What Is Easy E Cash? Can eBay Be Mastered or a Big Lie?

What Is Easy E Cash?

Are you looking for a way to make money online, and wondering if eBay is the way to go?  If so, you’ve probably come across this product.

But what is Easy E Cash?  Is this a legit training course, or another scam for someone to rip you off with.

Well… that’s why I’m here.  I review these products so I can show you exactly what to expect.

I’ll show you what you get for your money, how it works, and then share my honest recommendations with you.

By the end of my review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to if this product is right for you.

And if you’d like to read about how I created my own successful company, please read this!

easy ecash review




What Is Easy eCash?

what is easyecash.net

This is a Warrior Plus product, created by Will Allen.  It was launched on November 14, 2019.

He claims this video course can teach you how to make money by selling on eBay.

Easy eCash – $12.97, downsell $10.97

What’s Inside

Welcome Video

Training Videos

  • Module #1:  Setting Up Your eBay Account – 3:06 min.
  • Module #2:  How To Take Payments – 3:06 min.
  • Module #3:  Where To Find Stuff To Sell – 12:18 min.
  • Module #4:  How Do You Know What Will Sell On eBay – 4:30 min.
  • Module #5:  How To Set Up Your Listing – 18:22 min.
  • Module #6:  Goodwill Product Case Study – 7:43 min.
  • Module #7:  How To Sell Stuff on eBay For Free – 4:17 min.
  • Module #8:  Secret Online Places to Find Things To Sell – 9:20 min.
  • Module #9:  Secret Online Places Case Studies – 12:14 min.
  • Module #10:  Wrap-Up and Recap – 3:04 min.

Transcripts for Each Video Provided


  • Big Lots – Clearance
  • Sams Club – Auctions
  • Goodwill – Online Shop
  • Sierra – Trading Post
  • Dollar Tree – Online Store
  • Costco – Online Store

Make More Money (upsell link)


OTO #1 – Top Seller Secrets – $27, downsell $17

OTO #2 – Advance eHack (Amazon to eBay) – $37, downsell $27

OTO #3 – 20 Hot Done-For-You – $67, downsell $47

OTO #4 – Reseller Rights – $97, downsell $67



Who Is This Training For?

also created by Pallab Ghosal & Ram Rawat

This training is for those of you who are interested in starting an eBay business.  The videos walk you through how to set up your necessary accounts, and how to go about finding low-cost items to sell.

The training is to the point and easy to follow.

I recommend you purchase the front-end product first, to see if you like it.  And if you do, you will still have access to the upsells inside the dashboard.

What’s nice is that these upsells are relatively cheap.  Especially if you click through and get the downsells.  They will offer you that much more training along with his own insider secrets.


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How Does It Work?

you could put eBay ads on youtube

This training is all about selling on eBay.  And it will involve physical products!

Let’s take a quick look at the sales page, to see what it’s promising…

Sales Page

It claims the owner makes $1,245 per month in his spare time.

That’s a bold statement, especially with no verifiable proof.

But it grabs your attention, doesn’t it?  He says you don’t need:

  • A website
  • An email list
  • Social media
  • Paid advertising
  • Local marketing
  • Amazon
  • Product creation

And you can start for Free!  Or so he says… lol

There’s a video that claims to show the proof that it works.  It’s a good video but it’s really just talking about the product.

He also has a WARNING:

“This is proven “serious marketers only” info for people ready to experience the real INTERNET LIFESTYLE for themselves…”

What I did like was his claims of:

  • You don’t need a big budget (you can get started for FREE if you want).
  • You don’t have to fight for rankings on Google.
  • You don’t have to spend hours creating content for a blog.
  • You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars on paid ads.
  • You don’t have to cold-call or email spam local businesses (in fact, you don’t have to speak to another human being at all… which is great for you introverts!
  • You don’t have to create your own products

If this is all true, then I’m sure it’ll be a big seller!

Will says that you can start making money TODAY with his exact roadmap to starting your own successful online business.

Because eBay has been around for so long, it could provide you with a stable income for years to come.  It’ll never be saturated because it’s a fluid platform.  There are millions of things for sale there, that constantly changes.

