Big Ticket Commissions. Same Product, New Name!

Big Ticket Commissions

Are you looking for a way to make money online?  How about making big commissions?

If you been searching for a method, you’ve probably come across the Big Ticket Commissions.  But there’s so much hype!

Now you need to know if it’s legit or another scam like so many others, right?

Let me help you get some answers.  Let’s go inside to see what it is, how it works, and if it’s what you expected.

By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an educated decision if it’s right for you or not.

Would you like to see where I learned to make money online?

the Big Ticket Commissions review - rating



What Is Big Ticket Commissions?

my honest review of high ticket funnel creator

This software allows you to create funnels for high ticket products paying out high-ticket commissions.

It was created by Glynn Kosky. He launched it on Warrior Plus on May 7th, 2020.

Big Ticket Commissions – $18.39 (10 campaigns)

What’s Inside


My Profile


New Campaigns


  • How to Use Big Ticket Commission & Setup Done For You
  • How to Create Your Own Campaigns & Promote Any Product
  • Important Things Not To Forget
  • Auto Profit Boost (Upgrade)
  • Super Affiliate Builder (Upgrade)
  • Traffic Strategies – Email
  • Traffic Strategies – Video
  • Traffic Strategies – 3 Free
  • 4 Free Traffic Sources

Done For You Funnels

  • 4 Funnels

Affiliate Info

  • Affiliate Links


#1: Premium Traffic Software

#2: Guaranteed Approval

#3: Customer Only Webinar


OTO #1: Unlimited – $97, downsell $47

OTO #2: Done For You – $97, downsell $47

OTO #3: Unlimited Traffic – $97, downsell $47

OTO #4: 30K per Month – $97, downsell $47

OTO #5: Super Affiliate – $97, downsell $37

OTO #6: License Rights – $97, downsell $67

OTO #7: Auto Profit Boost – $47, downsell $37



Who Is This System For?

for affiliate marketing with webinars

This system is better suited for someone with some online experience and established traffic sources. It’s not that it’s difficult to use. It’s easy to set up, but…

If you’re a beginner with no significant followers on social media or Youtube, you’ll struggle to make any money.

This is why I’m “cautiously” recommending this software.

It could make funnel creation easy for intermediate marketers, but without some decent traffic, it just won’t work.

Further down, I share with you my concerns, which is something to consider before purchasing…


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How Does It Work?

software creates funnels with bonus and traffic

The sales page says this app can generate instant high-ticket commissions and buyer traffic in under 60 seconds!

This is probably a lot of hype, but we’ll continue.

Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

This system says that it can:

  • Automate big-ticket commissions
  • Guarantee results on the first day
  • It has 100% free traffic included
  • Provide you with an ann-inclusive solution

Giving a guarantee of results on the first day is pretty bold. But I guess it depends on how you view “results”…

In only 3 steps and 15 minutes, you can get game-changing results:

Step #1: Insert your affiliate link.

Step #2: Activate your free traffic.

Step #3: Relax and enjoy your sales.

Glynn, who releases new products often, says you’ll no longer have to:

  • Create products and deal with customer support.
  • Write any content or sales copy.
  • Make Videos or complicated sales funnels.
  • Pay for traffic.
  • Spam social media.

He goes on to say that the old school method of list building and affiliate marketing no longer works. Trying to promote low-ticket products to your email list just doesn’t deliver.

OK, this is ironic… This is a low-ticket product he promotes to his own list, LOL

This new system comes with:

  1. Cloud-based software that’s “point & click” easy.
  2. Built-in free traffic.
  3. Step by step training
  4. Over 100 DFY (done for you) lead magnets.

Glynn calls this a “straight-line” marketing system where you make your list while making commissions. The software builds you 2 pages. An optin page for lead generation and a sales page to pitch the premium offer.

This is not a new concept by the way…

There are loads more hype on the sales page, but now let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you get access to your member area dashboard, this is what you’ll see…

member dashboard

The first thing you should do is watch the training videos to get acquainted with the software.


How to Use Big Ticket Commission & Setup Done For You

In this first video by Glynn, he walks you through how to finish the DFY funnels. He’ll show you how to get your affiliate approval and any resources the product vendor has available.

Two of them are Clickbank products, so you don’t need to get approval. You just need to create your free account. The other two have to ask for approval on Warrior Plus.

I’ve included this video below so you can see how it’s done!

How to Create Your Own Campaigns & Promote Any Product

This video is showing you how to create funnels from scratch. This way you can choose the products you want to promote, for more flexibility…

campaign builder

The one thing he says you’ll need is a video to embed in your funnel. You can ask the vendor if they have one already done for you, or you can make your own.

High ticket products sell better with videos.

Most of the steps are exactly the same as the previous video, only that you need to edit the text and images of the templates available.

