What Is Funnel XPress? My Honest Insider (Review)

What Is Funnel XPress? My Insider (Review)

Are you wanting to make money online?  It’s a great way to add several income streams to your already paid job, and could easily take over to be your primary income source.  But how do you start?

Have you heard of the Funnel X systems?  And what is Funnel XPress?  This is a new system just released by David Dekel, in January 2019.  And as you listen to his videos, you’re convinced it the only way, right?

But is Funnel XPress legit?  Is it a scam?  It’s so hard to tell when the owner is so convincing?  This is why I’m so happy to see you here, researching this system before investing all your hard-earned money.  Thousands, to be exact.

And this is where I come in.

My mission is to review the online money-making products, to make you aware of what you’re getting, and what you’re not.

I’m especially concerned for my newbie readers, who have no idea what they’re getting into. My desire is to guide them away from low-quality products, and steer them to the type of help they truly need.

If you’re an experienced marketer, then you’ll understand what David is offering, but someone with no experience needs some additional advice, right?  So by the end of this review, you’ll have all the info you need to make an informed decision.

I’ll share with you what’s inside, how it all works, and then make you my honest recommendation.

And if you’re shying away from the enormous cost to this system, please read about where I learned everything I know about online marketing, and where I run my successful business to this day.

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What Is Funnel XPress?

what is the funnel xpress

This is another add-on product by David Dekel, who’s previously released three other Funnel X products. This newest one was created in January 2019 and is a high ticket system.

This system gives you the opportunity to have six income streams. They all require significant investment first, and your commissions are based upon the level of entry you purchased.

The Funnel X system (URL is PassiveResidualIncomes) does all the selling for you.  All you need to do is share your affiliate ID, and the system does the rest.

David Dekel’s Infinity Funnel – Free

What’s Inside

Income Stream #1: Leaderboard Affiliate (100% commissions)

With each level, you’ll see how they got started, their traffic sources, how they promote the products, along with much more advice and training. Each level includes the one or ones before it.

  1. Promoter (with Kelly & Jonathan Bolton) – $27
  2. Team Builder (with Daniel Kump) – $97
  3. Guru (with Ontarian Hawkins) – $247
  4. Superstar (with Paulo Barroso & Joshua Elder) – $497
  5. Celebrity (with Michael Mansell & Nick Pratt) – $997
  6. Boss (with Igor Kheifets) – $1997

Income Stream #2: Auto Responder (33% commissions)

You receive residual commissions on your referrals chosen plan.

Income Stream #3: Profit Tracking (50% commissions)

This is David’s own “ROI Panel“. The fee is paid once for life, and you can create unlimited tracking links.

  • Beginner level – $197
  • Advanced level – $597
  • Master level – $1497
  1. Beginner level gets 1-year support, then $194/year (optional)
  2. Advanced level gets 2 years support, then $97/year (optional)
  3. Master level gets 3 years support, then $97/year (optional)

Income Stream #4: Pay Per Lead Commissions

This is one of David’s prior products called Funnel X Advance. You get paid $1 for any qualified lead. The top three levels will also payout 50% commissions on referral set up.

  • Starter level – free
  • Builder level – $197
  • Super Affiliate level – $597 plus bonuses
  • Leader level – $1997 plus bonuses

Income Stream #5: Bonus Giveaways (40% commissions)

When you join “Advertising Boost“, you receive residual commissions on your referral’s chosen plan.

  • Silver – $297/year or 3 pmts of $119
  • Gold – $497/year or 3 pmts of $170
  • Platinum – $997/year or 3 pmts of $359

Income Stream #6: Your Online Bank

When you join “ORU Premium Membership“, you receive $10 commission for each referral, plus $.25 per month residual commission.

  • $30.94 activation fee
  • $5.95 per month (access to all of ORU
  • $.59 debit transaction fee
  • $1.95 ATM cash withdrawal fee
  • $.50 purchase decline fee


Leaderboard Affiliate

  1. Funnel X traffic Co-op access.
  2. X10 high converting lead capture pages
  3. Mindset sequence.

Reseller License Fees: A one-time fee to promote this product and receive 100% commission up to the level you purchased.

  • Promoter – $10
  • Team Builder – $20
  • Guru – $50
  • Superstar – $100
  • Celebrity – $200
  • Boss – $500

Getresponse Autoresponder

  1. Funnel X email follow up.
  2. Live traffic case studies

ROI Panel

  1. The Advanced level has access to a Facebook community.
  2. The Master level has access to a Leader Mastermind group via live sessions with David.

Advertising Boost

  1. Maximum Love email campaign.
  2. Accelerated Lead Generation training program.
  3. Lazy Reverse email campaign.

ORU Premium Membership

  1. 5 additional lead capture pages.
  2. $300 hotel savings card.



Who Is This System For?

This is for someone who has the working capital to invest because this is a high ticket system. I believe it can work, but only if you have a large email list of your own, or you’re willing to spend considerable money on Solo Ads.

For someone new to this industry, you must understand that there’s always the risk you won’t create an income, let alone a passive one. David Dekel has been doing this for a long time and probably has an incredibly large email list by now.

