Invisible by Brendan Mace Review. Can You Really Remain Anonymous?

Invisible by Brendan Mace Review

Are you wanting to make money online? Are you trying to figure out what the best methods are?

If you’re researching this topic, then I’m sure you’ve come across many products, including this one.

Welcome to the Invisible by Brendan Mace review. I’ve thoroughly reviewed this system, from the inside out, so that I could share my findings with you. Was it legit? Or just another scam?

You’ll get to see what’s inside, and how it works so you can decide if this method is right for you. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

If you really want some great training, come and see where I learned everything about affiliate marketing.

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What Is Invisible?

what is Invi$ible about

This is a software and training product to show you how to make thousands of dollars per day, online, while remaining completely anonymous.

It was created by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong, and launched on Warrior Plus on November 7th, 2019.

Invisible – $12.95 (only 20 searches per day)

What’s Inside


  • Welcome Video


  1. Solo Ads Intro
  2. Find Winning Products on Warrior Plus
  3. Find Winning Products on Clickbank
  4. Find Winning Products on JVZoo
  5. Autoresponder Setup
  6. Landing Page Setup
  • Make $100 per Day With Facebook
  • Make $100 per Day By Answering On Quora
  • Make $50-$200 By Suggesting Names
  • Make $250 per Day With YouTube Reviews

Solo Finder

  • Internet Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Health
  • Social
  • Personal Developement
  • Dating
  • Travel

Optin Page Template

  • File to download


#1: Over 2500 Pre-written Email Swipes

#2: 10K Email Manifesto Case Study

#3: Jono’s YouTube Ads Training


OTO#1: Invi$ible Pro – $47, downsell $37

OTO#2: Double Your Money Hack – $197, downsell $97

OTO#3: The Ultimate Traffic Package – $197, downsell $97

OTO#4: Licence Rights – $197, downsell $97



Who Is This System For?

this is for affiliate marketing

This training is for those who are interested in learning about Solo Ads. It’s a legitimate way to perform affiliate marketing, but it’s also risky with no guarantee of sales.

The product itself is fine, but it’s something I would caution beginners to get into.

Unless you’re willing to spend money upfront for your Solo Ads, and risk losing money, this might not be for you.

If you keep reading to the bottom, I’ll show you a free way to generate traffic to your own business.



How Does It Work?

is paid traffic safe?

Can you imagine making tons of money online while remaining anonymous? So many of you hate being in front of a camera doing videos.

This product claims to have a unique method to help you make $14,286.45 in just 3 days while staying invisible. Wow! That’s a lot of money? And a big promise in my opinion!!

Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

They want you to imagine getting 100-200, or even 1000 clicks per day and waking up to see $2000 commissions in your affiliate account each day.

And to forget everything you’ve learned in the past because this product changes everything!

The owners say you don’t have to:

  • Make videos
  • Speak or write perfect English
  • Brand yourself
  • Write emails and content

They say this is perfect for you introverts and non-English speaking people. You can remain hidden behind your computer screen, lol.

In 4 steps, you can make money with Invi$ible by:

  1. Uncovering the Invi$ible (whatever that means…).
  2. Set up your system using their exact blueprint and software.
  3. Sit back as you bank your commissions.
  4. Rinse and repeat to make as much money as you want day after day.

Those are pretty vague steps…

Then they share with you a “Poverty to 6-figures” story, by Zeeshan Ahmed, which is quite inspiring. But don’t forget that marketing back in 2014 was very different than today.

The sales page never truly gives you detailed information, but it does say that you’ll be using other people’s traffic.

That can only mean one thing… Solo Ads!

Then they say it’s a method that’s never been revealed before. Really?? That’s not true!

But they’ll say whatever it takes to sell their product, right?

How about we go in and see what it really is and if it actually works!…

Member Area/Dashboard

Inside the dashboard, you’ll first be greeted with a welcome video from Jono Armstrong.

overview video by jono armstrong

The first thing you should do is go through the training videos first. The training is done by Zeeshan himself.


The training will teach you how to properly use Solo Ads.

Solo Ads are when you pay a vendor for the use of his email list.

These vendors will have lists for different niches, and it’s important to use the right list for the right product.

This is what Zeeshan is going to show you:

  • How to find the right Solo Ad vendor
  • How to properly choose a product from Warrior Plus
  • How to properly choose a product from Clickbank
  • How to properly choose a product from JVZoo

He’ll also go over how to set up your autoresponder, which is your email capture service like Aweber.

Your final video training will be how to set up your landing page for the best chances at conversion.

Please note that English is not Zeeshan’s mother tongue, and you may find him hard to understand.

If you do, you can set up the videos with subtitles, and you can also download the PDF for each video.

training is done by Zeeshan ahmed

The remaining video training are methods you can use if you don’t have any money for Solo Ads.

Quality Solo Ads can run on an average of $1.00 per click. The vendor makes sure you get the number of clicks you pay for, but these aren’t guaranteed sales.

