Is Monkey Mailers Legit? Send Out 500K Emails Today?

Is Monkey Mailers Legit

Do you want to perform affiliate marketing but don’t have your own email list? Are you looking for leads that won’t cost you a bunch of money like Solo Ads?

If you’ve been searching for a way to mail out your offers for free, then you’ve probably come across this product by Dawud Islam.

But is Monkey Mailers legit? Could it really work?

I’m happy to see you asking these questions and glad you’re doing your research on it before purchasing.

Let’s go inside to see what its all about, how it works, and if its what you expect. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to decide if it’s right for you or not, OK?

Would you like to see where I learned to create a successful online business?

monkey mailers review - rating



What Is Monkey Mailers?

the best kept secret to drive traffic to your offers

This training product will show you 15 secret sites where you can join and email from. These are free leads for you, and something most marketers don’t use.

It was created by Dawud Islam and Paul Snelleksz. They launched it on Warrior Plus on July 11th, 2020.

Monkey Mailers – $14.95

What’s Inside



Introduction to the Training

Your 15 Secret Sites

  • 15 Videos – One per Site


  • 60+ Free Squeeze Pages



#1: Eagle Emails

#2: Tigers Traffic

#3: The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

#4: How To Build a Squeeze Page

#5: 5 Killer Lead Magnets


OTO #1: Pro Version – $37, downsell $17

OTO #2: Steal Our Traffic – $197, downsell $97

OTO #3: Reseller Rights X5 – $37, downsell $17

OTO #4: Mega Traffic Package – $197, downsell $97

OTO #5: Launch a Product With Dawud – $997



Who Is This Training For?

for affiliate marketers doing affiliate marketing

This training is for anyone who would like free sources of leads for their email marketing campaigns.

Dawud shows you 15 different sites you can join to do this (all free to join). And depending on the structure of each site, you could build up to sending out 500K per day if you really want to.

This is another way to grow your business income or add another income stream.

But remember these are simply tools.  There are no promises of riches, especially if you don’t put to action what you’ve been taught!

If you’re a go-getter and action-taker, this has the potential for making commissions as well as a way to grow your email list.



How Does It Work?

to get affiliate commissions through emails

What I appreciate about Dawud Islam are his no-hype sales pages. He tells you what problem you may be having and provides a solution. That’s it!

Let’s see what the sales page says…

Sales Page

Dawud is asking you if you’re struggling to build an email list. And if you’re ready to finally get real results!

If you want to perform internet marketing, an email list is vital to your business.

But it can take a long time to build. That’s why most people give up trying to make money online.

What is you could get access to tens of thousands of inboxes? Today? For free?

Sounds impossible, right? You’re probably thinking this is some kind of Solo Ad. But it isn’t. Solo Ads cost money.  Usually around $100 for 100 clicks.

And most newbies don’t have that kind of money upfront. They started affiliate marketing to make money, not spend it.

This is why Dawud, and his partner Paul, want to show you how you can send out tons of emails for FREE.

And before you ask, yes, they’ve given you permission to send them emails, as often as you wish.

You get all this with your purchase:

  • Discover the top 15 sites where you can send emails.
  • Step by step video training that’s easy to follow.
  • Advanced tips on how to scale up your income.
  • How to email your promotions to get the best results.
  • Free traffic training.

Let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you access your member area, you’ll see this dashboard…

the member dashboard

Just below Dawud’s welcome video is his link to the “Elite Tigers Group YouTube Channel”. He regularly adds tips, tricks, and additional training there for you.

There is also a welcome video from Paul Snelleksz, his launch partner, and a link to Paul’s YouTube channel.


Dawud will walk you through the steps of what you’ll be learning…

the overview video

You’ll be starting by learning about the 15 secret sites as well as all the dos and don’ts about using these sites.

Next will be joining the sites (which is free) and covering the strategy needed for each site.

You will then be mailed out offers. And if you happened to have purchased the 3rd upsell, reseller rights, you’ll already have guaranteed approval and 5 products to promote.

Dawud will also teach you more advanced methods as well as showing you 2 different techniques to promote. The free way and a paid way (not solo ads).

Introduction to the Training

This introduction is going to talk about the basics of a “mailer” and what it actually is. There are recommendations you need to consider to be successful.

There are specific rules for each site as well as options to take a paid membership for additional opportunities. It’s not required though. You can join all of them for free.

This is a great thing for beginners with no email list. These lists amount to about 500K emails in total!

Your 15 Secret Sites

This section has 15 videos showing you the 15 sites you’ll be joining.

He goes over what you need to do prior to joining and then shows you the particular differences between each site…

warning about limitations with free accounts

They are all fairly similar but have unique differences here and there.

Dawud recommends you take the time to go through his Eagle Emails course before you start sending out emails.

There are do’s and don’t that you need to learn to help your click-through rate.

Each site can be joined for free, and he goes over each site showing you your options.

Some have you earning credits to send out more emails, or others offer upgrades to be able to immediately send a certain amount.


This is where you will get your link to download your free squeeze pages. They’ve been provided to you by Martin Chantler.

A squeeze page is the first page your visitor will see, asking for their email address.

This is how you build up your email list.

By simply entering your email address (Martin Chantler”s squeeze page…), your downloadable squeeze pages will be delivered to your inbox…

you get to download free capture pages

You’ll also see an offer for 50 fully mobile-responsive capture pages templates if you feel you’d like more.

