The Internet Marketing Alphabet. A to Z Training For Affiliate Marketing!

The Internet Marketing Alphabet

Are you looking for a way to make money online, and don’t know where to start? There’s so much out there offering you advice but who knows if it’s legit, right?

If you’ve been looking online, you’ve most likely come across the Internet Marketing Alphabet. It looks great but is it just a clever scam?

I’m glad you asked and happy to see you doing your research before purchasing. And I’m here to help you out.

I’ve gone through the entire product, and want to share it all with you. In my review, you’ll see what’s inside, how it works, and if it’s what you expect.

You’ll then be able to make an informed decision from my honest opinions and recommendation, OK?

Would you like to see where I learned all about affiliate marketing?

internet marketing alphabet review - rating



What Is The Internet Marketing Alphabet?

training to create passive income

This product provides you with training for affiliate marketing and covers all the knowledge and resources you’ll ever need to succeed online.

It was created by Dawud Islam, and launched on Warrior Plus on March 13, 2020.

Internet Marketing Alphabet – $11.95

What’s Inside

Welcome – 2:19 minutes

Overview – 2:34 minutes

A – Z Modules

  • Introduction – 12:54 minutes
  • 26 videos (A – Z) – 4 hours total
  • Pulling It All Together – 7:30 minutes


  • How To Build Your WordPress Site
  • Ultimate CPA Masterclass
  • Expired Domains Masterclass
  • 7 Things Organized People Do
  • List Building Masterclass
  • Bonus Page Builder
  • Using Creative Commons YouTube Videos
  • How To Sell Using Webinars
  • Web Development Masterclass

Conclusion – 6:40 minutes

Unadvertised Bonus

  • Free Training Webinar
  • The Endless Free Bonus Page


#1: $0 To $100 In 24 Hours (course)

#2: 7 Days To Instagram Success (course)

#3: EZ Passive Paydays (course)

#4: How To Make $100 A Day On Clickbank (video)

#5: Printly (course)


OTO #1: Traffic on Tap – $37

OTO #2: Email 365 – $67

OTO #3: Quadruple Reseller Rights – $97

OTO #4: DFY Campaigns – $197



Who Is This Training For?

for people like rory sutherland

This training is excellent for both beginners with no online experience at all, or for intermediate marketers who are struggling to make a steady online income.

The knowledge that Dawud provides can help anyone succeed online. And as per usual, he provides you with a ton more value than you pay for.

I am always amazed at how much you get in Dawud’s products. And this new one is no different.

I’m convinced that for $11.95 you’re getting one heck of a deal!


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How Does It Work?

dawud islam goes over everything

So, do you want to know EVERYTHING? Are you fed up with these “gurus” only showing you part of the picture?

Um… YA! lol

That’s the opening line on this sales page. Let’s see what else it says…

Sales Page

Dawud claims he has spent years learning what he’s going to teach you inside this course. He says that the super affiliates don’t want you to know these things, because they want you to keep buying their products.

He says that with the knowledge you learn here, you won’t ever have to buy another product.

Because he doesn’t believe in “hype” and is all about empowering people to create their own online incomes, Dawud wants to share his knowledge with you.

With this product, you’ll get:

  • 26 module video training
  • Free resources included
  • Everything you need to succeed online
  • High ticket training for one low price
  • Teaching from a $17K per month super affiliate
  • The ability to never waste money on courses again

Wow! His sales pages are no-fluff and straight to the point. I like it!

Imagine, 26 videos, one for every letter of the alphabet. That’s a lot of knowledge to fully understand all aspects of the internet and internet marketing.

So let’s see if his training lives up to his promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you access your member area, this is what you’ll see…

the member area

Training Modules


Dawud welcomes you as a member and explains the dashboard for you.

He also reminds you of a notification you would have received for a live training call. This will help you use this training to the fullest ability.

There’s also a link to his YouTube channel, and if you subscribe, you’ll be notified about any additional training he releases on his channel.


This is an overview of this training course. As you go through the A to Z modules, he tells you the importance of viewing the Introduction module first so it all makes sense.

He explains how each module will have resource links to anything he discusses in the video.

A – Z Modules

The Introduction explains how this whole system works. He recommends you go through it in order so that you’ll learn everything you need to perform affiliate marketing.

Each module that follows, covers one aspect that you need to be successful.

This course covers all that Dawud uses in his own online business and has brought him much success using this knowledge and tools.

his youtube videos are thorough

If any of the topics need further in-depth training, he will link to those resources for you.

The great thing is that if you’re told you need some shiny product to become successful, and it’s not included here, then you shouldn’t need it!

This could be a wonderful way to become disciplined and not buy products and courses you don’t need.

