The Ecom Cash Crusher (Review) – It’s Gone, Gone, Gone!

The Ecom Cash Crusher (Review)

Are you looking for a way to earn money online? Have you heard of the term “dropshipping”? Then you’ve probably heard about this product along the way.

Welcome to the Ecom Cash Crusher review. And I’m so happy to see you researching this product before buying it. It’s so hard for people to tell if these systems are legit, or just another scam.

And I don’t blame you for wondering. They can have really convincing sales videos. But do you actually get what they promise?

By the end of my review, you’ll see what’s inside the member area, how it works, and my honest, unbiased recommendation.

Before we start, are you tired of trying to find a system that works? Read about where I learned to be successful online.


Ecom Cash Crusher (Review) rating




This product is no longer active or available for sale, as of the time of this review. June 3rd, 2019.


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What Is The Ecom Cash Crusher?

what is the ecom cash crusher about

This product is about dropshipping on Shopify, which is an e-commerce platform for online stores. The owner is unknown, though he calls himself David Anderson.

Ecom Cash Crusher – $37

What’s Inside

Two Offers:

  1. Claim Your Free Website (not free)
  2. John Crestani’s VIP Webinar (high ticket Item)


  • Step 1: Goal setting (video plus 2 downloads)
  • Step 2: Foundation Setup (6 videos)
  • Step 3: Dropshipping (2 videos)
  • Step 4: Shopify Setup (5 videos)
  • Step 5: Shopify Apps (3 videos)
  • Step 6: Shopify SEO (2 videos)
  • Step 7: Using Facebook (3 videos)
  • Step 8: Help


Premium Ecom Package (1 video each) – $197

  • Training 1: Facebook Crusher
  • Training 2: Facebook Business Manager
  • Training 3: Facebook Ad Types
  • Training 4: Facebook Targeting 1
  • Training 5: Facebook Targeting 2
  • Training 6: Facebook Ads

Targeted Traffic Booster (1 video each) – $196

  • Training 1: Dynamic Ads
  • Training 2: Initial Ad Setup
  • Training 3: Feed Setup
  • Training 4: Youtube Hacking

Expected Initial Costs

  • Shopify – $29 to $299 per month
  • Shipping costs with Canada Post
  • Credit Card rates – 2.4% to 3.5% + $.30 per
  • Additional payment fee – .5% to 2%
  • Available funds to prepurchase your products – $$$$


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Who Is This System For?

an ecom cash crusher review

Ecom Cash Crusher would be for someone who wants an overview of dropshipping on the Shopify platform.

I was very skeptical after seeing the video because it’s the usual hype and lies, unrealistic income claims, and fake reviews. This usually tells me that the product isn’t what they claim.

And I was right! It’s simply a basic overview which you can find anywhere else for free. For that matter, the Shopify website is your best bet, with current, updated help. Here’s a PDF you can download…

That being said, I really don’t believe this product is worth the $37. It’s not bad as an overview, but really? Nothing inside will help you make $40K per month, lol.


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How Does It Work?

This, like so many other low-quality products, promises much more than they actually deliver. This is a decent overview but with no practical applications. There’s just no way a beginner to dropshipping can make money with this information.

Let’s go through the video and then the product. I’d like to show you all the various lies so that you can recognize them in future products. They’re all very commonly used:

The Video Is The Usual Hype And Lies

Well, everything I heard was not unexpected, but disappointing none the less. It seems 9 out of 10 reviews I write sound the same…

Lie #1 – What Secret?

The narrator starts out by telling you he’s going to share with you his money making secret. A revolutionary new system that raking in up to $40K per month.

Nope!! All lies. There is no secret system because it’s all about Shopify, which has been around for years. I’m not saying there are a few out there making big money with Shopify, but it’s not easy to do!

It’s amazing that he can claim that almost no one knows about this. Shopify has been here for 15 years and has more than 800,000 merchants on their site.

But hey, any way he can get you to think you’re in on a big secret, right?

Lie #2 – Typical Sob Story

After telling you the sob story of his past, he shares how he can now buy anything – cars, homes, vacations, etc. Another psychological way to push your emotional buttons.

Funny thing is, I’m pretty positive I’ve heard this exact story in another product some time ago. So maybe instead of writing a completely new script, he’s recycling some old ones, lol.

Lie #3 – It’s Easy?

He says it’s so easy to set up and that even beginners with no online experience can do this. But that’s a lie too! There is a lot of work on e-commerce sites. You have to be continually involved. Checking inventory levels, handling shipping and returns, customer service.

Dropshipping is a lot of work with many moving parts and takes time to master the learning curve.

Lie #4 – Contradictions At It’s Best, LOL

Remember when he said hardly anyone knew about this website and that it was his secret system to raking in thousands of dollars?

ecom cash is about Shopify

Now he’s saying how many companies and ordinary people are using it, LOL. How can you trust someone like this?