At the time of this review, he was charging only $3.97 for the package.

And by clicking ” No Thank you”, you’ll be directed to even more free downloads!


Dawud always thanks you for buying his course, and reminds you that those who take action are the ones who succeed.

He reminds you that this is a tool to help you make money online, and won’t work for you if you don’t take the proper action.

So be part of the 10% of those who work at it, and then become part of the 1% who succeed.

It’s not hard. It just takes action, time, persistence and patience!


#1: Eagle Emails

This is another of Dawud’s products. This course will teach you all about email marketing.

Not only will you learn how to test inbox delivery, but also:

  • Avoiding spam words.
  • Learning the science of email marketing.
  • How often you should mail your list.
  • 7 different emailing methods.

He also provides you with his own email swipes and shows you how to use them.

#2: Tigers Traffic

This is Dawud’s course on different traffic methods, all of which are free.

He teaches you 10 traffic methods as well as provides you with 10 resources to help you one your way. These range from additional courses, video training, and much more.

#3: The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

This is a video training on what NOT to do when emailing your list.

#4: How To Build a Squeeze Page

In this course, you’ll learn how you can install an expensive & professional looking page building software to your word press site for just $6.

You’ll then learn how to build 2 high converting opt-in pages from scratch, as well as how to split test your landing pages to find the most profitable one.

#5: 5 Killer Lead Magnets

This video training will show you 5 different ideas for creating great lead magnets.

These ideas will help you grow your email list quickly and efficiently.


OTO #1: Pro Version

This upgrade will provide you with an additional 50 sites from where you can send even more emails.

Dawud will also give you free VIP membership to all of his own sites in the MMO (make money online) niche. This is worth $1600 in total.

OTO #2: Steal Our Traffic

Now you can add your pixel to all of Dawud’s previous sales pages and benefit from the tens of thousands of visitors that come to his pages.

You will get the training needed to get and deliver your pixel to Dawud.

OTO #3: Reseller Rights X5

These 5 licenses will allow you to sell Monkey Mailers, as well as 4 more of Dawuds products, as your own, and keep 100% of the profits. The other 4 products are:

  1. Cougar Commissions
  2. Puma Products
  3. Leopard Lists
  4. Panda Payments

With your guaranteed approval, you’ll get access to all the sales material and funnel, and Dawud takes care of all the support.

OTO #4: Mega Traffic Package

Dawud will allow you to send 10 super solo ads to his entire network of 25 sites in the MMO niche. That’s thousands of people you can email, 10 times!

A super solo ad is an ad that goes to each of his site memberships and totals 16K people. 10 times!

OTO #5: Launch a Product With Dawud

Dawud is going to allow 5 people to be his launch partner with a new product. You’ll be skyping together to decide what to launch. You don’t need to have your own product.

With his help, you’ll be guaranteed success as well as getting 300 to 500 new leads on your email list.



Demo Video



My Concerns?

no concerns with this training

I have no concerns about this training product. In fact, I’ve learned a couple of new things myself, lol.

I always appreciate that Dawud tells it like it is, and doesn’t hype you up with promises of becoming rich overnight.

In fact, he’ll tell you that only about 10% of his customers will actually put this training into action! And he encourages you to do the same.

Because of the nature of these mailers, you may get lucky and make a few sales right away, you never know.

But please remember that this is a way of sending out “Cold” emails to people who don’t know you. It could take some time to see results.

Sending emails to a “cold” list, meaning its a list who’s new to you and the members don’t know if they can trust you yet, is hard to do these days.

It was much easier years ago, but no longer.

The advantage of these mailers is that if you want to send out your own emails, you have to agree to receive them as well!

So it’s likely that these members are more willing to open your emails versus anyone else. They will know you’re a fellow member!

NOTE:  I recommend you use a different email than your personal or business one.  You’ll be receiving A LOT of emails.  Creating a new Gmail account is your safest bet!



  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Great training
  • Amazing bonuses
  • Can grow your email list



  • Need to create a new email account
  • Some sites send multiple emails each day
  • Need to cancel memberships to stop emails



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

I still recommend wealthy affiliate for business training

I believe this training can show you a new way of finding free sources of leads to send out your emails to.

By its self, it’s not a good way to build your entire business on, but as added free leads, it could earn you an additional income stream you haven’t thought of before.

Is Monkey Mailers a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

As I just mentioned, this is a great way to find free leads for your business offers.

Do you have your own business set up yet? Every successful affiliate business has its own website (or more) to brand yourself, your products, or your services.

And learning from the ground up is the best and safest way to create a sustainable long-term business.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

The platform I run my business on is all-inclusive with so many excellent benefits. I started here in 2011, and I’m still there because I love it so much.

This platform not only offers excellent training, designed for total beginners, but offers new and updated training, support, and powerful tools to help us scale our businesses to new heights.

  • They have a domain registry to choose your own company name.
  • They have a powerful website builder for WordPress sites.
  • Their hosting service is one of the best in the industry.
  • They have an exceptional keyword research tool to help rank your content.
  • Their community is large, active, and live!
  • And so much more…

The best part is the starter membership. It’s FREE, no credit card necessary.

If you click on the button below, you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you inside and coach you for as long as you want me too!


my wa landing button


So where did you hear about Monkey Mailers? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



P.S. Please share my post with your friends!