Human Proof Designs Review – How Does It Work?

Human Proof Designs Review - How Does It Work?

There are many companies out there who claim to provide pre-made sites for beginners in online marketing. I have been researching Dom Well’s business and I would like to give you my honest “Human Proof Designs” review. Let’s find out if this is a legitimate service, or one of the many online scams.

If you have been researching, and came across their site, you undoubtedly have many questions. How does it work? Is it worth the money? Will they provide the support they promise? Will it make me money? There are likely many more questions running through your mind, so let take a deeper look, OK?

If you would like to see how I learned to do all this myself, follow me here…

What Is Human Proof Designs?

Basically, it’s a company that builds websites and sells them! The owner, Dom Wells, decided he didn’t like the way unscrupulous developers were cloning “cookie cutter” sites and selling them for cheap. The unfortunate buyer would be sold a poor product with no training or support. These developers were there one day, gone the next.

What he also noticed was newcomers interested in buying “niche” websites that had all the hard work done for them. That being the website design and a certain amount of content, with keywords.

To date, they have built over 1100 affiliate sites, written 26,000+ articles, researched over 45,000 keywords and 600+ back links.

What Do You Mean By Pre-Made Niche Websites?

Human Proof Designs offers you pre selected niches or lets you pick your own. They will then custom build your website, promising you that it was never re-cycled or duplicated. It comes with unique content, written by their own staff, that is SEO ready. This is all built on a premium theme, with premium plugins and images.

Any new business requires:

  • hours of research to find your niche
  • finding your perfect domain name
  • building your website
  • locating a hosting platform
  • more hours researching keywords
  • writing unique and captivating content
  • attracting and converting potential traffic

For some people, these first steps are worth the investment in buying a pre-made site. I need to warn you though, the prices aren’t cheap! It’s not that it isn’t worth it for all that you get, it’s just a big pill to swallow if you’re just starting out. This is a screenshot of available niches at the time of this posting. You can see they also inform you of the “potential” monthly profit of each site. This number depends on you.


human proof designs websites


Is It Worth The Cost?

Only you can answer this. Do you have the money? What is your time worth to you? Do you have experience? Are you wanting to learn how to do this on your own for future websites, or do you plan on always purchasing them? I found great satisfaction in learning how to build my own business from the ground up. Once it’s learned, you can repeat the process over and over again, getting quicker at it each time.

If you’d like to learn like I did, please click here.

As you can see, the lowest price to buy your pre-made niche website is $798. If you did this all yourself, from various services online, it would most likely run you over $500. And that’s not including the hours spent researching or the content you’d have to write. Hiring a writer to supply the content included could run you another $15 – $50/hour or anywhere from .10 – $1.00/word. That adds up really quick when you haven’t made any money yet.


human proof design website prices


Human Proof Designs claim their costs to produce the “Standard” site is $1,264. That gives you a savings of $266 if you buy the standard site for $998. The greater the package, the greater the savings.

They do charge an additional fee for hosting…about $100/year.

The package cost also provides hours of video training to show you how to get it up and running, and how to continue working on your site. They provide you with a detailed 6-month plan. But you will need to learn how to do keyword research, content writing, link building, wordpress, social media, etc. from the training for you to achieve any success. They also provide free ongoing tech and email support, and lifetime access to the training library (well…as long as they are in business anyway).

If writing content and researching keywords sound tedious to you, you can of course purchase additional packages to do that for you:

  • Human Proof Designs niche content packageMonthly Article Subscription from $89 to $464/month. This will provide you with researched, written and published content for your site.
  • Article Packs from $199 to $875. This provides you with premium articles from 8000 to 24000 words total.
  • eBook for $199. This is something you would provide to attract buyers and build trust.
  • PBN Links for $349 to $499. This means “Private Blog Network” links.
  • Monthly PBN Links for $159 to $399/month. This is something I wouldn’t recommend because it’s too risky. Google may penalize you if they find them unnatural.
  • Press Release for $149. They publish to your information to like-minded premium channels on Goggle, Bing and Yahoo.
  • human proof designs keyword seo packagesReady Made Keyword Packs for $49. This gives you 200 to 1000 keywords alreadyresearched.
  • Custom Keyword Packs for $79. This gives you your own exclusive keywords.
  • Amazon Affiliate Course for $49. A walk through for setting up with Amazon.
  • Link Building Video Course for $7. A link building strategy.

Of course, spending all this money defeats the purpose of making any money, haha. It would take quite some time before you actually see any profits.

Will This Website Make Me Money?

Another difficult question… It all depends on how hard you work at it. Human Proof Designs are very honest and upfront about your needing to continue working on your website. If you expect to buy a website and forget about it, then you will be very disappointed and out a lot of money. Any website needs continual content added to it to bring in sales.

Like any business, you need to think long term. They recommend putting yourself on a schedule of a couple of hours per day. Typically, they see their customers earn commissions in 3 – 6 months, depending on their niche. Nothing is guaranteed because it’s all due to time put in, the type of niche, and other outside factors they can’t control.

human proof designs takes work and dedication


I can tell you from personal experience, the more work and dedication you give your business, the quicker you will see success. It’s like a marathon…the commissions start to come in slowly, then continue to grow as you continue to work at it. It takes time to build authority in Google’s eyes, so don’t expect to be ranked #1 right off the bat.


What Do I Think?…..

I believe Human Proof Designs is a legitimate company, offering pre-made websites with the beginner in mind. They appreciate the fact that there are people wanting to start an affiliate business, but have zero knowledge. Purchasing their websites is the beginning of your business, not the end. This is not a shortcut to making money online. You need to continually invest your time into it to reach its potential income. Without that time investment, you are just throwing away your money.

Although I think the price if fair for everything you get, it’s still a lot of money for a beginner to pay. Isn’t it usually the people wanting to earn extra money with an affiliate business, are those who don’t have the extra money to begin with? LOL.

Truth be told, you can make your website for considerably less money on your own. Yes, you need to learn the ropes to do this, but there are many services online to help you with that.

Personally, I learned everything I needed to know with Wealthy Affiliate University. Ironically, this is where Dom Wells learned all he knows too! This platform not only provides all the training, but has all the necessary tools for website building, hosting, keyword research and ‘live’ support. Everything under one roof.

If you’re interested in reviewing Wealthy Affiliate, please click below to read my review.

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So what do you think of Human Proof Designs? Do you think your time is worth the investment? Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you know anyone who would benefit from this review, please share!

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