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How to Build A Happy & Healthy Email List - Valued at $149  

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    Video 1:  Relationships & Trust - You'll discover that your email list, if properly cared for, can be your most profitable asset you have. Because a loyal email list will buy from you time and time again.
  2. 2
    Video 2: The Who & The What - You'll learn the importance of letting your subscriber know "who" the email is coming from, and "what" the email will be about.And don't forget about the oh-so important "subject line"!
  3. 3
    Video 3: The Content - You'll learn the why you need to use the 80/20 rule, as well as how to write an engaging email that your subscribers will want to read.
  4. 4
    Video 4: Links & Call to Actions - You'll come to understand where to put your links and why they need to be used for engagement.  Also, how you word your call-to-action to get the most response from your subscribers.
  5. 5
    Video 5: Proofread - You'll see why it's so important to look professional at all times.  You can still be "conversational", but with proper spelling and grammer!
  6. 6
    Video 6: A Quality List - You'll learn that the success of your email campaigns begins and ends with the quality of your list.  A little monthly hygiene can go a long way...
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    Video 7: Where to Now? - You'll understand why creating good habits is so important.  And increasing your knowledge will propel your business faster and further.

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