And with all the commissions he’s making from people using his system, his advertising budget is probably huge, lol.

My concern is for those who don’t have extra money but take a chance and go into debt. I know the saying well… you have to spend money to make money. But for all you newbies out there, there are other ways to start a profitable business with little to no capital.

And once your business makes profits, you could invest in this system then!


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How Does It Work?

is funnel press a scam?

So you know upfront, this entire system recommends the use of Solo Ads. This is when you find a vendor who is willing to send your email to his list and charges you on average $.50 to $1 per click.

So if you want 500 people to click open your email, it could cost you $250 to $500 each time you send out a campaign.

David will recommend you blast your email at least once per week, so depending on your success, this can get very costly.

This new system is promoted via personal invitation, meaning you would have received an email in your inbox. Probably from someone’s solo ad campaign, lol.

After opening the page and inserting your email, you’ll arrive at the first video page. Dave starts to explain how the system will work for you.

You will have many decisions to make, depending on how much money you’re willing to invest.

There are different levels for most of the products he wants you to promote, and of course, he’ll recommend you purchase the most expensive, top levels so you don’t miss out on commissions.

Through each step you take, he has very detailed and easy to follow instructional videos. This system consists of David’s funnel, which you get for free, and six different income stream opportunities.

Your first step is to put in your name and email (to get daily support), which takes you to his second video page. This is where you would create a Leaderboard Affiliate Account.

Leaderboard Affiliate

This program was created by David and his “super affiliates” friends, who all reveal their closely guarded secrets to earning millions online.

You will see all their names in the top 10 – 15 positions on affiliate leaderboards.

He calls their strategies “recipes”, which you can incorporate into your routine to help you become even more successful.

Each person in this system is highly successful. They’ll share how they all got started, and then go on to share all their secrets to how they’ve gotten to be where they are now.

And they all share their daily routines, so you’ll know exactly what they do from day to day.

This income stream offers you 100% commission on anyone who signs up for this training with your link. It’s a high ticket product, meaning each level and reseller license is worth a significant fee.

You will get a commission equal to the level you yourself purchased.

So if you bought the Team Leader level, you would make $97, or if you purchased the Celebrity level, you would make $997 commission.

If someone signs up at a higher level than your own, you won’t receive a commission because you won’t have that reseller license.

This is how they entice you to purchase the top-level, so you don’t lose out on commissions.

Your next step is to sign up for your autoresponder, which you’ll use to build an email list.


Building your own email list is crucial for a successful business. And with GetResponse, you can also set up automated campaigns, create landing pages, or use ready-made sales funnels.

This autoresponder is great for any of your other promotions, over and above David Dekels funnel.

This service is one of the few that accept affiliate marketers. This and Aweber are the two I most trust at this time, for my affiliate campaigns.

If you’re just starting your online business and don’t have an autoresponder yet, I highly recommend Aweber and GetResponse, even if you can’t afford the Funnel XPress system.

Once you sign up for a “Paid” account, you can register your account into the Funnel XPress system, and all your leads will be captured for you.

Please note that even though GetResponse has a 30-day free trial, the Funnel X system must register a “paid” account.

The next step is setting up your tracking program.

ROI Panel Account

David calls this his “Profit Vision” system. It tracks your profitable traffic sources so you can dump the non-performing sources. This is primarily for those using Solo Ads.

This tool is very similar to ClickMagick, but you only have one-lifetime payment instead of monthly fees.

This tool can be used for any outside campaigns you’re running, over and above Funnel X Press. It’s still in the Beta format, so the only access you get to this tool is within this system.

This is another high ticket item though, so again your initial investment is high.

This tool does only one thing… find the profits from your traffic sources. It won’t do the million other things that other tracking services will do. But what it does, it does very well, if you’re consistently using Solo Ads.

Your next step is creating your pay per lead account.

Funnel X Advance

This program pays out $1 per qualified lead. This means that any referral you have must:

  • Register from a desktop or laptop.
  • Register from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • Be new to the system and have a valid email.
  • Open and click on the confirmation link in their welcome email.
  • Engage with the system by logging in and submitting their payment email.

The first level is free, but you’re only receiving the $1 per lead. You can make an additional 50% commission on referrals who sign up for the higher levels. To get this commission you have to first purchase a level yourself.

Yes, you got it.  Another investment…

The Builder level is designed to help you build your email list.  You’ll get 3 done-for-you lead pages, follow up email series, hosting for your pages, and your reseller license.

You will also receive a 20-minute video series on traffic strategies, access to the traffic co-op, and a phone consultation from a co-op manager.

All of the selling is done for you, and when a referral upgrades, you get 50% commission on all builder level upgrades.

The Super Affiliate level includes everything from the Builder level, plus monthly autoresponder commissions, ROI Panel commissions, and 15% commissions on traffic purchases your leads make from Udemi.

Other bonuses include “ask me anything” calls to David, a miracle attraction sequence mindset training that David uses himself, plus an additional 100 visitors on your next traffic co-op purchase.

