The DFY Suite Review. Is 2.0 Better?

The DFY Suite Review

Are you looking for an easy way to get backlinks without all the grunt work? If you’ve been looking for a solution online, you’ve probably come across this product.

Welcome to the DFY Suite review. I’m happy to see you doing some research before purchasing it. You need to know if this is legit, or just a scam, right?

Let me help you. We’ll go inside, see how it works, and if it’s what you expect of a DFY product.

By the end of this review, you’ll have heard my honest opinions and recommendation. Then you can make an informed decision if it’s right for you or not.

Would you like to see where I learned to create my own successful online business?

the DFY Suite 2.0 review - rating



What Is The DFY Suite?

it's just like tim walker says
This DFY system will automatically bring you backlinks to any URL you choose, with a click of a button to improve your SEO.

It was created by Joshua Zamora. He launched this new version on JVZoo on April 10th, 2020.

DFY Suite – $33

What’s Inside

Main Navigation

  • Dashboard
  • Campaigns
  • Network Info


  • Profile
  • Subscriptions & Credits
  • Subusers
  • Bonus


  • Tutorials
  • FAQ
  • Helpdesk


#1: Agency Rights To DFY Suite

#2: Sub-Syndicator Feature

#3: Done-For-You Video Embeds

#4: Keyword Bootcamp Training

#5: LIVE Bonus Training

#6: Perfect Optimization Blueprint


OTO #1: Lock-In Credits on Monthly Basis – $1 trial then $44.95 – $47 per month

OTO #2: DFY Indexer Platform – $67

OTO #3: Special Offer for MyVideoSpy – $42 per month, or $47 per quarter

OTO #4: Access to Video Chief – $37



Who Is This System For?

could this be for dfy profit suite users?

I believe this software is much safer to use if you’re a video marketer.

I say this because I don’t believe the backlinks you would get to a website are quality backlinks, and could actually hurt your website in the long-run.

This is the problem with DFY systems like this. When they automatically find content for you, and it’s spun and duplicated.

This is something that Google has gotten very effective at finding, and they could penalize you by not ranking you.

Video marketing is something entirely different, and adding content isn’t nearly as important as getting backlinks.

I know a very respected video marketer that loves this tool, and I respect his opinions!

AND he creates his own videos and content. He doesn’t rely on any DFY material!!


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How Does It Work?

syndication software for backlinks
Get free buyer traffic in under 48 hours by using this DFY (done for you) social syndication system.

Well, that sounds great, right? Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

This system is 100% DFY, and all you have to do is submit any URL. There’s no software to download and zero account creation on your part.

There are hundreds of social and wiki links built-in for you, as well as video embeds for fast video rankings.

This 2.0 version is new and improved, including the Sub-Syndicator feature.

This tells me the owners are actively involved with this system as it was just originally launched only 8 months ago.

Some improvements include:

  • Added double the amount of sites in their network.
  • Added double the platforms.
  • Increased authority.
  • Automatic video-embedding.
  • Improved DFY content system
  • And more…

Joshua knows that the biggest problem most online marketers have is traffic. Without their web properties being seen by people, all they have are amazing promotions with no sales.

And he also knows that generating this traffic takes a lot of “Grunt” work.

That’s why he created this DFY Suite. It does the grunt work for you so you can get those long-term rankings, traffic and sales you’re hoping for.

Before now, you would have needed much to use the power of social syndication:

  • A complicated software to install or use from a “cloud”.
  • The learning curve to use the software.
  • Creating your own social accounts to input into the software.
  • Purchasing proxies and captchas for up to $40 – $50 per month.
  • Hoping your accounts don’t get shut down.
  • Constantly writing content.

This new system has simplified the entire process in 3 steps:

Step #1: Log into your web-based portal

Step #2: Submit your keyword and URL

Step #3: Hit “Submit”

And that’s it!!

You can now submit any URL in any niche… a video, website, Amazon page, eCommerce store, and more.

Everything is done for you once you submit your keywords and URL. You can schedule how fast or slow you want your syndication to be done, and let the system generate the content for you.

You can supply your own content if you wish, but it’s completely optional.

And once everything is completed, you have full access to your syndication report.

This software also offers a credit system to earning backlinks. Basically, 1 credit = 1 backlink.

