Productivity is Dangerous! And Here’s Why….

Productivity is Dangerous! And Here's Why....

Do you own an online business where your profits are directly related to your productivity? Most online entrepreneurs need to be productive with their time and energy to become successful. That just makes sense, right? If you aren’t producing content, you’re not earning revenue. So why do I say productivity is dangerous?

It’s dangerous for our competitors!! The more productive we are, the higher rank we get. The higher rank we get, the more visible we are. The more visible we are, the more people we help. And the more people we help …. you got it. The more sales we earn!! And isn’t that what we’re doing this for? To be helpful, earn trust, and earn income.

We’ve all heard this term before. Productivity. And we probably all know what it means, but do we actually think about it in our daily lives? Do we actually apply a plan to be productive with our business?

When I started my education in online marketing, my day consisted of learning and doing at the same time. The platform I use was great for keeping me on track and following the lessons step by step. It was easy to be productive because I just followed along and did things in a logical order.

But as time went on and I had enough knowledge to be dangerous, lol, I was easily sidetracked by other things I was reading. It’s called the “shiny object syndrome”. And I found myself wasting time that should have been used towards my business.

That’s when I decided to set daily goals, manage my time, set routines, and basically work smarter! This is what I want to share with you in this article. I will share why I do the things I do, then show you an example. The things that helped me, could help you too.

productivity is dangerous if you don't plan

What Does Productive Mean?

I looked up the definition in many places, and they all spouted technical terms about economic values regarding man-hours, machine hours, etc. Doesn’t really apply to us. Then I found the simplest definition and it made me laugh. simply said, “Use the noun ‘productivity’ to describe how much you can get done”. That’s it! How much you can get done. It doesn’t have to be a complicated formula. You don’t have to over think it.

You do, though, need to consider how you spend your time to get the most out of the hours you have available towards your business. Running an online business isn’t rocket science, but it does involve many little timely pieces that need doing to remain successful.

I know a young lady who was born organized. She makes her lists and schedules automatically. For her, it’s a way of life and comes naturally, and my, she gets a lot done in a day. Don’t we all wish we could be like her? I know I do. But alas, most of us fly by the seat of our pants and wonder where all the time went.

I finally decided to make myself a list of daily schedules. A cheat sheet of sorts. And wow, it sure helped my productivity. The only thing that interrupts my day now, is my grandchildren. And that’s allowed!

How To Be Productive With Your Time

Before I show you how I organize my day, there are a few things to consider for overall success.

  1. Take care of your health

ideas increase productivity by living healthy

Being organized won’t help you if you’re sick. You need to get quality sleep each night, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and exercise. All these things will help you stay focused, and have more energy to get all your tasks done. Myself, I can do 3 out of 4 easily. The 4th, exercise, is usually my downfall. I’m an artist, not an athlete, haha. So I make sure I get up for breaks and walking is exercise, right?
I also believe you need to take time out to do the things you enjoy. Give your brain some time to rest! In this world of online marketing, we can often get obsessed with new ways to create income. We can spend way too much time at our computers, neglecting the more important things in life. That’s not healthy either. This is why keeping to a schedule is so important.
  1. Find the time of day you’re most productive