Instant Ecom Funnels Review. It’s Gone, gone, gone…

Instant Ecom Funnels Review

Are you looking for a way to make money online? If you are, you’ve probably come across many products promising you riches.

This one probably came to your inbox, right? Welcome to my Instant Ecom Funnels review. My desire is to show you what you’ll expect if you get this software.

Does it deliver what it promises? Is it right for you? And most importantly, is it legit or a scam?

By the end of my review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision whether its right for you. And I’ll give you my honest opinion and recommendations, OK?

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Instant Ecom Funnels - rating







What Is Instant Ecom Funnels?

this software's for ecommerce

This product claims to be a 3-step push-button software that creates profitable ecom funnels in less than 60 seconds.

It was created by Glenn Kosky, and launched in July 2018.

Instant eCom Funnels – $39.95

What’s Inside

Step 1: Intro Video – 4:17 minutes

Step 2: Register for Webinar (promotion)

  • List Building Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets – $297 or $497

Step 3: Hosting (promotion)

  • Coolhandle – Basic plan – $4.95 per month

Step 4: Access Software

Training Videos

  • Intro to Instant Ecom Funnels – 4:06 minutes
  • How To Build Your Funnel Pages – 13:52 minutes
  • How To Connect PayPal – 11:21 minutes
  • How To Set Up Your Emails – 18:54 minutes
  • How To Get Support – 2:35 minutes
  • How To Create A Funnel – 0:27 seconds
  • How To Create A Page – 0:27 seconds
  • How To Activate The Timer – 0:25 seconds
  • How To Change Colors of Text of Blocks – 0:52 seconds
  • How To Create An Order Bump Page – 1:22 minutes
  • How To Link Pages Within Your Funnel – 2:01 mintues
  • How To Insert an Image – 0:35 seconds
  • Traffic Sources – 6:19 minutes
  • How To Choose Products – 13:51 minutes


#1: The Shoulder Series

#2: Invite to Private Facebook Group

#3: Live Master Training Session with Mr X


OTO #1: DFY Funnels – $47, downsell $37

OTO #2: DFY Product Vault – $47, downsell$37

OTO #3: Monthly Funnel Club – $47/month, downsell $37

OTO #4: License Rights – $297

OTO #5: Agency Rights – $297



Who Is This Software For?

for affiliate marketing or internet marketing

I think this software would be great for those of you who already have a dorpshipping business. If you don’t, or if you’re new to online marketing, I really don’t feel this will work for you.

Newbies rarely have a huge social media, or even their own Youtube channel. Without access to this type of traffic, you won’t be able to get many sales.

You will have to depend on paid advertising or paid traffic methods, and this can get fairly expensive for you.

A successful dropshipping business takes a lot of time and effort. It’s worth it as long as you’re prepared for all the additional expenses.


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How Does It Work?

ecom profit is similar to click funnels

Many people are looking for easy ways to make money online? But is it really possible?

According to this product, it is. It’s a DFY funnel creater for a drop-shipping business. And drop-shipping can be very profitable if done properly.

Let’s see what the sale page promises…

Sales Page

Ecom is a mulit-trillion dollar market target to grow to $4.5 trillion by 2021. Wow! How would you like a piece of that?

And with more and more people going online each year, your opportunity to make money is at your fingertips.

But rather than going it alone and failing, why not use this push-button software to get up and running in minutes?

Yikes! Big promise here…

It claims you can do this in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Login to the cloud based app and select one of the high converting proven templates to start setting up your eCom Funnel.

Step 2: Choose any products you want from sites like AliExpress, Amazon or eBay and load them up in your new eCom Funnel with just a click of your mouse.

Step 3: Add your PayPal payment details and click publish to publish your brand new high converting eCom funnel.

Step 4: Deploy the Instant Low-Cost Traffic System we teach inside the training to get hordes of click, visitors and potential sales within hours of setting up your first funnel!

The best part is when someone buys the product, you get paid upfront so that you can turn around and pay for the product.

And you don’t have to stop at selling your visitor only one item. You can upsell each customer by showing them related or similar products, right within the funnel.