The pricing is confusing, though I believe it’s just a marketing tactic…

He offers two versions:

  1. The lite version, with no agency rights, for $87.
  2. The Agency version with full agency rights for $33.

I guess the full version is a no brainer, right? LOL

OK, let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

Please knows that I’m accessing the JV product for my review and that I haven’t purchased my own copy.

When you’ve accessed your dashboard, you’ll see this…

system dashboard

I always recommend you watch the tutorial before starting to use this software. It’s important to know exactly what steps to take before you begin.


There are 6 tutorial videos for you to watch:

  • Intro
  • What is SEO and DFY Suite
  • Navigating Your Submitted Campaigns
  • Network Info + submitting a Campaign
  • How Many Links Should I Build?
  • Subusers & FAQ

These are easy to follow with an over the shoulder style so you know exactly how to perform each step.

Main Navigation


This is where you would create your campaigns…

easy to use software

You can have the software do everything for you with the DFY videos, etc. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your campaign name – which could be the title of the website or YouTube video.
  2. Add the URL – of your website or video.
  3. Type in your keywords – you could copy/paste the keywords shown on the YouTube page for ease.
  4. Choose to embed a video – recommended for embedding on all the websites for more link juice.
  5. Choose to generate content – not recommended for websites… write your own instead.
  6. Set the number of links – you can choose up to 100 with the front end product.
  7. Choose the drip-feed – adding links over days looks more natural to Google.
  8. Choose to index your links (upsell)

Click “Create” and everything is done for you!

I know this is very easy but I highly recommend you use your own videos and content for uniqueness.

Using DFY videos that everyone else is using, and having “spun” articles, will not rank nearly as well as your own creations!

All of your campaigns are listed on the main dashboard, where you can also see your stats and download your report.

The Network Info

This section allows you to see what kind of sites your links are being submitted to. This ensures you’re linking to quality sites.

network report of total backlinks

This report shows you:

  • How many sites are in the network
  • Their domain authority (DA)
  • Their page authority (PA)
  • Domains by TLD such as .com, .net, etc.

As this product is maintained and updated, you’ll see the network grow larger on a continual basis.


With the agency license, you could also use this tool and sell your services on sites such as Fiverr.

There are many people selling backlink services like this, and charging good money to have it done for you.

And with being able to download a report of all the sites being linked to, you’d have something to provide your clients with.

This is what the downloaded report looks like…

Report showing linked websites

I hope you can read this because I have a huge concern with this that I’ll explain further down!

Subscriptions & Credits

Please be aware that there is an additional COST to using this software!

This system is based on using credits to publish your campaigns.

This section is where you would purchase those credits.

The first upsell gives you a monthly discounted rate that you can lock-in. You can get

  • 1000 credits a month with 200 bonus credits for $44.95 per month, or…
  • 5000 credits plus 2500 bonus credits for $47 per month.

Please watch the demo video below, for a full walkthrough!


#1: Agency Rights To DFY Suite

The agency license can offer you even more profits for your business. You can use this powerful system for your own sites and videos, as well as working on your client’s websites and videos as well.

This could provide you with an additional income stream, collecting monthly payments from happy clients.

#2: Sub-Syndicator Feature

Not only are they handling your syndication for you, but you may also wish to remove yourself from the equation altogether.

This new sub-syndicator feature allows you to outsource the submission of your campaigns without giving access to your main account. The new VA sub-access submits your campaign on your behalf.

#3: Done-For-You Video Embeds

Getting quality video embeds is the secret to getting fast rankings. And the more, the better! But embedding videos across many sites is very time-consuming.

This system takes care of that for you. All you do is input your video URL in, and the software takes care of the rest!

#4: Keyword Bootcamp Training

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful campaign. You need to get the perfect keywords from the start or your whole campaign is doomed.

That’s why they’ve included this training, to show you exactly how to choose the right keywords for the best results.

#5: LIVE Bonus Training

This live training will show you how to find clients that are willing to pay for your services. This is how you can successfully use your agency license.

#6: Perfect Optimization Blueprint

After keyword research, optimizing your campaign is the next most important step.

This training will show you how to optimize everything to get the best results from DFY Suite.


OTO #1: Lock-In Credits on Monthly Basis

This upgrade gives you the ability to lock in credits on a monthly basis. These credits are being offered at a discounted price, whereas later on, the could be much more expensive.