OOPS!!  My first red flag…

He claims to have loads of testimonials from satisfied customers, so why is he including fake ones on his sales page?

Take a look at my proof…

fake testimonials on easy e cash sales page

Now, I’m not saying this product won’t work because of his fake testimonials, but it’s disappointing to see.

I guess the big question is why doesn’t he have any real ones??

OK, let’s see if the actual product is what he promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

You need to get past all the upsells and downsells, before you access the dashboard.

I always recommend you purchase the front end product before purchasing all the upsells.  You want to test the system out to see if you like it first.

The upsells are always available inside the platform for purchase, later on, so don’t worry about them saying it’s a one-time offer.  They rarely are, lol.

Once inside, you’ll be presented with a welcome video, and then all the training videos below that.

All the videos are fairly short and straight to the point.

Below each video is a link to download the video transcript, for those of you who prefer to read through the instructions.

inside member area

Module #1:  Setting Up Your eBay Account

This is the basics of setting up your own eBay account.  He’ll also show you how to quickly find free things that you can sell on eBay so you can start as soon as today.

Module #2:  How To Take Payments

This one is important…  You’ll be shown how to set up your PayPal account.  This is the platform you’ll be using to get payments for your products.

You’ll be shown how to take payments as well.

Module #3:  Where To Find Stuff To Sell

Making money is all about leveraging your prices.  I love his intro to this video…

another form of marketing for sales

he talks about where you can find things that you can purchase cheaply, then turn around and sell them for a profit on eBay.

Module #4:  How Do You Know What Will Sell On eBay

This video can really help you not waste time.  Will shows you what does and doesn’t sell well on eBay.

There’s no use wasting money on objects that just won’t move.  You want to purchase only those items that you can sell for a profit.

Module #5:  How To Set Up Your Listing

To sell your items, you need to create your listing page to put on eBay.  Here, he talks about that as well as your pricing, your shipping charges, and packaging the items you are selling.

It’s important to make your listing attractive and engaging if you wish to keep your visitors.

Module #6:  Goodwill Product Case Study

This video is actually a case study of a Goodwill product that Will found and sold on eBay.  This will work with any thrift shops in your area.

A great example of buying something for cheap, and selling it for a profit!

Module #7:  How To Sell Stuff on eBay For Free

I know this is confusing, lol.  How do you “sell” for “free”.  Well, this video talks about how you can sell something that you didn’t have to buy first.

Module #8:  Secret Online Places to Find Things To Sell

Ok, there are really no secrets, but it’s great information to have if you don’t live near any Goodwill shops.

With this information, you never have to leave home to find those great deals to sell.

Below this video are the links to the online discount sites:

  • Big Lots – Clearance
  • Sams Club – Auctions
  • Goodwill – Online Shop
  • Sierra – Trading Post
  • Dollar Tree – Online Store
  • Costco – Online Store

Module #9:  Secret Online Places Case Studies

These are more case studies of some of the amazing deals he found online, that he turned around and sold on eBay.

Module #10:  Wrap-Up and Recap

In this video, Will wraps up and recaps everything he discussed in the previous videos.


OTO #1 – Top Seller Secrets

This upgrade is an advanced course with an additional 9 video lessons and transcripts.

These are some strategies of the top sellers on eBay which can help you increase your daily profits.  They are simple tactics that can double, even triple your profits almost overnight.

  • You will learn how to stand “head and shoulders” above the rest of the crowd of sellers on eBay.
  • It also includes his “Lazy Man’s 6-Step Shortcut to achieve Top Seller status on eBay.
  • Learn how to make your customers love you and want to come back for more.

OTO #2 – Advance eHack (Amazon to eBay)

A simple 3-step system that reveals how to “steal” products from Amazon, Target, And Walmart to quickly and easily sell on eBay for big profits.  

OK, don’t steal, lol, but shows you how to get great deals!

The Amazon to eBay tricks allows you to make fast & easy profits from the comfort of your own home.

OTO #3 – 20 Hot Done-For-You

You will be shown 20 hand-picked products from different niches that are in high-demand and virtually guaranteed to sell on eBay!