Important Things Not To Forget

Glynn goes over a few topics that are important with affiliate marketing, such as providing your customer with their lead magnet download as well as setting up your email sequence.

Many product vendors offer email swipes for you to use which helps if you don’t like writing emails.

Auto Profit Boost (Upgrade #7)

This video discusses the additional tools you got if you purchased upsell #7. Glynn explains what they do and how to use them…

facebook tools

He goes over the:

  • Facebook pixel code
  • Facebook comments plugin
  • Facebook chat Widget
  • Exit popups
  • Social proof popups

Super Affiliate Builder (Upgrade #5)

Glynn walks through your new page builder and all the features it offers. There is a lot more you can add to your funnel pages with this builder, than what comes with the front end product.

This upsell’s builder comes with additional DFY templates and bonus products you can choose from.

Traffic Strategies – Email

This video is all about using paid traffic using the platform Udimi. This is where you would purchase Solo Ads if you have a budget you can use to spend upfront…

paid traffic platform

Solo ads are when you pay for the use of a vendor’s email list. These lists are supposed to be targeted to subscribers that are interested in what you have to offer.

Just remember that there’s no guarantee of sales here. You’re paying for “clicks” only.

Glynn gives you a couple of pointers so you know how to find the right vendor for your niche.

Traffic Strategies – Video

This video is about using YouTube Ads. This type of advertising is very targeted and effective.

Glynn shows you how to set up your Youtube ads account, and how to set up your campaign.

This is a method that requires a budget as you’ll be setting up your daily budget within your account.

Traffic Strategies – 3 Free

This video focuses on free traffic strategies. There’s more time involved to get set up, and it takes longer to get results, but it has a more lasting effect down the road.

He discusses:

  1. Instagram because it’s so visual and engaging.
  2. Pinterest which is great because you can add links to your posts.
  3. Youtube channel is wonderful to direct people to the links you’re promoting.

These are 3 methods that all marketers should be utilizing.

4 Free Traffic Sources

This video is created by his partner Leigh. He discusses:

  1. Creating your own digital course for recurring income.
  2. Using YouTube to create content for your own channel.
  3. Leveraging Facebook groups to share your offers.
  4. Using Quora, which is a question and answer site.


This section is where you would connect your autoresponder to the software. These are the available services…

email capture services to integrate with

There is some training in the first video showing you how to connect your service.

Glynn is assuming you already have one as there’s no further training about autoresponders.

New Campaigns

This is where you would create your own campaign from scratch. You will have the optin page, the webinar page, and the download page.

There are 12 templates you can choose from…

dfy campaigns to earn high ticket commissions

Any of the text or images can be edited to suit your offer.

Done For You Funnels

You have a choice of 4 DFY funnels for 4 products. They are:

  1. Super Affiliate System – Clickbank
  2. Project Profit Academy – Warrior Plus
  3. Passive Income System – Warrior Plus
  4. Simple WiFi Profits – Clickbank

I’ve written a review on Super Affiliate System if you’d like to see what that’s about.

The free traffic that included is simply sharing your funnel with social sharing platforms…

social media sites

Though this one-click sharing is handy, it won’t guarantee you loads of free traffic!

Affiliate Info

This section is where you would get your Clickbank affiliate link or ask for approval for the Warrior Plus products.

To see how the software works, please watch the demo video below!


#1: Premium Traffic Software

This bonus gives you free access to their traffic software so you can get loads of traffic at zero cost.

You’ll also get training on the various traffic sources that Glynn uses every day.

#2: Guaranteed Approval

You will get guaranteed approval to their highest converting offers.

It’s hard for newbies to get approval so this will solve a huge problem for you.

#3: Customer Only Webinar

This webinar reveals the 3 step formula that helped them generate 6 figures with this system, free traffic, and social media.


OTO #1: Unlimited

This upsell provides you with:

  • Unlimited sites for more profits.
  • Additional templates.
  • Display unlimited bonus products on your pages.
  • Premium support.
  • More money-making features.
  • A full-length video series to show you how to use this system the correct way.
  • A fast start guide to get you up and running quickly.

OTO #2: Done For You

This upgrade provides you with access to their library of DFY profit sites with the giveaway bonuses and embedded webinar all ready to go.

All you need to do is add your affiliate link. With the technical work done for you, you’re ready to get paid right away.

OTO #3: Unlimited Traffic

Now you’ll be able to siphon traffic from all their already successful sales pages. By adding your pixel to their pages, you will get a load of buyer traffic data.

By tapping into their past, present and future launches, you’ll be able to retarget this traffic for additional sales in the future.

OTO #4: 30K per Month

This is another DFY system where you can scale your business up to $20K per month. You’ll get additional:

  • Training
  • Money making bonuses
  • 2-hour rapid response support

Everything is loaded into your dashboard and you can start making money with just a few clicks.

