Repeat Payments Review. No Bonuses Here, Just Honesty

Repeat Payments Review

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online? I don’t blame you… who wouldn’t!

Welcome to my Repeat Payments review. This is all about a new product (software) that claims to help you make easy commissions. But is it legit, or just another scam?

Of course, many products claim grand promises that seem too good to be true. And that’s why I’m here. I write these reviews so that you can see what’s inside them, how they work, and if it could do what it promises.

And I’m so happy to see you here doing your research. That’s always an important step, even if the product is cheap. It’s such a hassle if you don’t like it and want a refund.

I will honestly share with you my recommendations so you can make an informed decision, OK?

And if you’d like to know how I learned how to create my own successful business, please read this!

the Repeat Payments Review - rating



What Is Repeat Payments?

What Is Repeat Payments

This is a Warrior Plus product created by Jamie Lewis and Tom E Mcting. It was launched on November 20th, 2019.

This product claims to find free buyer traffic (expired domains), then sends them into pre-built subscription funnels so that you can generate free monthly commissions.

Repeat Payments – $19.95

  • 20 searches per day

What’s Inside

Training Tutorials (Videos)

  • Welcome to the Members Area – 9:18 minutes
  • How to Navigate the Members Area – 9:43 minutes
  • Visual and Graphical Instruction – 10:05 minutes
  • How to Use the Expired Domain Software – 8:17 minutes
  • How to Forward Your Domain – 3:54 minutes
  • How to Promote RankPay – 19:51 minutes
  • Niches and Keywords – 26:34 minutes
  • Exclusive Interview with Matt Sabia – 5:02 minutes
  • Expired Domains – 8:17 minutes
  • Niches – 26:34 minutes
  • RankPay – 19:51 minutes
  • Forwarding – 3:54 minutes


  • Find Offers (Memberships)
  • Expired Domains


#1: R.P. Unthrottled – $47, downsell $27

#2: R.P. Six-Figure Generator – $97, downsell 67

#3: R.P. 5 Figure Commissions League – $197, downsell $97

#4: Jamie Does It For You – $397, downsell $197

#5: R.P. Entrepreneur Club – $197, downsell $97



Who Is This Sofware For?

Jamie used beta testers to test his $2475 bonuses

This software is for those who are looking for new traffic sources with minimal cost. It finds for you all the expired domains relevant to your keyword and brings them all up in one big list.

This would also be great for those people wanting to flip domains, as it also provides you with the appraisal value of each one.

And to make it even easier, it links you directly to Godaddy so you can purchase the ones you like.

Though I don’t believe you can make as much as Jamie promises with the upfront product, it’s entirely possible if you purchase all the upsells.

That being said, I will always recommend you buy the front end product first, and if you like it, then consider the upsells. They are always available inside the member area, for purchase later on.

Personally, I feel this software is easy to use, but those with marketing experience will do much better than total beginners. Using your knowledge to drive additional traffic to your offers will help significantly.


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How Does It Work?

send targeted traffic to paid subscription sites

Jamie Lewis is what I like to call a “serial launcher”. He creates and launches so many products, that I don’t know how he can keep them all managed…

This is his newest release (as of the time I wrote my review), and it looks promising, but you just never know.

Let’s start with his sales page…

Sales Page

Nothing screams hype like “orphaned buyer traffic” and “$12K/mo in paid subscriptions”. Sounds amazing, right?

And then there’s his promo video. It’s certainly not my style, but not surprising coming from Jamie. He’s not immune to sleazy…LOL.

Jamie claims this is saturation proof! And in a way, it is!! Domain names can’t be duplicated!

The software he created finds endless floods of free buyer traffic. He claims he makes $12K per month with it.

And he gives you his word that you’ll get to know everything he knows. Hmm… I wonder how many upsells you need to buy to get all that information?