Lie #5 – You Can Make How Much?

Next, he shows us his supposed sales in the first 3 days after his online setup.

is ecom cash crusher legit

I’m not saying this isn’t possible, but highly unlikely. And how can we trust this isn’t a fake account?

If you’ve stumbled upon a product that’s gone viral, and managed to get your promotion in front of the right buyers, then sure.

But how many beginners will find those perfect items, let alone know how to drive traffic to their store. No one!!

So now he wants to share all his secrets and develop an ingenious system to help people. Then he tested it on his illiterate mother, lol. And it’s a miracle!! She made a sale in 20 minutes! Oh, brother…..

Lie #6 – Oh No, Not Again…

What I don’t understand is if he claims that his users are making 40K per month on Shopify, then why is he using fake testimonials rather than interviewing his own customers.

Oh, I know why… because there are none!

Here’s my proof that he uses fake people to sound like they love his system. They are hired from sites like Fiverr and I’ve taken screenshots of their ads.

ecom cash crusher system uses fake testimonials

ecomcash crusher uses fake testimonials


Speaking of fake testimonials, you’ll also find the fake user review on Youtube…


This person is also a hired video spokesperson on Fiverr. And the owner had her read a generic script. Did you notice she never mentions a product name or says what the product does?

That’s because the owner can use this video over and over again with each product he tries to sell. He simply swaps out the product logo for a different one.

Either only one person owns this video, or it’s being shared among many, but I’m seeing this video SO MANY TIMES!!

Here are a few other product reviews of mine that I’ve seen her in…

Lie #7 – Sales Or Profits?

When you hear someone saying they’ve made $$$ in sales with dropshipping, it probably doesn’t mean profit. They like to use the sales number because it’s always much higher and sounds great.

With dropshipping, you have to consider all your overhead costs. And once you’ve subtracted all those, you’re lucky if your profit is 10 to 20% of your sales.

The Product Is A Basic Overview

As soon as you get into the member area, you’re presented with two offers. These have nothing to do with the product. They are simply another way for the creator to make a commission off of you.

  1. The first is an offer to get a “free website”. This isn’t true. You must purchase a domain name, and then pay monthly hosting fees.
  2. The second is to listen to John Crestani’s webinar. This is to sell a high ticket affiliate program that will cost you $997. I’ve written a review on his Super Affiliate System.

You often see these two offers in low-quality products like these…

I suspect this product is a PLR product. PLR stands for Privat Lable Rights. These are created by authors, who then sell the rights to customers to sell as their own.

Unfortunately, they often include outdated material that no longer applies to today’s marketing industry.

But seeing as this information is just an overview, it’s ok. You’re getting short videos in each step, but that’s it.


I didn’t purchase the upsells, because when the primary product isn’t great, the upsells rarely are either.

Beware the One-Click purchases.

As soon as you click on the item, your credit card is immediately charged for that upsell. It’s sucks, I know. You don’t even get a chance to approve the purchase.

You will still have to get additional training to learn how to properly apply the dropshipping method to earning money online. And there are plenty of places to get that if you truly desire this type of business.

Dropshipping Alternative Training

  • Udemy has some remarkable courses on dropshipping, and not just for the Shopify platform.
  • Drop Ship Lifestyle is a legitimate training program that’s been around since 2012.
  • Shopify itself offers training and support.


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  • 60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank



  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Insufficient training
  • Won’t deliver what it promises
  • Fake testimonies


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

ecomcash is not recommended

If you are truly interested in dropshipping, you can get better training elsewhere. And keep in mind that the dropshipping model to make money online is not an easy one.

It can be lucrative after managing a store for a long time and learning all the ins and outs of finding the right suppliers or wholesalers.

And please keep in mind that you will need initial working capital for this system. You will be required to buy your inventory ahead of time. This doesn’t mean you store it, only purchase it.

There is so much to learn to be successful with dropshipping, and unfortunately, this product will not give you what you need.

Is Econ Cash Crusher a scam?   No   Would I recommend it?   No

I’m not sure how you discovered dropshipping as a business model. It’s a good one, but certainly not the easiest, especially if your new to online marketing.

Did you know there are easier ways to make money online? Have you heard of online affiliate marketing? This is my business model, and it’s a great way to create a passive income.

Can I make you my sincere recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I run my business. I learned everything there is to know about online marketing through their training. It’s amazing, always current and updated. It covers everything you can think of.

They also provide all the tools you need from building your website to having access to a very powerful keyword research tool.

And the community support is out of this world. OK, maybe not “out” of this world, but “around” the world, haha. They have over 1.5 million members, globally!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it.

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Where did you first hear about Ecom Cash Crusher? And what did you think?

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I’d love to hear from you.