What Is The Wealthy Agency – My Honest Insider Review

What Is The Wealthy Agency

Are you needing extra money to make ends meet? If you are, you’ve most likely been searching for a way to do this online. Have you heard of this new product called Wealthy Agency by Jamie Lewis?

But what is the Wealthy Agency? That’s why I’m here to help you today. I’ve heard of this too and wanted to review the product. I was curious if it was legitimate, or just another scam?

I’m so happy to see you researching these products before buying. I know the promotional videos can be so convincing, but that’s just the sign of a good marketer. And I know you’re smarter than that!

By the end of this review, I hope to give you enough information to make an informed decision. I’ll show you what it is, how it works, and then give you my honest recommendations, OK?

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What Is The Wealthy Agency?

Wealthy Agency is a new Clickbank product founded by Jamie Lewis and is a virtual service business model.

Wealthy Agency – $29

What’s Inside

  • Training tutorial videos
  • Email swipes for posting ads for clients
  • Directory for managers to outsource to
  • Support


  1. Outsourcing Suite – $279
    • Jamie’s ad templates to find outsourcing agents
    • Tutorials on negotiating prices and screening techniques
  2. Weekly Training Classes – $149
    • Live weekly teaching webinars that offer Q & A with special guests
  3. Business In A Box – $249
    • Done for you Facebook Ads Campaign

Expected Costs

You will need some upsells to have a decent chance of making any money with this system. Especially the 1st upsell “Outsourcing Suite” for $279.  So your extra costs could run from $279 to $677.

He discusses different methods of advertising, some being paid.  This would require an advertising budget on your part.  If you’re new, start with the free methods and scale up to paid when you’ve made some money.

Jamie doesn’t talk about the cost of having your own website or payment platforms.  These are all added costs to be added to your business model.



Who Is This Product For?

Who is this virtual business for?

I believe this product is for those people who desire to set up an outsourcing agency. Meaning, you want to be a middle man between those people needing certain tasks done, and the skilled freelancers.

You, yourself, don’t need to have any of these skills. You just need to be able to retain the client looking for work and then find the appropriate service to get the job done.

If you are new to the virtual business industry, you won’t make the kind of money Jamie is claiming you can make. You will start small because you’re not readily known. Jamie is well-known, and helps big names with their product launches, making 30% of their revenue. He’s been doing things like this for about 14 years now.  Unfortunately, that won’t be you! LOL

But it’s a good start if this is what interests you. Just please realize that it may take years before you are making that kind of money.

Also realize that if you choose not to purchase the upsells, you will not get complete training. You will at least need to purchase the 1st upsell, for $279, to get additional training as well as Jamie’s ad templates.


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How Does It Work?

how does Jamie Lewis' system work?

You would have seen the ad for this product in your email inbox, on social media, or have found it on Clickbank. It was created by Jamie Lewis, who’s a real person who’s been in the affiliate marketing industry for many years now.

Jamie has promoted many products over the years, some good, some lousy. So it’s always great to do research on them before buying them.

I’ve reviewed a few of his products. He’s recently promoted another new one called Profit Injector, which I recommended with caution, and The Income League which was a flop!!

His promo video for Wealthy Agency was actually pretty good this time. No false testimonials and actors, which was a refreshing change.  

But can you make a six-figure per month income from this product?  Absolutely NOT!

When you sign up and get inside the member’s area, Jamie has a 16-minute introductory video where he explains what the business model is and what he’s going to teach you.

In a nutshell, he shows you:

  • How to get paid upfront with retainers by your clients.
  • You don’t have to have all these different skills yourself.
  • You outsource the work to skilled individuals (freelancers) get the task done.
  • You’re just the middle man.
  • Price your service higher than the cost of advertising and labour.
  • Both free and paid ways to advertise.
  • How to scale from starting small to taking on more clients with a team.

Now keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase his upsells for more complete training. This is what I find so frustrating. He dangles the initial product in front of you, promising a lot of money can be made, but then holds back some of the more important resources to achieve it.

Jamie Lewis is what’s known as a “serial product launcher“. He makes a ton of money, but mainly from his many product launches and upsells.

I’m not saying this product won’t work, but that it will cost you more than you think.

I had to laugh when he said this has been a secret so far, because it’s a powerful business model, LOL. This certainly isn’t a secret! This business model is widely used both online and off. There’s nothing new here, other than he can provide you with some training and templates to make starting out a little easier.