OTO #5: Super Affiliate

With your own bonus page builder, you can now create stunning pages. This page-builder will save you countless hours or outsourcing so you can instantly make more profits.

You’ll get additional templates as well as DFY bonuses that include ebooks, video courses, plugins, and software.

OTO #6: License Rights

This upgrade gives you exclusive mentoring with 1 on 1 coaching from their support team. And the license will allow you to resell this product as your own and get 70% on each sale.

You can sell 50 copies with access to their entire funnel as well as a DFY email sequence to follow-up with.

OTO #7: Auto Profit Boost

You’ll get access to their suite of conversion boosting tools:

  • Add your Facebook Ads Pixel to your funnel pages.
  • Add FB comments to your pages.
  • Add the FB Chat Widget to your pages.
  • Add exit popups to build your email list.
  • Add social proof popups.


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Demo Video



My Concerns

many concerns

The software does most of what the sales page claims, but I have some concerns I’d like to share with you…

Concern #1 – Guarantees

It always frustrates me when they say you’re guaranteed “first-day” results.

That’s an impossible statement to take and not fair to any beginners who’ve never done this before.

It’s simply a tactic to persuade you to buy the product.

If you’re new to this and don’t have any traffic to send to your offer, you won’t see results for some time.

You could buy traffic for quicker results, but wasn’t the whole idea to use FREE TRAFFIC?

And please beware of the “no questions asked” refund policy. It’s never that easy.

You’ll be persuaded to keep the products after asking you loads of questions, and it’s not as easy as you think to get a refund.

Concern #2 – The Correct Way?

When you read through the 1st upsell landing page, it tells you that this upgrade will show you the correct way to use the system.

OK, what the heck does that mean? Aren’t the instructions given in the front-end product correct?

As I previously mentioned… there’s a lot of hype on these pages and it’s hard to know what to believe.

Concern #3 – Rehashed Product

I’ve reviewed many of Glynn Kosky’s products, and this one is identical to some of his previous launches.

Take a look at my review of Magick Funnels. The software is identical but with a different colour scheme. And it was launched only a month prior.

And Giveaway Profits, which was launched in February.

This is Glynn’s style. He rehashes older products and keeps reselling them to make more money.

I’m not judging here, believe it or not. Just know that Glynn is what we call a “serial” launcher.

And that gives me pause because I don’t know how long these products will remain usable for its members.

Concern #4 – Bonus Products

Yes, the bonus products are included. This is nice for beginners who don’t have access to their own products to give away.

But my concern is that many of these look outdated.

They’re available in a variety of niches so that reduces the choice you may have in your niche.

As an online marketer, you want to save your reputation by offering valuable bonuses, and I’m not convinced you’ll find any here.

Concern #5 – Never Ending Upsells

I understand that this is how most product vendors make money. They offer the front end product for a low price and then add on a couple of upsells for additional profit.

But 7?? That’s extreme in my books. That shows you that there’s not enough value in the front end.

Concern #6 – Free Traffic?

I always find this to be hilarious. Marketers know that you’ll never make any money without traffic. But…

The free traffic included is simply sharing with social sharing platforms.

How many accounts do you have? Are you new to this and just have a couple with family and close friends following you?

If that’s the case, how many products do you think you’re going to sell to your fans? Probably none, unless they’re all interested in affiliate marketing!




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Included DFY funnels and bonus products
  • Easy to use software



  • Too much hype
  • Too many upsells required to optimize the system
  • Rehashed product
  • Won’t work well for newbies



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for training

Though I know the software will work, it doesn’t come without many concerns in my opinion.

I’ve reviewed too many of Glynn’s products in the past and this is just another of the same thing.

I’ve cautiously recommended his products before, and I will again, but please know that this won’t work well for beginners.

There’s just not enough traffic to make it work unless you pay for paid traffic.

Is Big Ticket Commissions a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Cautious Yes

If you are new to affiliate marketing, I’d much rather see you learn from the ground up, and not rely on a product that may not be around for long.

Can I make you my honest recommendation?

The platform I run my business on is one of the best online today. Not only do they have expert training for affiliate marketers, but they also have:

  • Training by experts who’ve worked in the industry for over 15 years.
  • A domain registry so you don’t have to search elsewhere.
  • A website builder that extremely fast and efficient.
  • Powerful website hosting that’s an industry leader.
  • A keyword research tool to get you the best ranking on Google.
  • An affiliate platform with the top vetted affiliate programs.
  • A large and active community that’s live with thousands of members online every day.
  • And so much more…

And guess what? You can start for FREE! Isn’t that amazing?

Just sign up with your name and email address. No credit card info required to start!

Click on the button below and you can read all about it. When you join, I’ll greet you on the inside and help you for as long as you need me to.

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So where did you hear about Big Ticket Commissions? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



P.S. Please share my post with your friends!