  • These products should be fairly easy to sell and can bring you a very nice profit.
  • This how-to video includes some time-saving shortcuts that will make listing these products even faster and easier!
  • You’ll be receiving a “secret” bonus that’ll knock your socks off!

OTO #4 – Reseller Rights

This is a completely done for you sales funnel filled with 6 high-converting products that can make up to $141 for every single person sent into the funnel.

You can sell Easy eCash as your product and keep 100% of the commissions.



My Concerns

there are concerns to consider before buying

The training for this product is fine and can work… But I still have a few concerns to bring to your attention.

Income Hype

I am concerned about the income hype of this product.  I have no doubt that he is killing it on eBay.  But that’s because he has a lot of experience doing so.

If you’re new to this, it will take time to get to his income promises.

But I believe his training will certainly help you, and with your focus on his instructions, I think you can and will start to make money.

Paying Upfront

Yes, setting up your accounts is free, but in order to sell anything, you must purchase your items upfront.

So depending on how fast and how big you wish to grow this, you will need some upfront capital to make it work.

Storing Your Items

You will also need to consider where you’re storing your inventory.  If you’re just selling a few items, it’s probably not a big deal if they’re small.

But what if you found something large (shipping costs would suck!), or you found a great deal on a boatload of a great item?  Where will you store it?  That’s something to keep in mind…

Shipping Costs

Have you considered your cost of shipping and returns?  eBay has various shipping options and walks you through how to set it all up.

But have you considered that these shipping costs come out of your profits?  I’m sure you have, but just reminding you…

Time Consuming

Yupp, it will be.  Not only are you out searching for these great deals, (consider gas for your vehicle), but on top of storing them, you need to package it, and mail it out when they’re bought.

These steps all take time.  And if in the end, your profits aren’t great, is it worth it for you?

I would probably recommend you use online discount sites more than any other method.  If you find a great deal when you’re out and about, then great!  You kill two birds with one stone…



Easy eCash Video


my easy ecash button



  • Low cost
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Good tutorials
  • Low start-up costs
  • eBay is a viable platform to make money



  • Need some capital to purchase your items to sell
  • Must have a place to store your inventory
  • Time-consuming to search for physical products
  • Shipping costs reduce your profits
  • No support group



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I always recommend wealthy affiliate

I believe this training can certainly help you become an eBay seller.

But I also believe it’ll be time-consuming but as you get more experienced, you’ll learn how to save time and make better decisions.

Is Easy eCash a scam?     No

Would I recommend it?    Yes

If you like this type of selling, then I think you can become quite good at it and do very well over time.

But the question is…  Is this what you thought it was?

What if I told you there was an easier way to make money online.  It’s called affiliate marketing.  And this strategy gives you the opportunity to create a passive income.

You need to know that selling on eBay might give you quicker sales than affiliate marketing.  But there’s a difference.

  1. Your sales on eBay will probably be small (you don’t want to ship a sofa…).  Whereas your sales with affiliate marketing can be huge.
  2. Your sales on eBay might be quicker to get but take longer to achieve any sizable income.
  3. Your commissions with affiliate marketing might take longer to start, but long-term success is much higher.
  4. What do the top sellers on eBay make?  Some top affiliate marketers are making thousands and tens of thousands each month.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Why don’t you give affiliate marketing a try?  And I know just the place for you to start.  It won’t cost you a penny, and you can experience what I’m doing right now!

I started with the necessary training to become successful.  It’s almost impossible to do it on your own, so why not get the help you need.

This platform has everything you need under one roof.  The training, the tools, and most importantly, a huge and active community to support you along the way.

I’ve been there for years now, and it still provides me with new strategies as the affiliate environment changes.

The best part??  You can sign up for a starter membership for free, no credit card needed.

That’s rare to find online, these days!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it.  And when you join, I’ll greet you on the inside, OK?

my wa landing pic

So where did you first hear about Easy eCash?  Probably in your inbox, right?  That’s where I found mine!

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know below and I’ll get right back to you.

Cheers for now,