What Is The CB Passive Income 5.0? Will This One Be Better?

What Is The CB Passive Income

Are you looking for a way to make money online? If you are, you’ve most likely come across many systems promising you great success, if not overnight riches.

Have you heard about CB Passive Income? They’ve launched four different versions in the past. But what is the CB Passive Income 5.0 version? This is what I’d like to share with you in this review.

I’m proud of you for researching this system before purchasing. This tells me you’re a smart person who is careful with your time and money. And you should be. There are so many scams online, it’s hard to determine what’s legitimate and what isn’t.

When I started researching this system, I was alarmed at how many negative reviews there were online. So I went into this thinking this was just another scam or at best, a crappy product. But that’s not what I discovered.

There were a few red flags, which I’ll share with you below. Overall, I want to be as fair as I can be so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to purchase.

I will show you what you get, including what upsells to expect. I’ll discuss

  • who it’s for
  • how it works
  • and finally, give you my honest recommendations, OK.

If you are new to this industry and would like to learn how to build your own business on a safe platform, CLICK HERE. It’s where I learned and I’m still there!

the cb passive income rating

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What Is CB Passive Income 5.0?

what is the cb passive income system about

This system was created by Patric Chan, author of multiple books such as “WakeUp Millionaire”. He started making money online, in 2013, with niche marketing. That’s when he decided to share his system with the world, by allowing people to clone his material.

He’s developed software and training courses that he gives away for free, via a “secret web page”, if you become a subscriber. With your membership, you will receive emails containing affiliate promotions from Clickbank, product recommendations and additional training and updates.

The evolution of his “business in a box” is as follows:

  • Original version launched in 2013
  • Version 2.0 launched in 2014 – upgraded to get you more leads
  • Version 3.0 launched in 2015 – more “secret pages” (landing pages) to choose from
  • Version 4.0 launched in 2017 – everything becomes mobile friendly including a Facebook Click-To-Optin feature
  • Version 5.0 launched in 2018 – can now clone his entire funnel.

Products and Prices

Click Here if you wish to see the landing page

CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 – $47 per month or $497 one time fee for the LIFETIME plan

This includes:

  • The exact clone of his sales funnel
  • Monthly live training
  • Training to show you how to get traffic, including social media and paid ads
  • Access to his software so no hosting or autoresponder services needed
  • Email swipes, and other material to give away for free

Bonus #1: Tools & Training Membership – Worth $20/month for FREE for active customers

Includes 2 hours of step by step video training in 3 modules:

  1. How to Get Started
  2. How to Build Your List Quickly
  3. How to Make Your ClickBank Commission on Automation

Bonus #2: 15 Months of Fast Cash Series Archive – Worth $47/month or $147 lifetime fee for FREE

This gives you access to the past 15 months of his money-making blueprints on different business opportunities.

Bonus #3: The 3-Month Traffic to Income Masterclass – Worth $997 for Free

This gives you 90 days of lessons showing you how to get targeted website traffic that’s “evergreen”, both paid and free traffic.

Funnel Upsells

Inbox Pro Version – $97

This version allows you to have all your leads automatically uploaded to your own autoresponder. Subscribers are now loaded to two lists, the CB Passive Income’s system, and your own.

Mass Bot Profits – $97

This is another of Patric’s standalone products you can purchase from Clickbank. This is an automation system that’s like email marketing, but instead of emails, it’s promoting your offers on Facebook Messenger.

Backend Offer

The Internet to Income Insider – $100 per month

This is a brand new coaching membership.

Expected Costs

To purchase monthly – $47/month to $147/month

To purchase one time fees – $497 to $691

Cost of Solo Ads – Will be as high as you wish (hundreds to thousands per month)

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Who Is It For?

is the cb passive income a scam

Patric claims that this system works well for newbies because they don’t have the knowledge it takes to make money online. Therefore, he’s created a done-for-you system that includes:

  • landing pages
  • free opt-in magnets (the bribe for your lead)
  • profitable affiliate program researched for you
  • no need for domain names, hosting, or autoresponders
  • email swipes (copy paste emails pre-written)
  • training

Patric has been doing affiliate marketing online for many years now, and I’m sure his promotional materials have been tweaked and re-tweaked to provide the best results.