OTO #2: DFY Indexer Platform

This platform will help you supercharge your campaigns by putting them on a proprietary link indexing system. The more of your syndication that Google is aware of, the stronger your campaigns will be.

OTO #3: Special Offer for MyVideoSpy

This upsell gives you access to a platform that uncovers untapped niches, analyzes your competitors, gauge the amount of traffic you could get in those niches, and much more.

This tool is the perfect compliment to DFY Suite for awesome traffic searches.

OTO #4: Access to Video Chief

This is Joshua’s membership site which would give you over 1200 DFY videos to get you started right away. You’ll no longer need to create your own videos. They’ll do it for you!

This final upsell covers all your syndication bases, from niche research to video creation.

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Demo Video



My Concerns

i have many concerns

I am always concerned with DFY systems like this. The software does what it’s supposed to, and it’s very easy to use, BUT…

I have some concerns I’d like to share with you.

Concern #1 – Not For Websites

I highly recommend you use this software for video promotions and not websites.

This is because of the “content” creation option. If you’re allowing the system to add the DFY content, it’s choosing poor quality content and spinning it many times.

Spun content sucks, to be blunt!

Not only is it duplicated content (how many times can one article be spun, lol), but Google knows when something is spun because it doesn’t sound natural. Will this affect your ranking? Probably!

This software is great for video marketers because Google doesn’t worry about content for videos. All they care about is the backlinks to the videos.

Concern #2 – Link Farm?

Is this similar to a link farm?

This is why I’m hoping you can see the links in the “report” image above. Notice that most of the links are to obscure websites with endings such as .date, or .party, or .review.

These domains aren’t recommended and could actually damage your website if linked back to it.

I would personally NOT want these sites linked to my own. I’ve worked too hard and don’t want my authority ruined by spammy backlinks.

Concern #3 – Ranking?

The examples Joshua uses of his ranking keywords doesn’t make sense to me. He’s using keywords like “Best Accountant for small business in 33243.

Well of course that would rank because no one else is searching for this keyword.

And if you type this keyword into YouTube, you’ll see his videos, but with very few views over a span of 7 months…

ranking keywords have no traffic


How is this good for sales?? I thought there was keyword research training included, lol.

This choice of keyword is terrible. Sure you want low competition keywords, but if no one is searching these terms, it’s not doing you any good!

Concern #4 – Spamming?

When you’re linking to so many (low quality) sites, it’s considered spam by Google. Do you want to take this chance with your website’s reputation?

Take a look at the “Network” report above. Only 30% of the links are from .com sites. The rest are most likely spam sites!

You need to be very careful not to ruin your website in the long run, using this software. Stick to using it for video marketing!




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • DFY video embeds
  • Great for video marketing



  • Not recommended for websites
  • Poor quality content
  • Spun content



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I recommend wealthy affiliate for better training

This software does what it says it will do, but I don’t believe you should use it for content marketing and promoting your websites.

If you’re a video marketer, then it’s a great tool for that.

Is DFY Suite 2.0 a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Cautious Yes

As I previously said, DFY products aren’t always the best way to go.

But if you have a YouTube channel and promote your business that way, this could save you time and get you backlinks to improve your ranking.

Do you have your business started yet? Even though I don’t think you should use this tool for website backlinks, a website is still a very important part of any successful business.

Do you have one yet? Let me help you…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

Come and check out where I learned everything about affiliate marketing, and where I run my business to this day.

This is an all-inclusive platform that has everything you need under one roof. It’s the best place to learn how to build an engaging website as well as creating a long-term business with passive income.

Here’s a bit of what they offer:

  • Training – Step by step courses, classrooms, tutorials, and live weekly webinars.
  • A domain registry – An easy way to find the perfect name for your business.
  • A website builder – With over 4,000 WordPress themes to choose from.
  • Website hosting – With powerful servers, security, backups, and emails, and more.
  • A keyword research tool – Find low-competition keywords for the best ranking.
  • A large and active LIVE community – They always have your back!
  • And much more…

You can even start with a FREE starter membership. No credit cards necessary.

There’s really no other place like this online today!

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, I’ll be there to greet you and help you as long as you need me. See you soon!

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So where did you hear about DFY Suite 2.0? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



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