What’s An Email List? Why It’s So Important For Your Business!

What's an email list?

Everywhere you turn, you hear the phrase “The money’s in the list”. The list? What’s an email list?  Should I have one? Aren’t emails archaic! I’d rather use social media. That’s the rage right now! Have you had thoughts like this running through your head? Your online marketing business is doing OK but you’d like to see it grow….

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How To Make An Email List Happy – 18 Greatest Tips!

how to make an email list

Having an email list is crucial to your business. Especially if you’re selling stuff! These contacts could be your bread and butter! That being said, are you nurturing your leads? Are you building a positive relationship with them? Stay tuned, and we’ll talk about how to make an email list happy. When they’re happy, you’re happy, because they’re responding…

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