The Daily Cash Siphon Review – My Honest Recommendation

The Daily Cash Siphon Review

Thank you for reading the Daily Cash Siphon review. This is a product that is available on Clickbank and claims to be able to make you $395 per day within a week.

But is it true? That’s the big question I had. Can it really work, or is this just another online scam?

So I decided to get inside the program and see for myself. We’ll discuss what it is, and how it works so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing it.

I’m glad you’re here doing research on this product before buying. This tells me you’re a smart person who’s concerned about spending your time and money on something that might not work.

Products like this come and go so quickly. If you’d like to bypass the uncertainty of it all and learn how to make money online the way I did, please CLICK HERE.

The Daily Cash Siphon rating



What Is The Daily Cash Siphon?

member area inside daily cash siphon system

This is another Clickbank product. The video is narrated by William Fairbrother, which is just a pen name.

What’s Inside

The Daily Cash Siphon – $37

Ten Video Sections:

  1. Introduction – 2 videos / no tasks
    • Gives you an overview of blogging
    • There are no tasks here.
  2. Blogging Basics – 3 videos / 2 tasks
    • These videos discuss the mindset of a successful blogger, how to choose the best niche for you, and how to name your blog.
    • Your tasks are choosing a niche and naming it.
  3. Setting Up A Blog – 4 videos / 3 tasks
    • Here, you will learn about picking a domain name and website hosting. You are recommended to use Hostgator for both, then start talking about using WordPress.
    • Tasks include picking your domain name and host, connecting to it, and installing WordPress.
  4. WordPress Set UP – 10 videos / 8 tasks
    • These videos go through the set-up of your website. How to set up the settings, plugins, widgets, theme, email address, and pages.
    • All tasks related to setting up your website.
  5. Blog Content – 5 videos / 4 tasks
    • This section discusses where to find blog ideas, keyword research, and article essentials. They talk about outsourcing and advertising for guest bloggers.
    • Your tasks include looking for inspiration, keyword research, advertising on your website for guest bloggers, and adding your first blog post.
  6. Affiliate Commissions – 6 videos / 3 tasks
    • This section talks about affiliate networks, adding a privacy policy and disclosure statements, how to add affiliate links to your content, creating product review posts, monetizing with Google Adsense and starting your email list.
    • Your tasks are investigating affiliate networks, adding your legal pages and adding your affiliate links to your articles.
  7. Promoting Your Site (traffic) – 11 videos / 8 tasks
    • These videos discuss promo strategies, onsite SEO, social media sharing and plugins, guest posts, and being active on forums.
    • Your tasks are performing your on-page SEO, using Twitter effectively, adding your social sharing plugin, adding your guest post blog and becoming a forum member.
  8. Tweaking Your WordPress Design – 5 videos / no tasks
    • This section discusses customizing your website with menus, sidebars, header images, and changing your theme.
    • There are no tasks here.
  9. QuickFire Daily Cash Method – 5 videos / 4 tasks
    • Here, they talk about using Clickbank, adding landing pages, and using Udimi solo ads to drive traffic.
    • Tasks are creating a Clickbank account, adding your landing page and using Udimi.
  10. Outsourcing – 4 videos / no tasks
    • This last section discusses where you can go to hire outsourcing resources.
    • No tasks here.

30 Day Task List

This video helps to encourage you to complete all the above tasks in 30 days and provides a status bar showing where you’re at along the way.

Bonus Resources

These free resources are to give you additional help and information. They include articles, PDF downloads, and links to helpful sites.


You can email for support as well as a chatbox. This is an automated system that detects what you’re asking and provides pre-programmed answers.


#1. Daily Cash Website – $197

They build a hosted website with a variety of content designed to help conversions.

#2. Daily Cash Niche Site – $187

They will build a hosted website, in a different niche, with a variety of content.

#3. Daily Traffic Siphon – $97

This product gives you basic and advanced traffic strategies to help you with both short and long term results.

Expected Costs

Domain name – $15/year

Website hosting – $12.99/month and up + $6.99/month for email

Keyword research tool – $49/month and up

Solo Ads – $$$ per month

I suspect the real owner of this product is the same as a few other products I’ve reviewed. They all look suspiciously similar.

Please check out the Auto Chat Profits Review, and the Five Minute Profit Sites.



Who Is This System For?

This system is OK for someone who wants to learn the basics of blogging. For $37, you get decent training for building your website and getting started.

But if you’re serious about building a long term successful online business, this won’t be enough. It’s too basic.

And the upsells won’t help. Yes, they’ll build the website and put some content on it for you, but you’re still at the same point you were before.

You will need additional training to truly learn how to scale out your business. There are many fine details when it comes to content, SEO, keyword research, and all the rest. And believe me, there’s much more to it than this!


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How Does It Work?

how does this system work

According to the sales video, you will have access to a secret method that will make you $395 per day in 7 minutes and 19 clicks. This weird trick is only available in certain countries, and you’re told it’s private and not to share it.

Unfortunately, you’re not told what the system is, or how it works. Only that it involves a controversial, barely ethical market. Haha! It doesn’t really. It involves Clickbank.

