The Meaning Of Entrepreneur – Could You Be One?


The word “entrepreneur” seems to be all the rage these days. There’s a significant difference in people’s minds as to what an entrepreneur is. Are they born, or made? Are they visionaries, or leaders? I believe they are all these things and more. And they always stand out in a crowd! Though all entrepreneurs are very similar, they come…

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How A Tax Refund Can Change Your Life

how a tax refund can change your life

This is a happy time of year for many people. It’s tax refund time!! Have you gotten yours yet? Do you know what you’re doing with it this year? How about making a big change? Do you want to know how a tax refund can change your life? With the average Canadian refund for early 2018 is $1765.00 as…

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Balance Life And Work by Eden Williamson

Balance life and work

Hello my friends, I have a special treat for you. My friend Eden Williamson wrote this post a few years back, and I thought we could all use some advice on balancing life and work. She has a lot of excellent points we can all take to heart. Enjoy!   Balance Life and Work Let’s face it. In today’s…

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