What Should I Write On Next? – How To Find Content Ideas

how to find content ideas

Are you a blogger or content marketer and you’re stuck for new ideas? Do you find yourself asking “what should I write on next”? You are not alone. As content marketing grows more popular each year, it’s important to have fresh, engaging content on your website, not only for your viewers, but to keep ahead of your competitors.

Coming up with ideas when your site is new is easy enough, because you have so much to say. But after some time, you find yourself struggling to come up with that next topic.

Writer’s block! Now what do I do? Those brainstorming sessions can be exhausting. Let me show you how to find content ideas, for free. And if you’d like to see where I learned about content marketing, click here.



Find Ideas And Make Them Better

  1. what should i write on next in my journalOne of the first things you should always have handy is a note pad or journal. Be it in physical form or on your phone. I use my phone because I always have it with me for when that new idea pops to mind.

You see, some of our ideas can come from our surroundings, whether we are on vacation, grocery shopping, watching TV, anything really. Well OK, not sleeping (unless you have very vivid dreams, haha).

Even a nature walk can be inspiring. Jot down anything that comes to mind. Even if it’s silly. You never know what you could do with it down the road.

  1. It’s very important you monitor your competitor’s websites to stay ahead in the game. If you know of a few, then you could bookmark them and visit frequently.

No two niches are exactly alike. Look at authoritative sites in your industry and take note of how they are using their content marketing. Are there ideas there that you can adapt to your own site

  1. How To Find Content Ideas with RSSAnother great way of checking out posts from your competitors is to use RRS feeds. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, a type of web feed which allows you to access updates to online content, in your specific niche, in an easy to read format.

Just sign up and decide what type of content you want to follow. Some will even send you emails for great time management. Here are a few that I use:

  • Feedly – Once your account is set up, you can add the content you want to follow. (Hit the big green button on the lower left corner). Once  ou’ve picked the topics and those you want to follow, hit “all” on the left-hand menu, and a list of articles comes up. (I ignore the annoying upgr