What Is The ConversioBot? Let Me Show You How Awesome This Is!

What Is The ConversioBot?

Are you looking for a way to grow your leads and conversions? Without having to spend money on advertising and solo ads? Then you’re in the right place.

So what is the ConversioBot? It’s software that can do an amazing difference for your business. This is proving to be a great asset to my business, and could for yours as well.

I’m so happy to see you here, reviewing this product before purchasing it. Even though it’s one of the good ones, it’s always important to research first.

My ConversioBot review is from my own experience using it. I’ll show you what’s inside, how it works, and then give you my honest opinion, OK?

Though this software can work with hundreds of programs, and not necessarily a website, I always recommend you build your own website for your business.

Would you like to read about where I learned to create my own profitable business?

the conversiobot review (rating)



What Is The ConversioBot?

what is this ai chatbot?

The ConversioBot software is a cloud-based AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot that you place on your websites to help improve your conversions and sales.

It’s a conversational interface for your website.

This is a ClickBank product was launched in February 2019, and it’s creators are Simon Wood, Giri Prakash, Imran Sadiq, and team.

ConversioBot – $35/month for Lite version, $47/month for Pro version 

What’s Inside


  • Shows your tabs, as well as any upsells you may have purchased and installed
  • An overview video of the platform – 3:02 minutes

My Bots

  • Keeps track of the bots you’ve created

Chatbot Templates

  • 22 templates covering all niches

Chatbot Training Videos

  • About Chatbots – 3 videos
  • Uses For a Chatbot – 6 videos
  • Basic Charbot Training – 7 videos
  • Building a Chatbot – 17 videos
  • User Response Types – 13 videos
  • Designing Your Chatbot – 7 videos
  • Chatbot Settings – 8 videos
  • Publishing Your Chatbot – 6 videos
  • General Chatbot Settings – 6 videos
  • Data & Analytics – 5 videos
  • Account – 2 videos

Advanced Training

  • Build Engaging Chatbots – 7 videos
  • Selling Chatbots – 5 videos
  • Done For You Pro – 2 videos
  • Auto Chatbot Builder – 2 videos
  • Extreme – 4 videos
  • Agency License – 7 videos


  • Webinar – 54:24 minutes – Discussing how to get visitor engagement, improve conversion and the golden rules to follow.
  • Webinar – 1:01:19 minutes – Discussing how to automate bookings, meetings & appointments through Chatbots

Data & Analytics

  • Chats Initiated
  • Interactions
  • Interaction Rate
  • Goals Completed
  • Goal Rate
  • Device Open Rate
  • Interaction & Goal Rate

General Settings

  • Autoresponder integrations
  • Integrations: Zapier (1300+ apps), Custom Webhooks
  • Bot Branding: Add your brand name & link
  • Language: English is the default, but you can choose any language.

VIP Support

  • Ticket submission in various categories
  • Fast response time


#1: Done For You Pro – $197

  • 75 “1-click install” Bots
  • Customized for your business
  • Private access to their VIP Microsoft Cloud Server (faster load times)
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Commercial License

#2: Auto ChatBot Builder – $47

  • Automatically build custom bots
  • Builds a huge number of custom bots
  • Full commercial license
  • Private access to their VIP Microsoft Cloud Server (faster load times)

#3: ConversioBot Extreme – $67

  • Full-page Bots
  • Intelligent Exit Bots
  • Embedded Bots
  • Delayed Bots
  • DFY templates are upgraded to Extreme Bots
  • Full Commercial License

#4: Conversiobot Agency – $187

  • Multi-user License
  • 20 Sub-User accounts
  • VIP Step by Step Video Training (How to Outsource)
  • VIP Step by Step Video Training (Where to Sell Your Bots)
  • DFY Sales Templates
  • DFY Agency Website


Who Is It For?

This is for all types of online businesses

This software is great for any online marketer or business person. It’s easy to use and quick to implement.