If you have an optin form on your landing page, you can at least collect their email addresses, which will start to build up your email list.

Solo Finder

Zeeshan created this software to help you find the best Solo Ad vendors in 7 popular niches. I’ve listed these above, in the product’s details…

the software helps you find solo vendors

Depending on the product you’ve chosen, you want to click on that particular niche. Inside, you’ll be presented with a long list of vendors to choose from.

Ideally, you want to find someone with the highest percentage of sales.

You’ll also see how much they’re selling their clicks for, and the number of reviews about their services.

look for vendors with high sales percentages

Notice the first on the list? Khaled Ibrahim? He’s also listed on Udimi, which is a popular site for Solo Ads.

Udimi offers help and tutorials for free on their platform, and offer buyer protection services as well…

Optin Page Template

All this section does is give you a file to download and then upload to your own hosting.

In order to promote a product, you’ll need an optin page to not only collect your subscriber’s email address but give them the link to the product. In this case, it appears to be a webinar.

This is the optin form that Zeeshan himself uses…

download the optin page file


To be able to use this form, you must have a website with hosting.


#1: Over 2500 Pre-written Email Swipes

Brendan and Jono will give you a massive head-start by providing you with over 2500 of their own emails.

These have made them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 2 years.

#2: 10K Email Manifesto Case Study

This case study will show you a campaign where he’s made over $10K.

You’ll be allowed to copy/paste this method to make your own money.

#3: Jono’s YouTube Ads Training

Jono’s course shows you how to use YouTube ads to take your income to the next level.

There are over 90 minutes of step by step training included.


OTO#1: Invi$ible Pro

The Pro version will give you unlimited access and searches each day.

This also includes a page builder with pre-loaded templates to help generate leads.

OTO#2: Double Your Money Hack

You will receive license rights to 8 additional products, so you can double your money with no extra effort.

OTO#3: The Ultimate Traffic Package

This training will give you over 7 hours o training on:

  • Adwords
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO

You’ll also be able to place your pixels on their sales pages for 365 days. This will give you targeted buyer data for your future promotions.

OTO#4: License Rights

Now you can sell Invi$ible as your own product and keep 100% of the profits.


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Demo Video



My Concerns

i have concerns for newbies

I have no concerns with the actual products, but I do about the overall method using Solo Ads.

Concern #1 – Paid Traffic

This form of affiliate marketing is commonly used, but it’s high risk and fairly expensive.

Let’s say you purchase 500 clicks for anywhere from $325 to $500, depending on the quality of the vendor’s email list. And you’re promoting a product that pays you $10 per sale.

You would need 32 to 50 sales just to break even. That’s quite a high click-through-rate you’d need from your campaign.

Industry averages are much lower than that, so you’ll most likely lose money rather than profit.

Concern #2 – Unreasonable Income Claims

The incomes they report on their sale page is much too hyped up.

Unless you have your own email list of hundreds of thousands of people, there’s just no way you’ll make that kind of money.

Yes, Zeeshan may have started out using Solo Ads, but I bet he’s created such a huge list of his own, that he doesn’t even bother using Solo Ads anymore.

Concern #3 – Money Upfront

When you use this technique to perform affiliate marketing, you need to have an advertising budget ready to use.

That’s because you’re paying for this service upfront. The vendor isn’t going to wait until you get sales to pay him. He or she will want their payment as soon as you put in your order.

This is why it’s risky! You’re paying for the clicks before making any money!  And there’s always the chance you’ll lose money!

Concern #4 – Not For Newbies

I honestly don’t believe this is an easy method, nor do I recommend it for beginners. Until you’ve gained some online experience, this could frustrate you more than not.

There are many other legitimate ways to make money with affiliate marketing, many of which are free!




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Good training




  • Requires upsells for best use of the system
  • Solo Ads are risky
  • You could lose money



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for better training

I believe the training is fine for those of you who wish to learn about Solo Ads. But you must be aware of the risks involved.

This method can work, but can also fail. You need to be prepared to lose money!

Is Invi$ible a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   A cautious yes

I know many successful online marketers who wouldn’t recommend Solo Ads. And I know many that do. So in the end, you need to make your own decision.

There are valid reasons on both sides. The best thing you can do is consider if you can afford this method and if you’re acceptable with any losses.

What if I could show you a free way to get traffic to your promotions? It’s much safer for newbies, to be sure…

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

I would love for you to come and see where I learned all about affiliate marketing. This platform has everything you need under one roof:

  • Excellent step by step training to show you how to create your own online business and generate traffic.
  • Powerful tools to create your own converting content.
  • A large and active community to support you each step of the way.
  • And so much more…

The best part is the starter membership. You can join for FREE, no credit card necessary!

And if you’re like me, you’ll want to join the premium membership, with your first month only $19. There’s really nothing else of this quality online today!

Click on the button below, and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you on the inside, and be your personal coach for as long as you need.

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So how did you come across Invi$ible by Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong? They are continuously launching products, some good, some not so good, lol.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.



P.S. Please share my review!