What Is Tube Siphon? Make Money With No Effort!

tube siphon review

Are you looking for a way to make money online but don’t know where to start? If you’ve been searching for a method, you’ve probably come across this product.

So what is Tube Siphon? Is it a legitimate way to make money, or another scam? I don’t blame you for asking and I’m glad to see you researching before buying.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time and money on things that may not work.

Well, let me help you. We’ll go inside to see what this system actually is.

I’ll show you what you get, how it works, and if it’s what you expected. By the end of this review, you ‘ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s right for you.

Would you like to see where I learned how to create my own online income?

the tube siphon review - rating



What Is Tube Siphon?

what is tube siphon

This system will create campaigns in any niche to promote products for affiliate commissions.

It was created by Glynn Kosky and launched on Warrior Plus on March 22nd, 2020.

Tube Siphon – $21.97 (10 profit sites)

What’s Inside


  • Welcome Video – 1:15

Training Videos

  • Welcome – 1:49
  • How To Enable Search – 4:50
  • Create A Content Collection – 7:42
  • Build Out The Shop – 6:38
  • Complete Your Campaigns – 14:26
  • Connect Your Autoresponder – 2:58
  • Design & Create Ads – 4:27
  • Bonus Builder App (Upsell) – 5:01
  • How To Start Your First Online Business – 12:31
  • Link to Stomperr – $17.97 (optional)
  • Free Buyer Traffic – 15:25
  • Link to Repeat Payments – $19.97 (optional)

Campaign Builder

  • Create campaign
  • 8 templates

YouTube Search Tool

  • Connect YouTube API Key
  • Search by Keyword


  • Create / Edit category


  • Add new


  • Integrate with a choice of 8 services

Bonus Builder App

  • Create new page
  • 13 templates


#1: Agency Rights

#2: Additional Site Themes

#3: Additional Templates

#4: Profit Factory Training

#5: Traffic Training


OTO #1: Unlimited – $67, downsell $47

OTO #2: DFY Sites – $97, downsell $67

OTO #3: Automated Traffic Flow – $97, downsell $67

OTO #4: Conversion Boosting Tools – $67, downsell $47

OTO #5: Bonus Page Creator – $67, downsell $37

OTO #6: License Rights – $197, downsell $97



Who Is This System For?

for more affiliate income streams

This system is for anyone who wishes to promote products for affiliate commission. The training and software are newbie-friendly and can work for both new and intermediate marketers.

I have a few concerns I’ve written about, below, but overall it’s a nice piece of software.

Please know that this is an excellent tool but not a promise that you’ll make thousands overnight, lol. Their claim of DFY traffic is the ease of sharing your campaigns with your social sharing platforms.

But if you’re patient, and give yourself time to grow an email list and larger following, you could build for yourself a nice little business.

If you’ve been marketing online for some time now, this can create you an additional income stream for your business.


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How Does It Work?

youtube videos for marketing with little work

How would you like to generate $1K per day by turning other people’s content into your own source of leads, sales and commissions?

Sounds great, right? That’s what the sales page claims this can do for you.

Let’s see what else it says…

Sales Page

This product can:

  • Give you multiple passive income streams with their copy/paste system.
  • Let you leverage other people’s content and authority.
  • Provide you with an ultra-fast DFY (done for you) system that can drive you profits within minutes.
  • Let you set and forget your campaigns with no maintenance required.
  • Work in any niche without blogging, social media, or content creation.
  • Allow you to scale your income as high as you wish.

The owner says you can do all this in 4 ridiculously easy steps:

Step #1: Update a few simple details so leads and commissions go directly to your accounts.

Step #2: Customize multiple income streams including affiliate offers, eCom products, banner ads, etc.

Step #3: Kickstart your traffic with the free methods included, to turn your visitors into leads and commissions.

Step #4: Rinse and repeat steps 1-3 to launch even more profit factories.

Glynn then starts discussing ways to make money online. He claims the two best ways are to “Entertain” or “Educate”.

E-Learning is a $243 billion dollar market and entertainment is a trillion-dollar industry. Wow!

Entertainers and educators have several things in common:

  • They make videos
  • They make a lot of videos
  • They share these videos on YouTube

So why not leverage these free videos? They’re already online! No need to create content or make your own. Use theirs!

This system will show you how to find it, how to position it, and how to leverage it for the laziest profits you’ve ever seen.

Glynn says Tube Siphon will provide:

  1. DFY premium video content
  2. DFY list building
  3. DFY monetized websites and hosting
  4. DFY traffic
  5. Step by step training

It’s always the DFY traffic that concerns me. I doubt it, but let’s look into this further…

The system will make marketing effortless by including optimized landing page templates that integrate with all major autoresponders

The money site templates are easy to edit with monetization elements of your choice and even your own eStore products.

The YouTube search tool makes it easy to find videos in any niche, and with any keyword.

The more sites you create, the more money you can make.

Well, so far this sounds too good to be true, but let’s take a look inside to check these promises out…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you get inside the member area, this is what you’ll see…

just like william johnson said

After watching the welcome video, I recommend you go through all the training videos first, to get acquainted with the system.