Now let’s take a look at each letter of the alphabet, and what they’ll be about:

  • A – Is for Autoresponder, with links to Aweber and GetResponse.
  • B – Is for Blogging, with a link to another powerful course called “Partnership To Success”.
  • C – Is for CPA (Click Per Action), an easy way to start earning your first online income.
  • D – Is for Domains, another easy way for newbies to make money without a list.
  • E – Is for Email Marketing, with a link to Dawud’s “The Training Hub” with training on affiliate marketing, free traffic training, and email marketing, as well as a link to his Eagle Emails course.
  • F – Is for Funnels, with a link to “Funnel Maximizer” for free downloads.
  • G – Is for Get Organized, with a link to purchase “IM Checklist V27”.
  • H – Is for High Ticket for higher monthly earnings.
  • I – Is for Invest in yourself.
  • J – Is for JVZoo, one of 3 platforms for promoting affiliate offers.
  • K – Is for King Sumo, with a link to his “Panther Profits” about giving away products for free.
  • L- Is for List Building, with a link to his “Leopard List” for in-depth list building training.
  • M – Is for Mentorship, and why you should learn from someone who’s where you want to be.
  • N – Is for Never Quit, and why you need to stay calm and carry on…
  • O – Is for Own Products, and why launching your own products will transform your results.
  • P – Is for Page Builder, another essential that every internet marketer needs.
  • Q – Is for Quality, and why you should always aim to over-deliver.
  • R – Is for Reviews, with a link to his Cougar Commissions course.
  • S – Is for Solo Ads, with a link to the Udimi platform.
  • T – Is for Traffic, with a link to his Tigers Traffic course.
  • U – Is for Unique Bonuses, which can 10X your commissions if they’re custom-made.
  • V – Is for Videos, with a link to “Vidinc” if you wish to turn web pages into content videos.
  • W – Is for Webinars, which is the best way to sell high ticket offers.
  • X – Is for X-Ray Vision, which means examining what’s happening in your business on a weekly basis.
  • Y – Is for Your Local Businesses, with a link to “Stomperr” to help you find clients who need SEO services.
  • Z – Is for Zero Negativity, which is vital to your daily routine.

All of these videos combined cover about 4 hours of knowledge and instructions.

What I particularly like is that if any component needs more in-depth training, Dawud provides you with a link to access that course or video.

He also provides you with links to 3rd party services like autoresponders for instance. But that doesn’t mean you have to use what he provides. There are many legitimate services out there that you can choose.

Dawud is simply pointing you to products for an easy start if you’re a complete beginner and wouldn’t know where to go otherwise.

Pulling It All Together gives you a run-through of everything you’ve just gone over, with some additional pieces of advice to start running your soon-to-be successful business.


How To Build Your WordPress Site

This is an easy to follow tutorial by Jono Armstrong. This is a video course lasting 38:54 minutes long.

the resources are helpful

Ultimate CPA Masterclass

This video course is designed for newbies and is 2 hours 15:25 minutes long. It will walk you through how to set up CPA offers and is taught in 3 sections.

Expired Domains Masterclass

Marcus teaches you via a 34:13 minute video on how to buy and sell domain names. This is called domain flipping and can be a very profitable business in itself.

7 Things Organized People Do

Thomas Frank shares with you the “right & again” ways to do things, as well as other important ways to keep yourself organized to run a more successful business. This video is 12:43 minutes long.

List Building Masterclass

This list building training video is 51:15 minutes long and explains why your list is a vital asset to your business.

Bonus Page Builder

Jono Armstrong shows you how to make your own bonus page without using a 3rd party tool. This is perfect for newbies who can’t afford additional services. This video is 13:59 minutes long.

Using Creative Commons YouTube Videos

This training video by Gallagur is perfect for those of you who want to make money on YouTube by creating your own content or making your own videos. This video is 7:02 minutes.

how to use youtube to make money online

How To Sell Using Webinars

This in-depth video course shows you how to sell your products using webinars. Taki Moore walks you through how to use webinars to scale your business. This training is 1 hour, 10:28 minutes long.

Web Development Masterclass

Are you the techy sort who wants to learn to build beautiful websites from scratch? Joe Parys Academy offers this video course for free and covers over 13 hours of training for you.


Dawud stresses how important it is to not only have purchased this course but to put it in action. He says that usually only 10% go through the whole course, and maybe 1% put the knowledge into use.

Unadvertised Bonus

Free Training Webinar

This webinar, by Aidan Corkery, is all about building a list of buyers for free using Facebook. This method can be automated and generate as much buyer traffic as you want when you want.

The Endless Free Bonus Page

This is a page created by Dan Mahedy, containing a link to multiple freebies, courses and products. He updates and edits it often so check it out frequently.


#1: $0 To $100 In 24 Hours

This is an 8 module video course that shows you how to go from $0 to $100 in 24 hours.

The case study shows you a proof of how it was done.

