What Is The Affiliate Marketing Masters? – $497 For This?

What Is The Affiliate Marketing Masters?

Are you looking to make some extra cash online? Have you heard about Tanner and Ryan, two young men who’ve made a lot of money with affiliate marketing?

They’ve put together a course and are selling it to new marketers. But what is the Affiliate Marketing Masters course? Is it worth the big price tag? Can it really help you start an online business, or is this just a scam for them to make more money?

This is why I’m writing this review for you. And I’m so happy to see you here, researching this product before buying it. It’s much too easy to get excited about their videos and then buy a product that just isn’t worth the money. And NO REFUNDS as well. Scary!

By the end of my review, you’ll get my honest opinion of this product, and you’ll have enough knowledge to make an informed decision, OK?

And if you’d like to just bypass all the hype, and learn from a trusted and proven platform, come and see where I learned all about affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Marketing Masters review rating




What Is The Affiliate Marketing Masters?

is affiliate marketing masters a scam

This course is co-founded by Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox.

These two guys have put together a course, called the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Curriculum, to teach you how to market products and services, in order to receive commissions (Affiliate Marketing). They will show you how to create websites and landing pages, signing up with affiliate networks, and how to generate free traffic from social media.

They claim you don’t need a “following” to be a successful marketer.

The course is in video format.

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Curriculum – $497

What’s Inside (as per the landing page)

IntroductionWelcome to Affiliate Marketing Mastery (2:33)

Module 1: Affiliate Networks

  • The Top Paying Affiliate Networks To Make Passive Income (22:45)
  • Choosing Your Niche (5:23)

Module 2: YouTube

  • Examples Of YouTube Affiliate Marketers (22:33)
  • YouTube Traffic (12:43)
  • How To Make Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing on YouTube (14:25)

Module 3: Free Facebook Traffic

  • FB Page Examples (8:22)
  • How To Setup a Profitable Affiliate Facebook Page/Group (12:11)
  • Getting Free Traffic to your Facebook Page (5:46)
  • FB Groups & Traffic (10:04)

Module 4: Running Facebook Ads

  • FB Ad Examples (8:00)
  • Split Testing & Optimizing (4:31)
  • Building An Effective Facebook Ad Campaign (15:50)

Module 5: Instagram

  • Getting Free Traffic Through Instagram For Affiliate Sales (13:07)

Module 6: Review & Blog Sites

  • Review & Blog Site Examples (8:56)
  • How To Build a Quick website (9:03)
  • How To Rank Your Review or Blog Site For Massive Sales Pt. 1 (8:30)
  • How To Rank Your Review or Blog Site For Massive Sales Pt. 2 (8:14)
  • Effective Copywriting That Sells Pt. 1 (5:22)
  • Effective CopyWriting That Sells Pt.2 (5:45)

Module 7: Email Marketing & Automation Of Your Affiliate Business

  • Understanding The Sales Funnel and How To Own Traffic PT.1 (7:29)
  • Understanding The Sales Funnel and How To Own Traffic PT.2 (10:35)
  • The Secret Email Sequence Pt. 1 (11:05)
  • The Secret Email Sequence Pt. 2 (7:37)


Private Facebook Group

Additional Modules (on the Teachable website)

Module 8: Click Funnels For Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

  • Click Funnels Intro: Where Do I Start (12:48)

Module 9: Our Offer To You (0:47)

Live Campaign Walkthrough

  • Choosing A Campaign Utilizing Google Trends (9:37)
  • Finding My Affiliate Links and Choosing A Profitable Campaign (6:32)
  • Building A Funnel For My Affiliate Links (7:43)
  • How to build a Facebook Targeting Audience From Scratch (5:14)
  • Running your ad after building audiences Lookalike/Retargeting (8:58)

Be Aware

They explicitly say on their landing page NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Approximate Expected Costs

Because this is just a course, you’ll have to get all your tools over and above. The minimum you’ll need is the first four on the list, but they will also talk about sales funnels and paid advertising/traffic. These techniques require the remainder of the list.

  • Domain name – $15/year
  • Website Hosting (quality) – $49/month and up
  • Keyword Research Tool – $49/month and up
  • Email capture and autoresponder service – $19/month and up
  • Landing page creator – $37/month and up
  • Tracking service – $12/month and up
  • Paid Advertising – $$$/month
  • Paid Traffic – $$$/month

Your total cost would be $497 plus anywhere from $118/month to $167/month plus advertising fees.



Who Is This Course For?

I believe this course would be OK for complete beginners, though I don’t recommend it. The information is fairly basic, and could probably be found anywhere online for free. You’re simply paying for the convenience of having it all in one place.

The one big issue I have is that they talk a lot about “what to do” and not show you “how to do it” or the “why you’re doing it this way”. If you have no online experience at all, you’ll struggle with the application of what they want you to do.

I personally feel that newbies should have the “over the shoulder” type of videos. To fully understand how to do something completely foreign to you, it’s nice to actually see someone doing it.

Anyone with any online experience will be quite disappointed. It’s not worth $497 for you!


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How Does It Work?

affiliate marketing teachable is very basic

You’ve most likely seen an invitation to this course in your email or on social media. After all, that’s what their course is about, lol.

When you’ve paid your $497, you have access to the video course and the closed Facebook group.

For the sake of being transparent, I didn’t buy this course. Unfortunately the research I’ve done on this, and looking at all the different reviews and YouTube videos, I decided I didn’t want to waste this kind of money.