Now granted, a lot of products on Clickbank I would consider barely ethical, but that’s beside the point, LOL.

You would have received an email, or seen this ad on Facebook. If you wanted to see what the system actually is, you’d have to pay the $37 to get inside.

Once inside, you can clearly see that’s it’s not controversial. And it’s nothing like what the video promoted, lol. It actually gives you many videos with training on setting up a new blog.

The Daily Cash Siphon videos are brief, the content on them is quite good. It’s quick but to the point. And most segments have tasks for you to perform, which is the actual set up of your WordPress website.

So besides the disconnect with what the promo video says, it’s actually not too bad.

The only thing I don’t understand is the 7 minutes and 19 clicks. I have no idea how they came up with these figures!

They provide a tab for the upgrades, which I didn’t purchase so I can’t testify as to their quality. Though most system creators make most of their money on the upsells, I don’t usually trust them. They never seem to deliver what they promise.

The 30-day task list is really not necessary but is aimed at keeping you on track.

The bonus resources might be interesting reading for some people. They provide you with additional information about the blogging industry.

They also provide you with a link to, which is a free WordPress resource site for beginners. This is an excellent site for added information.

In fact, you’ll find everything you received here, for free over there, lol.

Besides the email support, they have a live chat box you can use. This isn’t really live though. It’s an automated “bot” system that detects what you might be asking about, and the pre-programmed answers are delivered. You’ll also have the chance to answer yes or no for more detail.

Overall, I believe you’ll get some value for the $37 spent. It helps you get a blog up and running, but that’s about it.

It really doesn’t delve into all the different ways you can monetize your blog, or show you the many ways to drive traffic to your site.

And I’m positive you won’t learn enough about keyword research in a video only 6:35 minutes long.

Once you get past the point of setting up your website, there is much to learn about content, traffic, and monetization.

These videos provide basic information, but to become successful, you need to learn and understand everything in much more detail.

You should also be aware that you will be spending monthly fees for your domain name and website hosting.

And if you choose to buy the upsells, the website you receive will be to promote this product or a product of their choosing. You won’t be able to use it to promote something you choose.

As usual with these types of products, they highly recommend you spend money on Solo Ads.

This is the only way you can make money a little quicker, but it can get really pricey.  Solo ads are when you pay someone else to send your promotion to their email list.

If you wish to blast out your email promotion to their email list, you will need to pay about $1 per click, and according to statistics, only about 10% will result in sales.

So you can see how costly this method is.



  • 60 Day money-back guarantee
  • Low entry cost



  • Never told what the system is
  • Blogging is long term, so no quick income
  • Upsells
  • Basic training only


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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

is dailycashsiphon a scam

At first sight, this promotional page and video set off the usual red flags in my mind. Such things as:

  • Weird trick exploits $480 million glitch
  • A risk-free trial in (….your country listed here…)
  • Highly controversial
  • May have to take the website down soon
  • Barely ethical market
  • 30 minutes a day

This is over the top nonsense that get’s very irritating, lol.

And then they go on to say that it’s so controversial that they only accept people who aren’t worried about this. Ya right!

There are the usual fake income reports and telling you not to confuse this with a get-rich-quick scheme. Really??

I would have immediately walked away because 90% of these types of products are usually junk. But I wanted to research it for you, and the initial price was cheap enough.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. It actually contained training videos, though basic, to show you how to set up a blog.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t have explained this in their promo video. I guess they want people to think they’re getting in on some illicit secret and that will persuade them to buy.

Funny thing is, it works on some, LOL.

Is Daily Cash Siphon a scam?  No

Would I recommend it?  Sure, but very basic.

And please understand that what you receive is only basic information. You will need more in-depth training to become successful.

One concern I have for those of you who may wish to buy the upsells is the risk of losing your business.

They say they provide you with a website, hosted on their servers. Now, what happens when this system is taken down. You will lose your business and any future income.

This is the problem with using other people’s made-for-you products. They own them, not you.

You need to be in control to ensure nothing can be taken away. Then you’re free to scale it as large as you wish, to make even more money!

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative industry, and the opportunity to create a passive income is great. But it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time, persistence, and hard work.

This is a true business, that will last for years if you work at it.

And like any offline business, it doesn’t happen overnight. I know there are a lot of promises out there, saying you can, but it’s just NOT TRUE!

These people are spinning lies in order for you to buy their products and systems.

Can I offer you a much better alternative?

I truly want to help you succeed with your own online business, and would like to show you the proper and proven way to do this, OK?

Come and check out the platform I run my business on. I’ve been here for years and this is where I learned everything there is to know about creating a successful online marketing business.

The platform has everything you need under one roof.

They provide extensive, step by step training, in both text and video formats.

They provide all the tools you need such as a keyword research tool, a website builder, website hosting, etc.

They have the biggest, most active live community online today. And I’m NOT talking Facebook, lol.

Support is very important for all marketers, no matter how new or how experienced. And with over 1.4 million members, there are thousands logged on every day, lol.

You can have help in under 1 minute!!

Click on the image below to read all about it. Let me help you create your own profitable business.

my wa landing pic

Have you heard of the Daily Cash Siphon? If you’ve used it, could you please share your experience. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.