The Leader level includes everything above, plus access to his private mastermind group, Q&A live sessions, beta access to David’s future systems, and access to David’s case studies.

Leaders also get 60 days of private coaching and mentoring, priority support, as well as 300 extra visitors on your next traffic co-op run.

So have you been able to keep up so far?  LOL  Lots of steps aren’t there…

Advertising Boost

This next product should help you turn your leads into buyers.  For a monthly fee, you’ll get opportunities to give away bonuses such as vacation stay incentives, restaurant incentives, and other business opportunities.

Everyone loves a bonus of a high-end hotel stay, and this could be the push they need to encourage them to convert.

There are three levels you can join, and the top two levels will pay you $15 for each vacation certificate redeemed.

If you sign up for Advertising Boost, David will give you a couple of new landing pages.

One will have the vacation stay bonus integrated into the lead capture page, as well as another promotional page to encourage your lead to purchase the product themselves.  It’s what you’d call an “ethical bribe”.

The Maximum Love email campaign is a special, pre-written email series that David created, and you’ll get additional training for lead generation, that David uses himself.

He’s also created two emails that don’t endorse any product, yet you’ll be surprised how it can lead to conversions.

David is a great speaker and marketer.  These videos are very convincing!!  LOL

Oh, and you can use this vacation stay yourself!  For some of you, this product might benefit your business, even if you don’t buy this system.

OK, I think we’re on the last step…

ORU Premium Membership

After David had PayPal freeze his account, he went in search of another payment platform and found ORU.  This premium membership charges $5.95 per month and you can cancel at any time.

When you receive commissions, they are immediately released to their Visa card, which you can then withdraw cash from ATM’s around the world.

You can also send money to other members around the globe, without paying any fees.  If you check out their home page, you can read about all their other services.

All the selling is again done by Funnel X, and you’ll receive the commissions when your referrals purchase.

Final Step and Login

Once you receive your welcome email with a password, you can log in to your member area.  David provides many instructional videos, and many reminders if you haven’t signed up for everything.

He’s very good at promoting his own system so you can count on him persuading you to sign up for the highest level of every product.  He’ll have you eating out of his hand if you’re not careful, lol.


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  • Free funnel
  • Opportunity to have six income streams
  • Leaderboard Affiliate offers you a 100% commission
  • Detailed step by step instructions to set up the funnel
  • Some income streams are residuals



  • High ticket products
  • No refunds
  • Pay-to-play system
  • Funnel is restricted to system products
  • Solo Ads are expensive



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

funnelxpress review and recommendationThis system is designed to make it easy for beginners to use. The only problem is that it’s a high ticket system that requires a large investment before you can start promoting the products.

This is what is commonly known as a pay-to-play system.

If you are a successful online marketer already, then you most likely have the funds to invest. But most beginners are looking to start making money online, don’t have those extra funds to invest. Kind of a wicked circle isn’t it.

Systems like this are designed for beginners, but too expensive for most beginners to invest in.

Personally, I would only recommend this product if you have working capital that you can invest in.

And this money may not be made back too quickly. I know David says a few sales and you’re out of the red, but I’ve also read some user reviews who haven’t done too well.

Are they sending out enough emails? Are they using Solo Ads? Are they relying on their own private list?

There are so many variables to consider here. But the bottom line is to spend heavily on solo ads if you want to get it in front of many eyes, all at once.

Is Funnel XPress a scam?   No  

Would I recommend it?   Yes, but it’s expensive!

I want you to think of something else, as well.  You are placing all your money on someone else’s system.

David has said over and over again, that you don’t need to do any selling.  His system will do everything for you.

This sounds great, except… you have no control.  

What happens if something is to happen to David?  Or to this system?  I can’t see him taking it down any time soon, because it’s making him so much money, but stranger things have happened.

Over the years, many profitable companies have gone down for one reason or another.

And if Funnel X went down, there go your multiple income streams.  There go the commissions that are coming from David himself.

So the big question is… do you want to take the chance?  This involves thousands of your dollars if you invest in the top levels.  And there are no refunds.

Can I make you an alternate recommendation?

If you’re serious about starting an online affiliate business, but don’t have the funds to invest in these high ticket systems, I have the perfect solution for you.

I’d love for you to come and see where I run my own successful business. It’s on a platform that offers you all the training you could ever need to learn how to start and succeed with online marketing.

It provides you with a solid foundation for a sustainable business for many years to come.

Along with the training (done in video, text, & live webinar), you have all the tools, website builder, and hosting included in your membership price.

If you choose to go premium your first month is only $19.  FOR EVERYTHING!!

And the best part is that you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to join.  You can actually start for free!

The starter membership is easy to sign up for and doesn’t require any credit card information.  All you need is a username and your email address.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it.  And when you join, I’ll be there to greet you and help you as long as you need me to.  See you soon!

my wa landing pic
So how did you hear about Funnel XPress?  Or any of his systems for that matter, lol?  Are you new to online marketing, or do you already have a successful business?

Please let me know.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Your friend,