The 7 Minute Sales Machine Review. The Truth About CPA Marketing

The 7 Minute Sales Machine Review

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get our promotions up in 7 minutes? And start making daily profits?

There are many valid ways to make money online, and this product claims to help you do it fast. But is it legit or another scam?

Welcome to the 7 Minute Sales Machine review. I’m so happy to see you doing some research before purchasing.

It’s important to know what to expect so you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll take you inside, show you how it works, and the give you my honest opinions and recommendations, OK?

This way, by the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Would you like to see how I learned how to create my own successful online income?

7 minute sales machine - rating



What Is The 7 Minute Sales Machine?

sales pitch for cpa offers marketing

This system is an INFO product showing you how you can make $80 – $100 per day from CPA (Cost Per Action) offers.

The owner is Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong, and Frankie Pellegrino. It was launched on Warrior Plus on January 15th, 2020.

7Min Sales Machine – $12.95

What’s Inside


  • Video – 1:50 minutes
  • Register for the Training Call

Method Overview

  • Overview Video
  • Link To Frankie’s CPA Facebook Group

Getting Set Up

  • Video – 3:12 minutes
  • Sign up to 3 CPA Networks


  • Picking CPA Offers Video – 10:52 minutes
  • Craiglist Video – 2:07 minutes
  • Recap Video – 3:08 minutes


  • Secret Traffic 1 Video – 9:19 minutes
  • Secret Traffic 2 Video – 7:12 minutes
  • Secret Traffic 3 Video – 6:34 minutes


  • Wrap Up Video

Recommended Upgrades

  • Links to the upsells


#1: Advanced Traffic Strategies Blueprint

#2: CPA Marketing Excellence

#3: Bonus Give Away

#4: YouTube Ads Course


OTO #1: Done For You – $47, downsell $37

OTO #2: Advanced Training Hacks – $67, downsell $47

OTO #3: The Ultimate Traffic Package – $197, downsell $97

OTO #4: Licence Rights – $167, downsell $67



Who Is This System For?

for affiliate marketers with dfy campaigns

This system is great for those who wish to make money online with CPA marketing.

This stands for “Cost Per Action” and usually involves products and solutions rather than “make money online” products.

This training uses some ingenious traffic methods and could make you around $100 per day if used properly.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You won’t be scaling up your income to hundreds and hundreds each day unless you start using paid traffic methods.

But this is a great way to build a side income!


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How Does It Work?

this isn't a 7 minute workout

Hey, you may not get rich, but who wouldn’t like to add $100 per day to their bank account? That’s about $3000 per month!

Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

Using just 3 DFY (Done For You) automated campaigns, any beginner with no technical experience can do this. And in only 3 steps:

  1. First, unlock free traffic from 3 secret sources you’ll find inside.
  2. Second, quickly monetize your campaign with the DFY offers that sell themselves.
  3. Thirdly, rinse, repeat, and scale your income the way they show you.

It’s great to hear them say they won’t guarantee results, but they do assure you its a proven method that’s worked for real users like yourself.

Brendan and Jono claim you don’t need Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, or an email list to use this system.

They created this product to help those people who aren’t interested in creating products, building ecom stores or learning complicated skills.

So this system is fast, effortless, and scalable!

All you need are 2 things: great traffic & great offers.

And this system meets those needs by including:

  • 3 free traffic sources that average over 575 million monthly visitors.
  • 3 top converting offers that sell themselves.
  • Over 90 DFY posts to copy/paste your campaigns.
  • 2 powerful and untapped methods for super-fast results.
  • The “secret sauce” methods for getting maximum exposure to your offers.

So far this is all sounding fantastic.

Let’s see if the product actually does what it claims…

Member Area/Dashboard

The dashboard is clean looking and you’re greeted with a welcome video by Jono Armstrong…

jono armstrong youtube welcome video

Method Overview

This is the main training overview by Frankie himself. This is the video I added below so you can hear him yourself.

You’ll also get Frankie’s link to his Facebook group for added help and support.

Getting Set Up

This video will show you how to get signed up with the CPA networks to get you started.