With this software you won’t need:

  • A website or email list
  • Product creation
  • Experience
  • Much time or money

The training supposedly shows you how to get started and use the software to immediately start making money. And without any money upfront, be able to scale things up to 4 figures per week!

And there are the usual scarcity tactics to try to push you to buy right away.

  1. The price is going up fast – I doubt it!
  2. Doors may shut down – LOL, not if he’s making money!
  3. Start making money today – Only a possibility, not a promise…

So let’s see if the software provides you with what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

Once you finally get through the purchasing process, you can get access to the member area.

The first thing you need to do is go through all the training videos, to acquaint yourself with the software.

Find Offers

Once you’ve done that, you can check out the “Find Offers” tab. This lists the most popular services that offer monthly memberships.

This page will also show you:

  • The commission payout %
  • The category & sub-category (niche)
  • The keyword trends (click to find keywords)
  • The best traffic source (Funnel, Facebook, Google, Craiglist)

the products could be on jvzoo who, clickbank and other networks

All of these products have pre-made funnels for you to send your traffic to. That in itself can save you much time and effort.

Expired Domains

This page will show you all the expired domains for whatever keyword you choose. It brings up the name, along with their appraised monetary value, broad monthly searches, exact searches, and when it was released.

This information alone could allow you to simply flip domain names for a profit.

Don’t buy it just for this though. Flipping domains with no website (content) isn’t as easy as you think…

lists of expired orphaned domains

From here, you can link to Godaddy to register the domain. Once registered, you can “point” your domain name to wherever you wish:

  • To one of the system’s many sales funnels (recommended).
  • An affiliate link to a sales page.
  • A website that would have your own funnel (for your own product).
  • A squeeze page to collect email addresses.

There will probably be many customers of this product, so if you find a domain you like, get it quick!

This reminds me of shopping at Costco. If you like something you found, you’d better get it then and there. The next time you return, it could be gone, LOL.


#1: R.P. Unthrottled

This upsell will allow you unlimited searches per day, for those of you who want to maximize the advantages of using this software.

He claims there are only 50 spots available, with 37 already gone. This is probably only a scarcity tactic, but maybe not. I don’t know for sure…

#2: R.P. Six-Figure Generator

Instead of using 3rd party subscription sites to monetize your traffic, this upsell gives you a 3rd software that auto-builds your own websites around each web property to collect subscribers to your email list.

These aren’t websites in the full sense of the word. They are actually landing pages with opt-in forms. There are many templates you can choose from.

With these landing pages, you can capture email addresses and build an email list for further monetization.

landing page templates to choose from

As these sites gain value, you also have the choice to flip them later on.

#3: R.P. 5 Figure Commissions League

This is a software boost that reveals all the info and secrets (used personally by Jamie) to get high ticket commissions. These can range from $5K to $17K.

You will also get additional video training on exactly what to do to create these large commissions.

#4: Jamie Does It For You

You will get lifetime access to Jamie’s weekly live training for personal coaching. Jamie’s weekly group is very large and made up of both buyers and sellers.

If you have a domain you’d like to sell, Jamie can help you sell it right then and there!

Again, they claim there are only 30 spots available, with about 26 gone already.

#5: R.P. Entrepreneur Club

This upsell will provide you with 5 more income streams. You will have access to complete funnels to 6 of his best-selling income systems. You would get a commission from the sales of these products.

  1. Profit Injector: YouTube marketing system worth $297 with all OTOs
  2. Crypto Blueprint: How to make money from Crypto Currency worth $390 with all OTOs
  3. Cash Grab: Calculator tool to show how to become profitable in any business model worth $390 with all OTOs
  4. Wealthy Agency: How to create and edit video in multiple formats worth $600 with all OTOs
  5. Bank Ramp: Entire dropshipping system worth $590 with all OTOs


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My Concerns

there are issues with this product

If this is so great, why aren’t the creators of this software quietly using it themselves? I mean, think about this for a minute… If you created something like this, and it was making you thousands of dollars per month, wouldn’t you keep it to yourself?