But even though the funnel is premade, the hardest part will always be generating targeted traffic to make any money.

This is why I believe this system will work better for marketers with some online experience. Sure, a newbie could just follow his steps, but without understanding the whole email marketing process, you’re simply doing what you’re told and hoping for the best.

I would also recommend having a generous advertising budget. At least to start. The email marketing industry takes money to make money.


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How Does This System Work?

affiliate marketing passive income system

Basically, everything is done for you. All you need to do is leverage his marketing system by driving traffic to his sales funnel. This is what is known as email marketing.

CB Passive Income is a turnkey system, meaning Patric’s customers can duplicate everything he does in 3 steps:

  1. Log in to the dashboard and enter your Clickbank ID.
  2. Choose one of his pages to clone.
  3. Go through the training to learn how to get traffic to your offer.

Once inside the dashboard, you get a unique affiliate link to add to the promotional material (emails swipes). When someone clicks on this link, they are brought to his secret web page, which is the same landing page you saw when you first signed up.

If they sign up, you’ll receive your commission based on the plan they purchased. The one-time payment plan will give you a one time commission, whereas the monthly payment plan will become passive, with a recurring monthly commission payment.

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Red Flags

#1: The training he provides is only for generating traffic.

His training is limited to finding traffic to send to his funnel. There’s no training on what and the why of the industry. Generating traffic is the primary ingredient to making money from a sales funnel, and if you are a beginner, with no experience and no email list already in place, you might get very frustrated.

It takes considerable time to build an email list using any free methods. Posting ads on social media sites will only work if you have a large following.

#2: The only way to create a sizable email list is to use paid traffic.

Patric says the training will show you how to get traffic, both free and paid. What he doesn’t tell you, upfront, is that free traffic takes a LONG time to build. So unless you have a huge following on social media, or already own a large email list, this method won’t get you anywhere, anytime fast.

To generate quicker traffic, you are either paying for advertising on social media and search engines (Google Ads) or buying Solo Ads which comes at a huge cost. He tells you he’ll show you how, but leaves out the cost factor.

Solo Ads are when you pay to use someone else’s email list. It’s a legitimate tool to use for email marketing, and many marketers use it. Udimi is one of these legit sites that allows you to choose your seller. They offer you so many “clicks” for a price of $.35 to $.95 per click.

The industry average is about $.75/click, so let’s say you purchase 500 clicks for about $375. And out of those 500 clicks, how many do you think will actually opt-in and purchase the system?

Industry averages can be as low as 1%. That means 5 sales in 500 clicks.

Your bankbook will be in the red for a while, lol.

The advantage to a pre-made sales funnel is the testing that’s gone into it. Patric has most likely revised it many, many times to improve his conversions. Patric claims his landing page has an almost 50% conversion rate. Wow! If this is true, then you can make your money back fairly quickly. The question is, though, is it true?

#3: Patric says each subscriber you send to CB Passive Income System is yours.

He claims all the subscribers you bring in belong to you, but that’s not true. The actual email list is his. And this is because you don’t have to pay for your own email marketing service, like Aweber, etc. You are using his autoresponder, therefore it’s his list.

#4: His proof of income report shows income made in 2016.

The image he provides on his landing page for proof of income made using this system dates back to 2016. Now maybe he has neglected to update this portion of the page? But I would think it’s important to show current income made if you’re wanting to prove anything.

#5: You receive a commission from any future purchases from your subscribers.

This all sounds wonderful, but I have a couple of issues here. Because your leads are sent to his list, he has complete control over what additional emails are sent out. How many are there going to be sent out? Do they all promote additional products? When does it start to look spammy?

This is the problem with not truly owning your own list. Or your own business for that matter. No control!