Training Videos


This is an overview of the system and why the next 6 videos are vital to watch.

How To Enable Search

This video is all about enabling the search tool to find the YouTube videos you want to add to your site.

There will be step by step instructions showing you how to add your YouTube API Key so that you can start creating your new project.

Create A Content Collection

This will show you how to start building your campaigns with YouTube videos. This is the first step to building out your content.

You can collect collections of videos either one at a time, or in a batch to save you time.

Build Out The Shop

This second step is building out your “shop”. This can be relevant products that are either digital or physical and include your affiliate link.

With the categories function, you can create many campaigns in different niches.

Complete Your Campaigns

This is the longest video, but the most important. These are the details required to get everything up and running.

You will learn how to use the DFY templates and step by step instructions to get you from beginning to end.

Connect Your Autoresponder

You can’t build your list without connecting the system to your autoresponder.

Your email capture service will collect everyone who opts into your page, as well as gives you the ability to send follow up messages.

multiple autoresponders for commissions

If you don’t see your service here, there’s a “Form Code” you can use for other services.

Design & Create Ads

Glynn will show you how to create image ads for your site, and how to use the software. He will be directing you to Canva, which is a free online tool that works very well.

Canva has many pre-installed templates for you to use.

Bonus Builder App (Upsell)

This video will only apply to those of you who purchased Upsell #5. It gives you step by step instructions about how to use the tool to create your bonus pages.

How To Start Your First Online Business

This video was created by Glynn’s partner Leigh. He has a YouTube channel called “Super Affiliate Millionaire – Leigh on YouTube”.

In this particular video, Leigh talks about how you can start your first online business with only a computer and sending emails.

There will also be a link to another product that he uses in the video, called Stomperr, by Brendan Mace, which has a cost of $17.97.

Free Buyer Traffic

Here, Leigh talks about finding your own buyer traffic to help convert into massive monthly commissions.

He refers you to another product called Repeat Payments by Jamie Lewis. If you purchase it, it’ll cost you $19.97.

Campaign Builder

To create a new campaign, you start here and click “Create New”. Give your campaign a name, and then choose one of the DFY optin templates. There are 8 templates to choose from…

add text font into tubesiphone campaigns

Once you’ve chosen your template, you choose the autoresponder you’ve previously linked to the system and add your redirect URL (to your free lead magnet).

As you can see in the image above, there are 4 sections to edit in order to complete your campaign.

The video tutorials are excellent in showing you how to do everything that’s necessary.

The site settings are your logo and banner image choice, call to action button text and link, and your theme choices such as font, category, your YouTube collection and advertising choice.

The user settings allow you to give your name and a brief description, as well as links to all your social media platforms.

If you purchased the upsell for the conversion tools, you’ll be able to add those in this section.

YouTube Search Tool

To be able to use this tool, you will first have to connect your YouTube API key.

The popup tutorial will walk you through these steps and is easy enough if you’ve already configured your consent within YouTube in the past.

instuctions for youtube api key

The training video walks you through the entire process, which is great for newbies with no experience.

Once that’s all connected, you can begin your search for videos. By simply typing in a keyword, it will bring up all the relevant videos with stats included. I decided to search for “Keto Diet”…

videos can help you make $6000 or more

You will see each video title, the channel it comes from, the number of views as well as the number subscribers.

From here, you can select the ones you want, or simply select all of them. No name your collection and you’ve just created your first selection of videos.

It’s from this list that you choose which campaign to add to your optin page in “site settings”.


This section is where you name the different categories you wish to have.

For example, if you plan on creating campaigns in different niches, you’ll want to keep everything organized by category. So you can have a health or diet category, an affiliate marketing one, a photography one, etc.

This category is again chosen when you create your campaign under “site settings”


This section gives you the ability to create different groups of products you want to offer for each site. These products can be physical or digital and should be relevant to the site’s topic.

For instance, if you’re showcasing photography, your products might include cameras, lighting, filters, etc.

sell anything from camera to hose

You will eventually have many various products uploaded, so all you have to do is quickly choose them for any future campaign.


Before starting any campaigns, you will need to link your autoresponder to the system.

This way the email capture service will collect all the emails of your opted in visitors. It’s very easy to go through the connection process.

You have a choice of 8 services:

  1. GetResponse
  2. MailChimp
  3. Convert Kit
  4. Active Campaign
  5. Hub Spot
  6. Constant Contact
  7. Sendiio
  8. Aweber

Bonus Builder App (Upsell)

This bonus page builder is one of the upsells available. This is a great tool to have if you don’t have a page builder of your own via a 3rd party service.

It has 17 landing page templates to choose from as well as hundreds of giveaway bonus products you may add.

I haven’t looked at all the products, but I’m concerned about their quality. Make sure you look through each one first, to make sure its current information.

The demo video below will give you a great run through. I didn’t want to add every specific detail and create a mile-long post, lol.


#1: Agency Rights

This license allows you to create sites for your clients, and charge them whatever you wish.

#2: Additional Site Themes

You will get even more high converting site themes in your account.