If you want to grow your email list and increase your sales, this is a great way to do that.

It’s a wonderful way to grow your business without paying for advertising or leads. It helps convert your free traffic.

Your audience could be getting sick and tired of ordinary pop-ups, and this newer technology is something that creates curiosity.

Most will want to try it out, and because they get engaged with the conversations, they’re more likely to give you their email address.

This is one of the best software I’ve seen in a while that can be easily used by newbie business owners and experienced alike.


my conversiobot button


How Does It Work?

this intelligence chatbot can be edited to your liking

This AI technology is used by many large businesses such as Facebook, Spotify, Starbucks, MasterCard, and many others.

The creators of ConversioBot, who have a combined 32 years of experience in developing software, have spent the past year developing their own Chatbot software.

This is perfect for small businesses and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for those on budgets. And the ease with which you can build your own Chatbots makes it accessible to anyone.

This type of AI technology can drive more leads to your email list, as well as increase your sales. It works on a huge range of businesses, such as:

  • Website & blog owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product Vendors
  • Ecomm sellers
  • Social & video marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants, etc.

They wanted to create something that would work with all types of platforms and programs as well.  Popular ones like Shopify, WordPress, Clickfunnels, etc.

Here are just some of the hundreds available…

these are examples of some of the program integrations

Integrating it with up to 8 different autoresponders (so far), makes growing your email list a breeze. They will probably continue to add more in the future. They currently have easy integration with:

Another nice thing is that you only add code to your website, so it doesn’t affect the upload speed for your visitors.

This is what I particularly liked! Copy and paste your code to your website, and it’s done. Which is great for me, because I have no techy skills whatsoever, lol.

It can be done in as little as 3 steps:

  1. Choose a done-for-you Chatbot (you don’t have to edit it if you don’t want to).
  2. “Click” to generate a line of Chatbot code.
  3. Copy and paste the code onto your website.

Really! It’s that easy. I’ve taken a few more steps, though, to edit what I want the Chatbot to say, but you don’t have to. That’s the beauty of this product!

Let’s take a look inside…

The Software Is Great!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve added the Chatbot to this review, so you can take a look at how it works.

When you finalize your payment and access the member area, this is what it looks like. As you can see, I haven’t purchased any upsells yet, but they are always available along the top of the screen.

the dashboard shows all the oto's

I would recommend you go through the training first, to get acquainted with the product. There’s a lot you can learn, here, to improve your bots to better serve your particular needs.

Each video is step by step and in bite-size pieces, so there’s no overwhelm.

There are 80 videos you can watch, plus 27 more in the advanced training section…

conversiobot has quality video training

OK, so let’s build a bot. Let’s choose a template from the template tab. As you can see, there are 6 categories of templates with a total of 22 in all to choose from.

conversio bot has many templates

When you click on your choice, you’ll be automatically brought to the Bot Builder. Here you can leave it as is, or you can edit your bot by adding or deleting “blocks”.

If you add a block, you can drag and drop it wherever you need to.

conversiobot.com has it's own builder

If you wish to edit a block, just click on it and a pop-up with editing tools comes up.

  • You can change the messaging.
  • Add new messages.
  • Set the time between messages.
  • Edit the font.
  • Add a GIF, image or video.
  • Duplicate the message line.
  • Delete the message line.

you can add messages and edit them

You can also use a placeholder and edit the user response, but I won’t get into that for this review. You can learn all about this in the training videos.

At any time, you can “preview” what it will look like. This is a great way to view what your visitors will see on their screen

you can preview the chatbot before launching it

Now you hit “next” to do some more editing if you wish (you don’t have to). You can:

  1. Change the background & colour.
  2. Change the message bubble shape.
  3. Change the bubble colour & text colours.
  4. Change the user message colour & text.
  5. Change your font and size
  6. Change the bot position, overlay text, and icon (real person, cartoon, or robot)

I picked some pretty gross colours, but just to show you an example, haha!

editing the font, size, shape and color is easy

You now hit next to set any additional settings.