The owners claim to give you these benefits:

  1. You get 2 master funnels, a “Free + Shipping” or a “Free Shipping” funnel to choose from.
  2. Each funnel can be integrated with PayPal.
  3. Each buyer will be added to your email list inside your autoresponder.
  4. The software has social share buttons to attract free traffic.
  5. This is cloud -based, so you have nothing to download.
  6. There are no monthly fees.
  7. All templates can be customized with a drag and drop editor.

This all sounds pretty amazing, so lets see if the actual product delivers on it’s promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

Once you get into the member area, you will see a 1-page landing page with all your information needed.

I highly recommend you watch the training videos before you start using the software.

Step 1: Intro Video

This is your introduction to the system, hosted by Glynn. He walks you through the page, talking about each step to go through.

Step 2: Register for Webinar (promotion)

This VIP webinar is for another product called “List Building Lifestyle”, by Igor Kheifets.

Basically, this is all about Solo Ads with a budget of $500 or less.

Solo Ads are when you pay a vendor for the use of his email list.

It can average about $1 per click or more, which means you’ll get that many people clicking on your ad. This isn’t a sale, it’s just a “click”.

This method of paid traffic can work for some, but can become quite expensive with no guarantee of sales.

Step 3: Hosting (promotion)

This is another promotion for website hosting. Many product owners promote this business, but personally, I don’t know anything about them.

This isn’t necessary for using the product.

Step 4: Access Software & Training Video

Intro to Instant Ecom Funnels

In this video he discusses the Instant Ecom Funnel system and all of the element that form a funnel.

This is essential viewing to understand the relevant parts of every funnel.

How To Build Your Funnel Pages

In this video he shows you step by step how to create your funnel by;

  • Discussing the different pages you can create
  • Showing you how to create a funnel
  • Showing you how to create a page
  • Showing you how to edit a page and what can be edited
  • Showing you how to upload an image
  • Showing you how to edit the links within the buttons
  • Showing you what needs to be edited in the policy page

Each funnel also requires two upgrade/upsell pages. The training shows you how to do this as well.

How To Connect PayPal

In this video he shows you how to set up PayPal in order to accept payment for all the products that you put in your funnels, with;

  • Showing you the buttons you need to create (You need to create 4 per funnel!)
  • Showing youow to create a button within your PayPal account
  • Showing you how to get the link to the PayPal button
  • Showing you how to insert the button code into the funnel

How To set up Your Emails

In this video he shows you how to connect an autoresponder to the funnel, so that you can send confirmation emails to customers as well as follow emails and promotional material.

His “autoresponder” link button leads you to Aweber, which I personally use. They are reliabe and trustworthy for any affiliate marketer.

Faq & Support

The next 8 videos are short explanations of the actual software usage and how you would get support if you need it.

Traffic Sources

Glynn discusses the use of social media, as well as Google and Bing Shopping.

You can also check out the websites online that promote or review the same products, and request adding promotions to their sites.

How To Choose Products

This is probably the most inportant video.

He talks about getting browser extentions for Aliexpress as well as showing you how to look through social media accounts to see what other people are selling.

Once you access the software, your dasboard looks like this…

this is a cloud-based software

When you click on “create a funnel” you’ll see all the different pages of the funnel, which you can access and edit any way you wish.

shows you all the sales funnels

Editing is easy with the dray and drop builder…

it has a drop and drop editor

Any legal statement templates are also included. All you need is to add your own informations and your policies are in place.

they provide all the legal documents


#1: The Shoulder Series

The training is all done with voer-the-shoulder style videos as you watch Glynn hunt for products, create his sales funnel and implement the traffic system.

This is the closest thing you’ll get to one-on-one coaching with Glynn and his team.

#2: Invite to Private Facebook Group

Access to this private group of like-minded people can accelerte your success. With the positive support and encouragement, you can all build out your funnels together.

This is also a great way to network with others and learn new tips and tricks that benefit everyone.

#3: Life Master Training Session with Mr X

This Mr. X has generated millionms of dollars online. Hes’ created many online traffic systems and is willing to share them with you on this live call.


