, etc…

JayKay can’t legally guarantee you’ll get results, but if you follow his training, you’ll be closer than ever before.

That was very refreshing to read! No hyped promises!

This is a training course designed to teach you:

  • An evergreen marketing strategy
  • How to make sales
  • How to build an email list
  • How to generate traffic
  • And more…

And there’s no software to learn or install.

So far, this sounds amazing! Let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

Once you’ve accessed your member area, this is what you’ll see…

member area with training videos

And now you’re ready to go through his awesome training.

Welcome to Quantum Commissions

Overview of the Strategy

JayKay gives you a walkthrough of the training to give you an overview of this strategy.

He has a wonderful way of explaining things that makes it easy to understand. He breaks everything down, step by step as he goes through his training.

This system can be used for any product, in any niche, but for the sake of this training, he uses Clickbank affiliate products.

Even if you’re not an affiliate marketer, this strategy will work to drive extremely targeted traffic to any point in your business.

JayKay explains how the primary purpose of this course is to generate very targeted traffic and leads at a very low cost.

And to do that, he’ll show you how to convert ice-cold traffic into affiliate sales with a 2-page funnel.

Product Selection

Choosing the Right Offer

Unlike every other video you may have seen on this topic, JayKay’s is worth watching. So even if you’re experienced here, please don’t skip this video.

There are certain requirements these products need to have in order for this system to work.

sends traffic to any point in your business
He explains the things he looks for and why he chooses what he does to create a strong campaign.

Customer Research

Audience Insights

Customer research is very important, and this is why most affiliate marketers fail. You need to know who you are marketing to.

Audience Insights is a free Facebook tool and he shows you how to properly use it. This is how you find those people who are most likely going to buy the product you’re promoting.

audience insights is vital to this method

Jaykay will walk you through exactly how he uses this tool to find the perfect audience to market to.

This is vital to research before you launch anything, as JayKay himself says…

“When Facebook has information on over 1,000,000,000 users – it’s wise to see what information they have about your buyers; even if you have no plans to advertise on the platform.”

Pre-Sell Page Setup

Whiteboard Explainer

This explainer video shows you exactly what you’ll be learning in this section. This is what I admire about JayKay. He’s a very thorough teacher!

He discusses the importance of a presell page to sell any product you want by Facebook Advertising.

Some niches may not be allowed so this method ensures you follow Facebook rules.

JayKay continues by showing you one of his pre-sell landing pages and how it’s set up. This is simply to show you what you’ll be learning in more detail in the next few videos.

Pre-Sell Content

This video will show you how to go about getting the content you need for your pre-sell page…

pre-sell page according to jaykay

If you are a Clickfunnels user, you can download his template and upload it to your own account. This method doesn’t require this page building service though.

Any page builder tool will work. You could even use a free WordPress theme, or use Wix, etc. It’s not important where it’s hosted, but what it does for you.

Jaykay walks through each element you need to have on your page.

There are also link to other services and resources you can use.

Pre-Sell CTA Setup

All pre-sell pages need a CTA (call to action). Without this, your visitor won’t know what it is you want him or her to do.

He shares with you the tips and tricks that he uses to keep his offer unique and grabs the visitor’s attention.

The last thing you want if your visitor being able to Google it and find the same product elsewhere…

Pre-Sell Legal Pages

This is an important part of your page if you’re going to use paid traffic of any kind…

paid ads need legal documents

These are the legal pages that always need to be attached to your funnel. JayKay goes over each one and why you need it.

He also provides you with a link to a free service he uses, where you can get your legal pages made. Simply

Bridge Page

Whiteboard Explainer

As before, this explainer video lays out everything you’ll be learning in this section.

JayKay does things differently than what you’ll see elsewhere, and it’s been more successful for him this way.

Your bridge page acts as your sales page, and JayKay explains the elements required to make it as successful as possible.

You’ll also learn where this page fits into the funnel.

Live Walkthrough

You’ll be able to see how an actual page is set up so that you have an example to follow for your own pages…

bridge page is sales page

What’s nice is how he shows you where to get the information you need. And the application of this will be detailed in the next videos.

He again allows you to clone his own page is you would like to add it to your own Clickfunnels account.

Sales Video

He will show you what’s involved with embedding the sales video in the right place. This is a little more technical, but his training is very easy to follow.

how to embed a vimeo movie

His detailed explanation is for two well-used platforms that many marketers use, due to their exceptional analytics.

Custom Affiliate Link

Finally, he’ll show you how to customize your affiliate links. This is another important aspect of this strategy.

Again, this isn’t the typical setup you’ve seen before. This method has proven to be much more successful.

This is again a little more technical, but JayKay is excellent in his instructions and shows you EXACTLY each step to take.

Email Optin

Email Marketing Whiteboard

It’s important to build an email list for email marketing because it makes you more sales inside this funnel.

