What Is The CB Passive Income 5.0? Will This One Be Better?

What Is The CB Passive Income

Are you looking for a way to make money online? If you are, you’ve most likely come across many systems promising you great success, if not overnight riches.

Have you heard about CB Passive Income? They’ve launched four different versions in the past. But what is the CB Passive Income 5.0 version? This is what I’d like to share with you in this review.

I’m proud of you for researching this system before purchasing. This tells me you’re a smart person who is careful with your time and money. And you should be. There are so many scams online, it’s hard to determine what’s legitimate and what isn’t.

When I started researching this system, I was alarmed at how many negative reviews there were online. So I went into this thinking this was just another scam or at best, a crappy product. But that’s not what I discovered.

There were a few red flags, which I’ll share with you below. Overall, I want to be as fair as I can be so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to purchase.

I will show you what you get, including what upsells to expect. I’ll discuss

  • who it’s for
  • how it works
  • and finally, give you my honest recommendations, OK.

If you are new to this industry and would like to learn how to build your own business on a safe platform, CLICK HERE. It’s where I learned and I’m still there!

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What Is CB Passive Income 5.0?

what is the cb passive income system about

This system was created by Patric Chan, author of multiple books such as “WakeUp Millionaire”. He started making money online, in 2013, with niche marketing. That’s when he decided to share his system with the world, by allowing people to clone his material.

He’s developed software and training courses that he gives away for free, via a “secret web page”, if you become a subscriber. With your membership, you will receive emails containing affiliate promotions from Clickbank, product recommendations and additional training and updates.

The evolution of his “business in a box” is as follows:

  • Original version launched in 2013
  • Version 2.0 launched in 2014 – upgraded to get you more leads
  • Version 3.0 launched in 2015 – more “secret pages” (landing pages) to choose from
  • Version 4.0 launched in 2017 – everything becomes mobile friendly including a Facebook Click-To-Optin feature
  • Version 5.0 launched in 2018 – can now clone his entire funnel.

Products and Prices

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