#2: 7 Days To Instagram Success

This course, by Josue Pena, will teach you how to master Instagram.

It’s a 1-hour training per day for 7 days so you can start to see amazing results.

#3: EZ Passive Paydays

This 9 module course by Anthony Mancuso will teach you how to create a passive income.

The knowledge you get there will allow you to rinse and repeat as often as you like.

#4: How To Make $100 A Day On Clickbank

This training will show you the best way to make $100 per day on Clickbank.

#5: Printly

This is an amazing course by Ike Paz, showing you another type of income stream to add to your wallet.

The print on demand is a massive market and this 14 module video course will help you master the business.


OTO #1: Traffic on Tap

This upgrade allows you to put one of your offers on Dawud’s rotator of 25 sites. These sites have more than 16,000 members who can potentially see your offer.

These will appear as banner ads, login ads, full-page ads, etc, that will be permanently in rotation as he never takes them down. A great way to drive loads of traffic to your offer.

OTO #2: Email 365

This upsell gives you pre-written emails for 365 days. It’s a great way to engage with your email list for the span of a year.

Simply plug into your autoresponder so every new signup receives a year of emails from you. They are generic so you can plug in any links you wish.

You’ll also get 6 solo emails that you can send to his 16K members on his 25 membership sites.

OTO #3: Quadruple Reseller Rights

This reseller license is not just for you to resell this product as you own and keep 100% of the profits. Dawud is also giving you the ability to resell some of his other products as well:

  • Panther Profits – how to make money by giving something away for free
  • Eagle Emails – how to perform email marketing
  • Leopard Lists – how to create your own email list

So for the normal price of one reseller license, you get four!

OTO #4: DFY Campaigns

This final upsell gives you the opportunity to get year-round campaigns to help boost your income.

Every Monday or so, you’ll receive 3 DFY (done for you) campaigns that he himself uses for his own campaigns. These pages can be imported into “Commission Gorilla” with the import codes.

Just add your affiliate link and away you go!


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Demo Video



My Concerns

I have no concerns with this product

I have no concerns with this training course. I’ve always been impressed with Dawud’s products, and he offers a ton of value for a low price.

Even his upsells are value-packed for the price!

These are some things that impressed me with this product:

Dawud Always Over-delivers

When you buy one of his products, you always get way more than what you paid for.

And this is a point he even teaches in this course, lol.

Not only do you get excellent training, but he also gives you access to loads more. The bonuses in this product are incredible and are complete courses in themselves.

He could easily charge additional money for each one but instead gives them to you for free to further your knowledge and help grow your online business.

Additional In-Depth Training Offered

He knows that some videos you’ve just listened to may not be enough for a newbie to completely understand it’s importance.

So what does he do? He provides you with links to some of these other courses for additional in-depth training.

Though they will cost you a bit more to get access to these courses, you can depend on the value you’re getting and loads of extras as always.

All of his courses are low-priced and cheaper than finding something equivalent online.

All in all, you’ll have access to everything you need to create your own successful online business, with this particular way of performing affiliate marketing.

Dawud Has You Covered

He knows that not all newbies can afford some 3rd party services he recommends. But don’t worry!

His resource section covers some aspects that you can do for yourself for free. So instead of buying 3rd party services, like Commission Gorilla, for example, he links you to a training video to show you how to create your own bonus page.

By the way, I use Commission Gorilla, and they truly are fantastic!




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Excellent, thorough training
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Tons of added value



  • None that I’ve found…



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate for additional training

This product is great, for both newbies and those marketers who are struggling to get ahead. The training is thorough and shows you all the tools you need to succeed with affiliate marketing.

The product not only provides you with what he promised but gives you so much more training and knowledge that you didn’t expect.

Is Internet Marketing Alphabet a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

As I said above, this training is an excellent way to perform affiliate marketing by promoting affiliate products.

The only thing I think you should know over and above this method is the importance of having your own website as your “online business card”, or home-base.

All of these super affiliates have their own websites, where they showcase all their products and have a location that builds up their authority in their niches.

It’s a wonderful way to drive additional traffic to your offers, as well as help your visitors to get to know you and trust you.

Personally, if I’m looking for a service online, I won’t just take a promotional ad at its word. I always check to see if they have a website with information about the owner.

Just like my website that you’re on now! It will give you a better sense of what I do and how I want to help you!

With your own website and training from a product like this… the sky’s the limit for building an online income.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I would love for you to come and check out where I learned all about other methods of affiliate marketing, and how to use your website to scale your online income.

This platform is all-inclusive and has everything you need under one roof.

And the best part is that you can start for FREE, no credit card needed. Isn’t that amazing?!

If you click on the button below, you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and coach you for as long as you wish.

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So how did you come across the Internet Marketing Alphabet? I hope my review answered all your questions.

If you have any more or would like to leave a comment, please do so below. I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,


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