How To Define SEO – You Really Need To Know This!

How To Define SEO

Are you new to online marketing, and hear everyone talking about SEO? Are you wondering why you really need to know this? Stay with me as I explain to you how to define SEO, and why it’s so important. When I started affiliate marketing, I heard this term a lot. At first, it seemed intimidating, but really it’s not….

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How Do I Find Keywords For A Website?

How Do I Find Keywords For A Website

That’s a really good question! How do I find keywords?  With Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates, we have to stay on our toes. It’s very important that we do keyword research.  Knowing how to do it is something else.  So let me help you. First, let’s define what a keyword is, then I will show you the proper strategy to…

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What Is A Landing Page Used For? 18 Mind-Blowing Stats!

What Is A Landing Page Used For?

Is your business needing a boost in your conversion rates? Are you needing more leads to reach out to? Then start using landing pages. This simple addition to your marketing strategies can make an impressive difference to your bottom line. And being the business savvy person you are, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this post. Let’s look at some mind-blowing…

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