Patric claims the membership fee is for your license to use his sales funnel, and the tools and training are your first bonus. The upsells are not required to earn commissions, but I would recommend purchasing the Pro Version so that any lead you capture can be added to your own private email list as well.

The remaining bonus “Fast Cash Series” and the upsell “Mass Bot Profits” could be used to build additional income streams.

This system is very similar to The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal. CLICK HERE to read about it.

Something to think about…  Any future promotions sent by Patric’s system will be Clickbank products.  And my concern is the quality of products that are sent out.  Are future promotions sent in your name, or his?  If they’re in your name, do you want to risk your reputation by sending low-quality promotions?

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  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Pre-made sales funnel
  • Pre-written email swipes
  • Generous commissions (50% to 70%)



  • No free trial
  • Upsells
  • Cannot promote other products with funnel
  • No community support
  • Must purchase upsell to build your own list
  • Limited training


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

do these clickbank autopilot system for affiliates really work

First of all, Patric Chan is a real person of success when it comes to online marketing.  I’ve read so many reviews of him and his supposedly lousy products.  Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true.  He’s well known and successful in this industry.

Sure, there are certain concerns I have about this style of system, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for the right person with the right circumstances.

I’m here to help you decide if you’re that person, or not!

Patric Chan has written his sales page extremely well, telling you that all the hard work is done for you. And yes, it can take a lot of testing and rewriting to get a successfully converting landing page, let alone getting people to open your email, to begin with.

He says you only have one task to do, that is driving traffic to the sales funnel. What he doesn’t tell you is that the hardest part of any successful sales funnel is driving that traffic. This takes many hours of work and considerable money unless you have a huge email list to start with.

I do appreciate the fact that he states this isn’t a push button, a set-it-and-forget-it method of making money online. He has included testimonials regarding how much work his customers had to put in to see results.

these passive income affiliate programs still take a lot of work

The Fast cash bonus sounds interesting, but what concerns me is you only have access to past months. If he’s looking for popular trends that come and go very quickly, you might be too late to capitalize on them. But seeing as how it’s a free bonus, it could teach you how to spot these trends for your own use. (And this is a big reason why you need your own private list).

If the opportunity is still viable, you may be able to scale the system to make more money. This can provide you with additional income streams.

Is CB Passive Income a scam?   NO   Would I recommend it?   Yes, with some previous experience.

From my own personal experience online, and having researched Patric’s system, I honestly can’t slam it the way many reviews have been. And yet, I would still caution you. I haven’t purchased the program myself, so I can’t verify what the training is like. It’s definitely handy having the funnel pre-made for you, but getting the traffic is the hard part.

I want you to consider something else… What if he suddenly shuts his system down overnight? It’s happened before! Really! Then what? You’re out all the hard work of building an email list (unless you’ve purchased the Pro Version). And your income is suddenly cut off.

Do you think you can restart your business with the training you’ve received?

Starting a new business, even if it’s for only email marketing requires:

Now you need the training to learn how to create your sales funnel. You can’t create a successful business on your own. Well, OK, you could, but it would take you years of frustration and money.

You see, building any kind of business online takes the proper tools and training. And no one should be telling you that you can make money overnight, or in your first week for that matter. It takes time to create something that will have longevity. It takes time for Google to even see you!

But when you do it right, and Google notices your efforts, it makes it all worthwhile. Your traffic grows along with your income.

Can I recommend something safer for you?

I would love for you to take a look at where I learned how to build my business. And I’ve learned how to create income using many methods, not only email marketing. There are easier, and much cheaper ways to start out if your new to all this.

The platform I’m recommending offers excellent, step by step training as well as all the powerful tools you would ever need to get up and running. And the business you build is your own! No one can take it from you.

The best part is you can start for FREE. You don’t even need your credit card. There’s no risk to you at all. When you click on the picture below, you can immediately create your free membership and give the platform a test drive.

my wealthy affiliate link picture

Once you’re inside, I promise to meet you there. And I’ll be available to coach you as long as you need me.

And please let me know your thoughts on CB Passive Income, and where you first heard of it. I’d love to hear from you.

Your friend,