I was a little more impressed with the promo ad of Wealth Agency until I saw a product review on YouTube. Why did he do this? It just made me more suspicious, again!

This same actress AGAIN! LOL. I’ve found her doing many review videos for different products. She’s certainly been busy finding clients of her own, haha.

If this business model interests you, that’s great, but you will eventually need a more professional approach than what Jamie offers. And it will involve much more than just finding a client and getting paid upfront to outsource.

You will experience such things as:

  1. Managing your clients and freelancers can be very time-consuming.
  2. Finding the right freelancer for the job can be risky at first.
  3. Clients who change their minds can chew up your profits.
  4. Finding consistently available freelancers can be challenging.
  5. Relying on a “few” big clients can drastically affect your income if they move on.
  6. Requires payment processes, customer support, and reporting abilities.

These are just a few considerations as you move forward. Do you enjoy the “business” side of things? Are you organized and detail-oriented? Do you have marketing experience to be able to sell yourself and your services to potential clients?

You can bet your potential clients are looking around for the best service out there, not just cost-wise but with a good reputation and references!

If you’d like to know more about this industry, without spending on this product, there is much information to be found online. With a quick search, I found a great article on Virtual Agencies. Why not take a look?



  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee * (see my note below)
  • Low cost
  • No need for technical skills



  • Requires much time overseeing customer satisfaction
  • Takes time to brand yourself (reputation) in order to attract bigger clients
  • Requires some upsells to complete the product

*about the money-back guarantee:  This is a Clickbank product, and their return policy doesn’t guarantee a full refund for digital products.

clickbank doesn't always give full refunds


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Do I recommend this product?

Though I believe this product is OK to get your “feet wet”, I truly think you will need much more help to make this a profitable business.

I suppose you could use his templates to make a few extra bucks here and there, but please don’t expect to make the kind of money Jamie makes.

Like I said before, much of his money comes from these product launches and attached upsells. His own virtual business is very profitable because he knows the industry so well, and is well-known himself. Other “big” names know they can rely on him to get their own products launched.

Is Wealthy Agency a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?  Yes, but expect to need the upsells.

Most training course creators like Jamie will make their products sound easy with money guarantees from little effort.  That’s what makes them so enticing to the inexperienced.  And this is why I like to review these products for my readers.

Making money online is real and many people, including myself, do so.  What it’s not is effortless!  It takes time, persistence, consistency, and hard work to create an income as Jamie claims.

Having an online business is a great way to work for yourself with no boss.  It’s also a great way to create passive income to give you security for your future.

The internet offers many business strategies to create income, such as email marketing or dropshipping for example.  The most lucrative method, though, with low start-up costs is affiliate online marketing.

But if you’re interested in becoming a successful “middleman”, you will need other skills.  No, you don’t need to know how to build websites or create videos, etc. These are the skills you outsource to freelancers for your client.  But what about the skills needed to build up your own brand.

To be able to attract those BIG clients, you need to have a professional look. You will need to know how to project that image and learn how to drive traffic to your ads.  You need to know how to generate leads and manage your time and potential staff.

And anyone wanting a professional brand will need:

  • A website showing your services etc.
  • Content explaining all the services you provide.
  • Proper tools for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Support from a like-minded community

These are just some of the basics you’ll need to create a truly successful business in this industry.

Can I make you an alternate recommendation?

You can go ahead and buy this product if you wish, but if you’re interested enough to make it into a profitable business, and learn what it takes to build a solid foundation, then please come and see where I run my business.

After being scammed myself a few times, I found a platform that provided everything I needed to start and scale my business. They have extensive, easy to follow training.  They provide all the tools to create your website, host it, and create proper content to have your business rank in Google.

And most importantly, they have a very large and active community support system to help you along the way. All the successful marketers I know are involved with this kind of community. They support, encourage, network, and have your back every step of the way.

The best thing is you can start for free, with no strings attached and no credit card needed. And when you see all the advantages of signing up, you can do so at any time, with NO UPSELLS, lol.

Just click on the image below, and I’ll personally meet you on the inside. I’ll be there for you every step of the way, as long as you need me. I hope to see you soon!

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So how did you hear about Wealthy Agency? And have you tried it out? Please share your experience with us. It’s always great to get another insider’s view of things. Both positive and negative…

If you have any comments, or questions about online marketing, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,