What is the Residual income code? Did They Close??

What is the Residual income code?

Wouldn’t we all love to have residual income? Also known as passive income? It’s the holy grail of all online marketers. Affiliate marketing is a wonderful industry to make money online. There are many methods that can work for you.

But like any industry, there are a lot of scams out there, too. So I’m happy to see that you’re researching products before you buy them. So what is the Residual Income Code? Good question! Let’s review this product that been seen advertised on Facebook.

There’s a big update regarding the Residual Income Code. Please keep reading!

I’d like to explain what it was….yes, I said was. In my research, I could find no current information, and the website and Facebook group are no longer available. Tracking down the owner, Jon Moss, showed me what happened and where the previous owners of this system ended up.

Or… if you don’t want to waste any more time looking, please take a look at where I learned. It’s a legitimate and proven platform to teach you how to make money online… click here.

The Residual income code review

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What Was The Residual Income Code?

Residual Income Code was a sales funnel system that allowed you to promote different products in hopes of earning commissions. It was founded by Jon Moss, who claimed you could “copy and paste” your way to making $27 to $567 per day.

Actually, it was set up like an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. When you purchased the required 3rd party services within the system, the person you signed up through got his commission. And when you promoted this system, you would get a commission when people purchased these services through your sales funnel.

Residualincomecode.com is no longer in use and doesn’t redirect you anywhere else. This had me concerned that it was a big scam, and he up and ran with people’s money. So I searched out Jon Moss and found his personal account on Facebook. There’s where I found out this updated information.

So as of October 22, 2018, this is what I found. On Oct.3, 2018, this is what Jon posted…

His new website, JonsSecretWeapon.com, wasn’t available yet. In the video, he states he’s closing down the Residual Income Code due to a software issue. Ironically, they may have up and ran themselves, lol.

He is now promoting a system called Funnel XROI, founded by David Dekel, which he claims is better than his own. And anyone who’s previously purchased the 3rd party services can transfer them over to this new system.

I will be writing a review on Funnel XROI, soon.

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Who Was It For?

Residual income code

Well, now that it’s closed down, it isn’t for anyone, LOL.

It was initially for people who thought they could earn a lot of money using someone else’s “secrets” and premade templates. There are a few people who get in at the beginning, who’ve probably made some amazing money. And these are the testimonials you might hear.

But I’m sure there are plenty more who’ve made little to nothing. You see, when you’re using someone else’s pre-written templates, and there are a significant amount of people using them, the market gets saturated with that particular ad.

It’s effective in the beginning, because its new. But after a while, you start to see the same advertisement over and over in your inbox, or on social media. Your potential customers eventually get “blind” to the ad.

And this is why these types of systems seem to burn out so quickly. We will never know if this initial system’s software actually broke, or if he needs to change things up to keep the funnel going.


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How Do These Systems Work?

the residual income code

Regardless of how the videos come across, this is an MLM style business which requires regular new sign-ups to make anyone any commission.

Not being able to get inside it anymore, I won’t be able to show you my own experience, but there are many telling reviews out there.

You were required to purchase other services to activate your commissions. Yes, you could join and use his funnel for free, but it got you nowhere. Just a dashboard. You were required to buy the products he chose, in order to earn any affiliate commissions.

I’m showing you the products you had to buy, because more than likely, its the same purchases required for their new system, Funnel XROI:

  • Easy 1 Up – $25, $100, $250, $500, or $1000

This is how your commissions were activated. Your purchase paid your sponsor’s commission, and you were paid when others below you purchase.

  • Engagely – $27

This is another affiliate program that contained a few pre-written texts you could copy. It had some training on marketing with Facebook.

  • Online Sales Pro – $25 to $37 per month

This affiliate program gave you the necessary tools and software to create your capture or landing pages for promoting your products.

Other products highly recommended were:

  • Aweber – $19 to $149 per month

This is an email capture and autoresponder service. This is how you would start collecting an email list that you could use for your email marketing campaigns.

This service tracks all of your campaigns so you know how to best optimize them.

  • Solo Ads – $100 and up

This is your paid email lists. You use someone else’s email list and pay approximately $.70 per click (when someone clicks on your ad). You’re hoping the click will turn into a conversion. This is a quicker, but costly process.


So you see, the overall costs of systems like this can get very pricey. To earn significant money this way, you need to be willing to have the upfront expenses, monthly expenses and a generous advertising budget.



  • Potential to make money
  • Free to join

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  • Significant purchases required once inside
  • Not enough training
  • Paid email lists can be considered “spam”
  • No refunds
  • These systems come and go too quickly


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Any made-for-you system has drawbacks. Yes, if you’re willing to invest in all the tools they recommend, you will probably make some money. I doubt it’ll be what they say you can make, but some.

And there isn’t enough training involved. It’s set up for you to just follow the steps, no questions asked. But what happens when they shut down, or move to something else? If the system collapses, will you know how to carry on without their made-for-you sales funnel?  Will you be able to start back up on your own?

Born:  April 30th, 2018       RIP:  October 3, 2018

In this case, this is exactly what happened here. It’s too soon to hear about how his customers fared. Hopefully, no one lost their commissions earned.

The Residual Income Code was designed as a sales funnel to earn you commission from other affiliate programs. The system didn’t have its own compensation plan. It wasn’t a scam because it was free to join. And it only worked to make money by promoting other affiliate programs.

Would I have considered this a scam? NO       Would I have recommended it? NO

Things that concern me about these types of systems:

  1. They are just too risky. By hoping to make big money, you might have been persuaded to buy the big-ticket item at $1000. Though they said you would get your money back with your first sign up, there’s no guarantee.
  2. Eventually, the market will get saturated with the same advertisements, and people will eventually quit signing up.
  3. To make the money quickly, as they will often promote, you would need to buy solo ads. This method can be considered spamming. If you send your ad’s to someone else’s list, without their approval, their email service might not allow the email to go through due to its “anti-spamming” policies. And when’s the last time you appreciated getting a bunch of ads to your inbox?
  4. Email marketing takes a lot of trial and error. Sure, you may get people through your funnel, but that doesn’t mean they’ll buy. You have to be willing to spend a lot of money to make money.

Can I please recommend something better for you?

I know you must be wanting to make an online income, or you wouldn’t be reading this review. And I know a safer route for you to take.

I’ve been marketing online for some time now, and the platform I’m currently on has all the training you need to properly set up your own business and earn an income. You can even start for free!

And when I say you can start for free, I mean it. No surprises. You can start your business without spending a penny. Later on, if you decided to upgrade, you can. Your monthly costs would only be $49, or $359 for the entire year. That’s it. And you get training in all the different methods of earning money online.

The nice thing about having your own business, it that you get to choose the affiliate programs you want to promote. You would start by choosing the niche you want to work with, then choose the appropriate products that benefit your readers. No one forces you to do anything. You make your own choices, ones you feel good about.

If you decide to take me up on my offer, I’ll be there for you every step of the way. No charge! Just honest to goodness help.

Please click on the picture below, to start your new, exciting journey.

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Have you seen a recent ad for The Residual Income Code? Now that Jon has shut down his system, I’m curious how many ads are still out there, and if they’re being redirected.

If you have any questions for me, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,