This may be more difficult for newbies who’ve never done this before. Getting approved by certain networks isn’t always easy, but with his training, you’ll know which steps to take.

Some of the CPA networks require a phone interview, but please don’t worry about this. They just want to ensure you’re not a scammer.

You’ll be given a script to follow. Of course, you’ll want to change it up a bit, but it’s the best way to get approved.


This training video will show you how to pick the best CPA offers. In fact, you’ll see Frankie’s exact offers and campaigns that he himself uses.

You will also be shown how to use Craiglist as a traffic source. Frankie uses this method to make hundreds of dollars each day.

His in-depth training will be a huge advantage for you.

You’ll not be promoting any MMO (make money online) offers, but programs that help the people searching for specific things.

This is actually a pretty brilliant method!

7min sales teaches you how to sell cpa offers

Finally, the recap video ties everything together for you.


This system not only shows you how to do CPA marketing but shows you how to get free traffic to your offers.

This section shows you 3 additional traffic sources that are relatively unknown. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose them to you… they’re secret! LOL

They are, in fact, new to me and quite interesting.

The good thing is that they can work very well if you get into this fairly quickly!

These traffic sources work really well together when combined with groups of people looking for specific things. It can really increase your conversions.


#1: Advanced Traffic Strategies Blueprint

This bonus includes 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials. You’ll learn the tools, techniques and top tips to finally succeed by choosing a profitable niche.

This advanced training will help you scale your campaigns for even more money.

#2: CPA Marketing Excellence

These 10 additional videos will expand your knowledge even further with CPA marketing.

You’ll learn more about choosing the right CPA and affiliate platforms, as well as tracking, landing pages, and more.

#3: Bonus Give Away

Strong campaigns need to offer bonuses as incentives for conversions.

You’ll receive over 30 high-quality bonuses to give away with your offer.

#4: YouTube Ads Course

This bonus will give you access to Jono’s own video course on how to use YouTube Ads.

This will not only give you an added income stream but another traffic source as well.


OTO #1: Done For You

If you don’t want to do any research or take the time to create your landing pages with your affiliate links, you can have it all done for you.

It involves:

  • DFY landing pages
  • DFY offers
  • DFY funnels

OTO #2: Advanced Training Hacks

Do you want to take this method seriously? If you do, you’ll be shown all of the advanced tips, tricks, and hacks that they used for this method.

These strategies will exploit the traffic sources to the max before they get saturated.

OTO #3: The Ultimate Traffic Package

This upgrade provides you with over 7 hours of video training on:

  • Adwords
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO

OTO #4: Licence Rights

This upsell gives you the rights to sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits.


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Information Video



My Concerns?

no real concerns

I don’t have any concerns with the training and found it to be something that anyone can perform.

There are a couple of cautionary things I want to share with you though…

Caution #1 – Saturation

It’s fantastic to find out about these underused traffic sources. It’s not anything I thought of using before but can see how effective they could be.

The only problem is that once this training gets out, and depending on how many people have purchased it, these new traffic streams could get saturated after several months.

I say could! So for the low cost of this product, it’s still worth a try.

Caution #2 – Scaling May Be Difficult

This method of affiliate marketing is a great side income stream for you. But you can’t rely on growing this to massive amounts of income unless you’re prepared to use paid traffic.

This method uses free traffic, so it’s perfect for beginners with no advertising budget.

Those of you who are looking to scale to a full-time income will have to invest in paid traffic and paid ads.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Unique & effective traffic sources
  • Great training



  • Traffic streams may get saturated
  • Difficult to scale up



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for the best training

I believe this training system will work for you if you follow the steps and apply what you’ve learned.

This is a great way to build a side income, though I am concerned the new and barely known traffic systems may become saturated. If that’s the case, it might take more effort to make money.

But as I stated above, for only $12.95, it’s worth a try!

Is 7 Minute Sales Machine a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

CPA marketing is a viable way to make money online. It can give you a side income to boost your other online income sources.

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So how did you come across the 7 Minute Sales Machine review? Were you searching for a way to make money online?

I hope I answered all your questions. If you have any more, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.

Your friend,


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