#1: Why Only $19.95?

Though the idea behind this product is sound, why is Jamie selling it for so cheap? If it really works as well as he says, don’t you think it would be worth so much more money?

Don’t forget my comment about Jamie being a “serial launcher”. He and his team come up with new products every month or so and most likely make a killing during launch week with all the promotions.

But then what? Will we hear from anyone who has any great success stories? I hope so, but that hasn’t happened with many of his previous products…

Most successful marketers would quietly be buying up these domains, and not advertising their techniques.

#2: Why So Many “Positive” Reviews?

As I said, launch week is the most profitable for these product creators. And that’s because they have the same 10-20 affiliates pushing the product. The top 3 or so sellers get great prizes for winning numbers of sales. In this case, it’s cash!

These affiliates have huge email lists and push out these promotions.

Have you noticed how many YouTube video reviews there are? And how they try to outdo each other with added “bonuses”? You won’t find any concerns or issues in any of these reviews.

#3: Never Done Before?

I know many product creators will make this claim because it sounds good, right? But it’s never true!

Marketers have been buying up domains like this for a long time now.

As far as software like this, I can’t tell you what else is out there. That would take some research…

But as far as this product is concerned, it could work. Just please don’t think you’ll start making thousands per month with it.

And if you do?? Please let me know, LOL.

#4: Need The Upsells?

This is the biggest problem with these products. The owners make sure the upfront product is limited enough to persuade you to buy the upsells.

And the upsells for Repeat Payments are very good. It’s the upsells that make the software work the best.

This is what they count on, and how they make so much money. So if you truly want to work with this software, I believe you’ll need the upsells. At least the first one! (Just buy the downsell, OK).




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Great way to find expired domains
  • Ready to use funnels for most popular services & products



  • Requires upsells for best strategies
  • Unrealistic income claims



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Well… this product isn’t a scam, but how well it could work for you depends on your experience.

A total beginner with no idea how affiliate marketing works might get frustrated.

It’s easy enough to go through the steps, but without extra knowledge to tweak things along, you may not make much money.

Having an email list is a big advantage here, so unless you know how to build your own landing pages, you’ll be relying on the upsells.

Is Repeat Payments a scam?    No

Would I recommend it?    Yes & No

The reason I say “yes & no” is because I believe this software has potential, but only if you put your all into it. If you only buy one or two domains and hope to get enough traffic to make a steady monthly income, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

Adding your own traffic sources to these funnels can help a lot, but of course, you’d have to already know how to do that.

That’s why I think those of you with marketing experience could do much better with this product.

Would you like to learn more about affiliate marketing? With extra knowledge, this industry could change your life when it comes to making money online…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I would love for you to experience the best training platform online today. It’s where I learned everything about affiliate marketing, and where I run my business to this day.

Just think of how you could use “Repeat Payments” with the knowledge you gain here…

I’ve been there since 2011, and can honestly say “it works”. This platform has all the training, tools, and support you could need to start your own profitable online business.

Yes, there are many great training programs online, but none have everything you need under one roof.

Here, you don’t have to do that. It’s all here. And the support community is LIVE. If you have a question, you get an almost immediate answer. If you just want to chat about the current trend, you can do that too.

I’m pretty sure it’s the community that’s kept me there this long, haha. That, and for my membership dues, it simply the most affordable way to run my business.

But you don’t have to worry about that now. You can sign up for a FREE starter membership and test drive the platform to see if you like it. No credit cards necessary.

You won’t find an offer like this anywhere else. So click on the button below and you can read all about it.

When you join, I’ll greet you inside and be your coach for as long as you need me. See you soon!


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I hope you enjoyed my Repeat Payments review, and can now decide if it’s for you or not. Either way, I truly believe you would greatly benefit from the training on my platform.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get right back to you.



I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to earn financial freedom!