OTO #1: DFY Funnels

This upsell will give you 6 DFY funnels with additional training and money making bonuses.

OTO #2: DFY Product Vault

This upgrade will give you access to their private database of proven products that you can sell in your funnels.

You’ll also receiveer video training to show you how to 100X your income.

OTO #3: Monthly Funnel Club

Each month you’ll get access to new, hot selling products that you can sell.

You’ll also get their “fast start guide” as well as their personal rolodex of paid and free traffic sources.

OTO #4: License Rights

With this license, you’ll have the rights to sell this product as your own and make 100% profit.

OTO #5: Agency Rights

With this license, you’ll have the opportunity to use this product on behalf of your own clients. Charge them whatever you wish to create their own ecommerce funnels.


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Demo Video



My Concerns

I have many concerns with this product

This software looks alreight and seems to provide what the sales page promises. But unfortunately they never tell you everything.

I have a few concerns you should know about in advance.

Concern #1 – DropShipping

Dropshipping is definitely a viable way to make money online, but it’s also one of the hardest.

Yes, the software makes your funnel with all it’s pages easy to create, but that’s only a small part of the whole business.

Dropshipping takes a lot of time, research and maintenance to become truly successful.

  1. The biggest part is the product research. Companies like Aliexpress has many products to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they will sell. And there is a lot of competition for the popular items.
  2. You must continually keep watch on the stock. Is it still available? Are the colors you promoted still in stock? Etc..
  3. You are responsible for any customer service. If someone isn’t happy or wants a refund, that’s on you.

Concern #2 – Beginner Friendly?

The software might be beginner friendly, but the entire dropshipping process isn’t.

This is not a method I would recommend for beginners at all.

Those who have online business, or better yet, a dropshipping business would benefit from the software.

Concern #3 – Cheaper Than Other Services

Yes, this is definitely cheaper than using a service like Shopify that starts at $29 per month. But that’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Shopify is a legit platform that supports you from beginning to end.

And your business is yours alone. You’re not depending on another businesses software to host your funnels.

Concern #4 – You Don’t Own The Funnels

The third concern brings me to my fourth. These funnels that the software builds are hosted on their servers. So they own them, not you.

And what happens if this software if ever taken down. It happens frequrently with tools like this.

They come and go every year with no assurance you won’t lose everything.

Personally, I would much rather trust a business like Shopify for security.

Concern #5 – Traffic

Many product owners talk about all the free traffic you’ll get. Really?? No really!

They give you social media share buttons so you can promote your funnel with a click of a button.

But do you even have all these social media accounts?

And if you do, is your following large? Are your “friends” even interested, or would you just be annoying them?

To really make money, you need a large email list, or a huge social media and Youtube following. Other wise you’ll be depending on paid advertising or Solo Ads.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • DFY funnels
  • Easy drag & drop editor



  • Not an easy business to run
  • Dropshipping is very time consuming
  • Newbies will need paid traffic
  • Requires upfront captial



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for excellent training

I believe this software works well to create your sales funnels, but the dropshipping business style is not an easy one to become successful with. Especially if you don’t have any online experience at all.

This could be a great software for those who have already established business, but not for beginners.

It’s for this reason that I can’t recommend it. It’s misleading to say it’s newbie-friendly…

Is Instant Ecom Funnels a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   No

As I previously said, dropshipping is certainly a way to make money onlien, but unless you have some experience, it’s probably the hardest way to start making money online.

What if I told you the easiest way was with affiliate marketing? Would you consider looking inot that?

If you’re new to this industry, your chances at successfully making an online income is much, much higher.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned all about affiliate makreiting, and where I still run my business to this day.

When I started, I knew absolutely notheing, and with their training and tools, I now have a great business with my own online income.

If I could do it, I believe you can too.

And you know what? You can start for Free, no credit card needed.

Ifyou click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll greet you inside and be your personal coach for as long as you wish.

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So how did you find this product? I hope the Instant Ecom Funnels review answered your questions.

If you have any more, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.