#3: Additional Templates

More DFY templates will be added to your account.

#4: Profit Factory Training

Additional training to help you scale your business to new heights.

#5: Traffic Training

This training will show you additional methods to drive traffic to your sites.


OTO #1: Unlimited

This upgrade will allow you to create unlimited automated tube profit sites versus the 10 sites you’re limited to in the front end product.

You’ll be able to clone the system within 60 seconds, to help you generate even more money.

And having the Agency License included, you’ll be able to create sites for your clients, and easily charge $97 to $497 per client. That adds up FAST.

OTO #2: DFY Sites

They’ve put together this fully comprehensive done for you package that includes everything you need to start making money online.

This DFY solution has everything is ready to go. All you need to do is add your affiliate link. There is zero work required on your part as they’ve done all the work for you.

OTO #3: Automated Traffic Flow

This upgrade allows you to add your pixel to their already successful landing pages.

You’ll collect data to be able to retarget millions of their own traffic streams, from both previous and future launch pages.

Full training is included to show you how to tap into their buyer’s traffic. The fastest way to six-figures!

OTO #4: Conversion Boosting Tools

These additional tools can help you sell more with your sites, for increased conversions. You’ll get to:

  • Add Your Facebook Ads Pixel To Your Site Pages
  • Add Facebook Comments To Your Site Pages
  • Add Facebook Chat Widget To Your Site Pages
  • Add Exit Popups To Build An Email List
  • Add Social Proof Popups

OTO #5: Bonus Page Creator

This bonus page creator not only does everything for you but also has the bonus products included for you to giveaway. You can choose from ebooks, video courses, plugins, software, and more.

With the bonus graphics automatically posted to your page, you can grow your list and increase your sales with ease.

OTO #6: License Rights

With this license, you have the right to sell this software and keep up to 75% of all the profit from sales. All you need is your affiliate link!

You’ll also be provided with their high-quality video sales letter, sales page, product, software, funnel, funnel pages, and follow up email swipes.

Literally everything, and you keep up to 75% of all the profit from any sales.


the tubesiphon link button



Demo Video



My Concerns

some concerns with this product

I have no concerns with the software. It will do all it promises except for the traffic promises.

The amount of traffic you get depends on the number of followers on your social sharing accounts.

I few things concerned me, though, that I’d like to share with you.

Concern #1: Bonus Page Builder

Unfortunately, this is an upsell for you, but I do recommend you get it if you can afford it.

In this day and age of online marketing, presenting your visitors with a bonus page makes a big difference in converting them into a sale.

Everyone loves free products, and the bigger and better they are, the bigger chance of getting a sale.

There are other, more professional bonus page builders online, but they come at a higher cost. So using this one for an additional #37 (get the downsell), is a great way to test them out if you’re new.

I personally use Commission Gorilla

Concern #2: Free Products With Page Builder

If you do purchase this upsell, you will have easy access to hundreds of products in all different niches.

But my concern is the quality. Because I haven’t gone through them all, I’m not positive, but suspect some are poor quality.

Remember quality is better than quantity for your visitors.

I highly recommend you go through each product you choose, before adding it as a free giveaway bonus. The last thing you want to do is hurt your reputation with crappy products.

Concern #3: Free Additional Training

The extra training from Leigh is excellent, except that his examples use specific products.

You don’t have to use them, but if you don’t know how to do it on your own with other tools, you may be at a loss.

I feel this is taking advantage of newbies, so please be careful.

Leigh specifically uses 2 products that will cost you more money. Stomperr is $17.97, and Repeat Payments is $19.97.

I’ve reviewed Repeat Payments for you, but not Stomperr as yet.




  • Low Cost
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ability to create quick campaigns
  • Work in many niches at a time



  • Works better with some upsells
  • Traffic is limited
  • You don’t own your sites



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate for business training

I believe this software does a great job of finding YouTube videos by keyword, as well as quickly creating your campaigns.

Unfortunately, the DFY traffic is simply the ability to share your campaigns with your social media sites. So depending on how large your following is will affect your overall sales.

Are your followers your friends and family? Are they interested in anything you’re going to promote?

The advantage of this system is that you can promote some of their interests, such as photography, health and weight loss, etc.

If you’re patient, you’ll soon create a large email list and larger followings, so that this can become more successful for you.

Is Tube Siphon a scam?    No

Would I recommend it?    Yes

Are you new to the online marketing scene? If you are, this has a learning curve for you that only shows you one aspect of affiliate marketing.

I will always recommend you start your own website, so you’re in complete control and not dependent on someone else’s product and hosting servers.

And learning the industry from the ground up gives you a much greater chance of longevity and creating a passive income.

I’d love to help…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Come and check out where I learned everything about affiliate marketing, and where I run my business to this day.

It’s an all-inclusive platform that has everything you need under one roof.

And the best part? You can start for free, no credit card necessary. Isn’t that awesome?!

Click on the button below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you inside and be your personal coach for as long as you wish.

So how did you come across Tube Siphon? Did this review answer all your questions?

If you have more, or just want to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



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