If you don’t collect emails, you’re leaving so much money on the table…

email capture is important for future sales

Email Optin Walkthrough

JayKay will now be showing you how to set up your email optin form to your autoresponder. He shares with you the service he uses and why…

optin form comes before sales page

He takes you through each step required, and even though he’s using his service in this example, the process is very similar for any autoresponder.


Audience Insights Refresher

Here, you’ll get a refresher of the Audience Insights tool he showed you earlier in the training.

He will also show you another technique that will help you build up your Facebook Ads a little quicker.

Whiteboard Explainer

This will show you what to expect in this section. Everything is laid out for you on a whiteboard so you’ll know the overall outline of the remaining videos.

JayKay explains the questions that Facebook will be asking, and what they mean.

There are many objectives you could focus on, but the goal of these campaigns is TRAFFIC.

What’s nice is that you can start with a minimum of $5 per day. Once you see how it’s working for you, it’s easy to scale that up to as much of a budget as you desire.

Ad Creatives Explainer

Ad creatives are what your audience actually when they scroll through their news feed.

JayKay provides you with the exact recipe for you to use. He breaks down the 4 key elements, and this can be used for any product in any niche…

create your adsets

Now, he’ll show you how to set up your ads the way he does. It’s important to follow his training to give you the most success with your ads.

Facebook Ads Walkthrough

JayKay will walkthrough the whole process, showing you each step to take from start to finish…

save your research lists in insights

He will also reveal tips and tricks to help with the submission and approval of your adsets.

Understanding Facebook Ad Data

This walkthrough will show you all the data you’ll get from Facebook and what’s important to look at and what’s not.

With a customized view, you’ll be able to view just what you need without being overwhelmed.


#1: 3x Case Studies

These 3 huge case studies prove that this system works 100% for adding subscribers to your list, getting sales, and getting massive amounts of clicks each and every day.

#2: Done-For-You Email Templates

This bonus gives you a full email series that JayKay uses himself. It brings him sales every day from new subscribers.

These email swipes can be used for any niche and uses “fill in the blank” sections to get quicker results.

#3: Free Traffic Tutorials

Are you wondering how to get traffic to your funnels? And you can’t afford premium clicks?

These traffic tutorials will show you free ways to get loads of traffic to your funnels.

#4: Direct Access To Me

If you run into any issues creating your pre-sell page, or getting any opens on your emails, JayKay is there to help you.

You can message him inside his private mastermind group to get 1 on 1 assistance for anything you need. No more confusion, uncertainty, or overwhelm.


OTO #1: Inboxxr

This is JayKay’s personal email marketing membership program. It teaches his students how to create sales emails and so much more.

This membership is normally $47 per month, but those purchasing this upsell will get the membership for only $29.95 per month. Huge savings!

OTO #2: Flux Capacity Traffic

This course will teach you how to use the same low-cost retargeting strategy used by the industry’s top marketers, like Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, and Sam Ovens.

This will bring even more targeted traffic back to the “money page” you build with the front end product.

This training is also great for any type of:

  • Retargeting
  • Funnel
  • Experience level


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Overview Video



My Concerns?

no concerns

I have no concerns about this training. JayKay is a highly respected online marketer who creates excellent training products.

His teaching style and step-by-step training are very easy to understand and follow. I have always found him to be transparent and honest.

JayKay is the first to tell you that your success depends on your work ethics and how committed you are. If you follow his training and apply what you’ve learned, you will succeed.

He is also very approachable and if you ever run into any issues he’s always there for you.

I truly believe you will gain a lot of value from his training and help grow your business with increased leads and profits.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Excellent training videos
  • His method is only $5 per day for 60-80 clicks
  • Can be used with free traffic
  • Can be performed in any niche



  • None that I could find…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for business training

I believe this training is very effective and teaches you how to use Facebook ads.

Don’t let the term Facebook Ad scare you away. His method uses penny clicks with a tiny budget as low as five dollars per day

If you’re willing to be patient you can also use his free traffic methods it will take a little longer to get sales but it does work as well.

Is Quantum Commissions a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

There is no doubt paying for ads increases your chances of burning and Online income. And though paid advertising can sound scary to a new online marketer, it doesn’t have to be.

Are you new to online marketing? Have you started your business yet?

I highly recommend each online business has its own website for so many benefits. And for this training, he tells you how you need a website or page builder service to host your pages.

If you haven’t started yours yet, I would love to help you. For free!

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

This platform is simply amazing. They have all the training you could need, the tools to build and bring success for your business, as well as a huge and active community for support and encouragement.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn even more affiliate marketing methods.

And like I said, you can start for FREE, no credit card necessary! It’s a win-win!

Click on the button below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and help you for as long as you need me to.

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So where did you hear about Quantum Commissions? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



P.S. Please share my post with your friends!