A couple of them are only if you bought the “Extreme” upsell, but those you can set are:

  • Widget settings – auto close and choose to show on specific pages
  • Sound settings
  • Email notifications
  • When and where you want to capture email addresses
  • Goal settings – choose from 22 goals
  • Analytics settings – Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel
  • Language settings
  • Bot branding – your name and your link

If there’s an upsell I’d recommend, it would be the “ConversioBot Extreme”. That’s what I’m getting next. It allows you to set the timing with advanced features.

The one I especially want is the “Exit Hover”. Just like exit pop-ups, exit chatbots would be equally great for better conversion rates.

these are the features of the upsells

Now you move to the last step. This is where you can preview your bot. This is always a good idea to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or missed steps.

You can then get the Chatbot code for either your full page display or in your widget. The embedded bot code is an upsell only.

Adding your code to your website may vary from theme to theme.  I dragged my “custom HTML” to my footer widget, and pasted the code there.

And because I use Thrive Clever Widgets, I was able to choose just this post to have it appear on.

You can also paste the post’s URL within the Chatbot’s settings if you only wish to have it show on specific posts.

If you choose to have the chatbot on your entire website, you can download your code as a plugin and activate it like any other plugin installed on your site.

integration with your website only takes one line of code

If down the road you need to edit a particular Chatbot, you can access the bot in the “My Bots” tab, and make any necessary changes.

For any changes to take effect on your site, you must press “Launch”.

This is also where you can adjust your settings, clone the plugin, edit your plugin, and read collected analytics. You can also create a bot from scratch if you so choose.

choose your bot and edit

This was a basic walkthrough for this review article. It’s a great jumping-off point for beginners. You can, of course, make as many changes as you need to, for your bot to suit your needs.

This is my problem, lol. I love designing, and spend way too much time at it!

The entire purpose of this software is to make the process simple and easy. And with all the DFY templates, made to suit so many niches, you really don’t need to change much, if at all.

I also have a product demo video from the owner, if you’d like to check this out…


my conversiobot button



  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Grow your Leads
  • Increase Your Sales
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent video training
  • Integrate with autoresponders
  • Integrates with hundreds of programs
  • Sell Chatbots to clients



  • Can only use the current 8 autoresponders
  • Must purchase upsell for exit intent feature


Final Thoughts And Recommendations

learn how to start your own business with Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been quite impressed with ConversioBot. It’s a great piece of software that’s easy to use, especially if you’re new to creating an online business.

We all look for ways to grow our email lists and increase our sales. And this can have a massive impact on your business using the free traffic that comes to your site.

Buying paid advertisements or Solo Ads can get very expensive, and the price is only going up each year.

For a modest monthly fee, you can use this software to your advantage. You can make an unlimited amount of bots, and tailor them for each business, or each page, for that matter.

For instance, if you sell a variety of products or services, you can create an individual bot for each. Creating specific messages for specific needs can greatly increase your visitor engagement.

Is ConversioBot a scam?   NO

Would I recommend it?   YES

I’m assuming you’ve come to this review because you’re looking into this type of AI software. Am I right? Or were you just researching ideas for a future business?

Do you have a website yet? I know there are many people making money with only landing pages and such, and this AI Bot will work for that.

But I’ll always recommend you have your own website for your business. It’s your own piece of online real estate that tells your visitors all about you. What you represent. How you want to help.

It’s basically your online business card! And gives you that professional appeal!

If you haven’t started one yet, and are interested in learning how to build a profitable business online, I highly recommend you come and see where I learned to succeed.

This platform has all the current training, tools, and community to help you become successful.

They currently have over 1.5 million members, so they must be doing something right!

The best thing is you can start for free, no credit card necessary. If you click on the button below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you inside and help you as long as you want me to.


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So what do you think about ConversioBot? Pretty cool software isn’t it?

If you have any more questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.



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