There are some positive reviews, but these are most likely by their affiliates, who are pushing the course for a commission. And others could be just young people who are enamoured with a couple of rich young men, who they can relate to.

One huge red flag here is the NO REFUNDS policy.  Hmm.  Wonder why?

Could it be because the course isn’t worth it and they know it?

Keep reading and I’ll show you why it’s not worth it…

The Videos

According to a respected marketer, the videos are basic with no practical applications. For instance, the first video about making passive income with top paying affiliate networks is simply showing you them scrolling through their websites.

Affiliate networks would include sites such as ClickBank and JVZoo. Anyone can join these for free and start promoting products and services.

There’s no way a 5-minute video on choosing your niche will be enough information to help a beginner. This is the first and very important step to learn when you begin your online business. If you’re not taught how to properly research your niche, you’ll be spending a lot of time and money on something that no one is looking for.

The majority of the training is on YouTube and Facebook because this is what Tanner uses. The videos simply show you examples of affiliate marketers on these platforms. They will look one up and show you where they’ve put their affiliate links. That’s it. No valuable how-to’s at all!

And only 13 minutes to teach you about Instagram traffic??

I’m sorry, but I don’t need to see the video to know that it offers nothing. I know people in the Instagram space that are offering comprehensive courses on Instagram, for less money than this course!

And where in there do they talk about keywords?  They offer a blogging section, but no keyword instruction.  Any marketer will tell you that without learning how to find the proper keywords, you won’t rank.  And if you don’t rank, you won’t get traffic.  And no traffic means no sales.

Overall, I really don’t believe this course is worth the $497 that they’re charging. They obviously know what they’re doing to make themselves so much money online. What I don’t understand is why they’re not offering a much more practical course.

It just isn’t enough to talk about what affiliate marketing is. Anyone can find out for free online. What they need to do is add the “how-to’s” and the “why’s”.

Yes, it’s impressive that two young men have made a lot of money, and I’m sure their brand is appealing to the younger generation of college-aged people. But as an online marketer myself, this is quite disappointing to think that they’re marketing to newbies.

Now, if you have online experience, you would know how to apply the basic information you’re given in these videos.

But then again, why would anyone with experience want to buy this?? Lol

Searching online for info isn’t hard, it’s just very time-consuming.  And you have to be careful not to get conflicting advice.  Here’s an example of how you can learn what affiliate marketing is, on Youtube…


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  • Videos give a basic introduction to affiliate marketing
  • 2 months of free consultation



  • Zero refunds – no exceptions
  • Just basic overview in lessons
  • No practical lessons
  • No ongoing support or coaching



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i don't recommend affiliate marketing mastery teachable

Wow, guys! I honestly thought this might have been a good course, but after significant research, I’ve discovered its just a way for these two guys to make more money.

Along the way, I’ve discovered that Tanner Fox has another online business called Millionaires Tools. This is a website with over 400 different products and services which you can access if you purchase:

  1. A monthly membership for $23.95/month, or
  2. A one-time payment for $69.95

It looks like they’ve just uploaded links to every kind of product that’s available out there. He says your payment will give you access to “all the download links for unlimited downloads”.

I don’t believe the downloads are free though. I mean, I saw a course by Derek Halpern, who’s a well-known online entrepreneur. He sells this course for $400.

This is just a site that shows you everything available in one place, and you can be sure that Tanner is an affiliate. This website must be a gold-mine for him!

But this also shows me he’s all about making money, thus the low-quality course for big bucks!

My other big concern for this course is its age, and how often it’s upgraded. The affiliate marketing industry changes quite often, as do Google and social media algorithms.

Do these guys keep this course updated to the changes online? I sure hope so, but there’s no way to determine how invested these guys are.

Do I think Affiliate Marketing Masters is a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   No, too expensive for little info

If you want to learn how to make money online, there are much better courses out there for you. If you don’t mind skipping around from site to site, all this information can be found for free.

But if you’re serious about starting an online business with long-lasting potential, there are much better ways to learn.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

How about you come and see where I run my online business. When I started, I was really “green”, lol. No online experience whatsoever. Yes, I ended up wasting money on 2 or 3 scams, but then discovered a wonderful platform that had everything I needed.

They not only provide step by step, detailed training but show you how and why you need to do the tasks you need to do. It gives you the solid foundation you need to build a successful business. Once you know what you’re doing, you can replicate it as often as you want.

But it’s not just the training. They provide the tools you need to start as well. They offer:

Everything you need is in one place, so no skipping around the internet. And this is important because you won’t get any conflicting advice.

I’ve been there since 2011, and love it. It’s the community I love. It’s on the platform and live. None of this “2-month coaching” nonsense. You have all the help and encouragement you could possibly need, as long as you’re there. And from the founders as well.

They currently have over 1.4 million members. I think they’re doing something right, eh?

Do you want to know the best part?  You can sign up for a free starter membership to test drive the platform?  Isn’t that great?

Click on the image below to read all about it. And when you join, I’ll be there to greet you. I’ll help you along for as long as you need me. See you soon!

Have you heard about Affiliate Marketing Masters? It’s often confused with Affiliate Marketing Mastery, which is completely different. If you’ve joined, would you share your experience? I’d love to hear from you.

Leave any comments or questions you may have below, and I’ll get right back to you.