Annihilation (Jamie Lewis) Review. Unused Traffic Source?

Annihilation (Jamie Lewis) Review

Are you wanting to start earning money online but don’t know where to start? How about trying to earn high-ticket commissions?

If you’ve been searching for a way to learn, you may have come across the new product. But is it legit? Another online scam?

Welcome to the Annihilation (Jamie Lewis) review. I’m here to help answer your questions.

I’m so happy to see you researching this product before believing everything you read, lol. Sales pages are sure great at pushing your buttons, aren’t they?

So let’s go inside and see what you get, how it works, and if it’s what you expect. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision if it’s right for you or not.

I promise to share with you my honest opinions and recommendations!

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the Annihilation Review - rating



What Is Annihilation?

reveals some hidden secrets about getting targeted traffic
This system gives you access to a new traffic source, with approval to a high ticket offer, to make high ticket commissions.

It was created by Jamie Lewis and David Kirby. It was launched on Warrior Plus on April 29th, 2020.

Annihilation – $30.75

What’s Inside

Dashboard (Home)

  • Welcome Video
  • Sign Up For Traffic Source – Mix
  • Promote Custom Offers Now
  • Squeeze Page Builder
  • Download Guru For Hire Reseller Version

Video Training

  • Member’s Area (see video below)
  • Monetization
  • Traffic
  • Traffic #2


OTO #1: VIP DFY – $33, downsell $19

OTO #2: 10X Multiplier – $39, downsell $24

OTO #3: Partner With Jamie – $43, downsell $33

OTO #4: Platinum – $93, downsell $67

OTO #5: Diamond – $39, downsell $27



Who Is This Training For?

for making money online with internet marketing

This training is great for both newbies and more advanced marketers.

It’s all about leveraging traffic on a new social sharing platform called Mix.

The training is easy to follow for newbies, but please know that as a beginner with no traffic sources as yet, it will take some time to earn the kind of money Jamie says on his sales page.

It’s a valid method and could work very well. But beginners will have to be patient as you build up your followers in your chosen niche.

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How Does It Work?

teaches you how to make high ticket commissions
This is another product by Jamie Lewis, who says he can help you “mix” hungry buyers into high ticket commissions.

And his showmanship doesn’t disappoint, lol.

His video on the sales page is ridiculous, but you just can’t pull your eyes away, haha…

Let’s see what else the sales page says…

Sales Page

Jamie asks you if you’re still without daily high ticket commissions, and that he has something for you.

You could now yield over $300 per day, over and over again, and access it today for free.

Free? Let’s see if that’s true…

This is a unique package of traffic and monetization methods to help you generate income. And you don’t need:

  • Technical skills
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Video creation
  • Solo ads, etc…

This new software will allow you to hijack “Mix” traffic (a new social media platform) and monetize it with the highest converting agency offers (or your own offers) to make instant commissions.

These are the 3 steps to your success:

Step #1: Grab your copy of Annihilation

Step #2: Log in to your dashboard and get your affiliate link.

Step #3: Use the software to integrate with “Mix”, and watch the commissions roll in.

Wondering if you could do this? No worries! Jamie has put together some fast action video tutorials so you have all the support you need.

Jamie claims he will soon be charging $97 per month for this system, but is offering it to you for a one time fee for now.

His scarcity tactics go on and on…lol.

Let’s see if the product does what it promises…

Member Area/Dashboard

When you access the member area, this is what you’ll see…

member area as seen on youtube

Many of Jamie’s products have the exact same member area. The first 4 links are for:

Signup for Traffic Source / Mix

Mix is a newer social media platform that isn’t being saturated by affiliate marketers as yet…

get targeted traffic on mix
It’s created by the makers of StumbleUpon and lets you share your image content with a specific, targeted audience.

Promote Custom Offers Now

This product was created by Jamie’s business partner Sean Proske. It’s offered on PayKickStart, and it’s an offer-creation product.

It’s for people who want to launch their own products. So it will create all the promotional material for the offer, and charge $997. The price is basically split 3 ways:

  • 1/3 to the designer agency
  • 1/3 goes to Jamie and Sean
  • 1/3 goes to you as your commission

Squeeze Page Builder

This is important for you to start creating squeeze pages for your offers…

squeeze page builder

One of the most vital assets of any business is an email list. And this tool will help you create your own by editing one of the templates provided.

Video Training

Member’s Area (see video below)

This first video is Jamie giving you a walkthrough of your member area. I’ve included this video below, for you to view.


This is going to show all about the offer you’ll be promoting. He’ll tell you what it is, and how it works.

training videos

Jamie will then show you how to apply for approval, and how to promote the product once you’re approved.


This is about the traffic source, Mix. This first video will show you how to get your account set up on Mix.

Traffic #2

This second video will teach you how to get targeted traffic by getting followers in your niche onto your account.

Please watch Jamie’s walkthrough video below!


OTO #1: VIP DFY (done for you)

This upgrade will provide you with a done for you option for faster success. They literally do everything for you!

OTO #2: 10X Multiplier

This upsell will provide you with extra resources to access to add additional monetization methods and more traffic to your offers.

You will also get an Agency license so you can set up a business and work for clients. You can charge whatever you like and keep 100% of the profits.

OTO #3: Partner With Jamie

This is how you can get unlimited attendance to Jamie’s webinar training, for LIFE. He has run these webinars since 2011, and you’ll have access to all of them.

The advantage of these webinars is all the members who attend. These are all product buyers and gives you access to a huge audience and opportunities for networking with the super affiliates.

OTO #4: Platinum

This upgrade will allow you to add your pixel to all of their sales pages for an entire year. This will let you “jack” their traffic data, so you can retarget this audience for your own promotions.

OTO #5: Diamond

This gives you a reseller license so that you can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

You will have access to the sales material and they take care of all the support.


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Walkthrough Video



My Concerns

no concerns with the product

I have no concerns about this training itself.

Jamie, who’s the type of personality that you either like or don’t like, lol, is none the less a very successful online marketer.

He’s been doing this for many years and uses different techniques and strategies.

There have been many of his products that I haven’t recommended, but this one is OK in my opinion.

Because he’s leveraging a newer social media platform, it’s a good time to get in before it becomes saturated.

I’m sure many of the other product creators will get on board quickly.

The fact that you’ll get an instant approval for a high-ticket product is excellent as well. Especially for a beginner.

Usually, it takes some experience and sales under your belt to be approved.

There are just a couple of concerns I’d like to share with you…

Concern #1 – Sales Page Hype!

Jamie is an experienced marketer and knows how to hit your emotional buttons.

But please know that if you’re a newbie to all this, you won’t be making the kind of income he talks about.

In order to make sales, you must have traffic! And most newbies don’t have access to any sizeable traffic sources.

Sure, you may have close friends and family following you on social media, but are they interested in buying your offers? Probably not, right?

Concern #2 – Unrealistic Time Frame For Newbies

With all the hype on the sales page, Jamie gives the sense that anyone can start making big bucks quickly.

I’m not saying this method won’t work. It will but in time.

You have to work at it consistently to get enough followers who might consider buying from you.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative industry, but you need to look at it long-term. There’s no such thing as an overnight success unless you win the lotto! 🙂

I simply want people to know that if you’re new, please know that this product has training for a new method, but it will take time for you to become successful.

Sometimes a lot of time, if you’re not committed.




  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost
  • Opportunity to leverage a newer traffic source
  • Instant approval for a high ticket product



  • Too much hype on the sales page
  • Will take time for newbies to succeed



Final Thoughts And Recommendations

i recommend wealthy affiliate for a free website

I believe this product will show you how to leverage a new social sharing platform to promote a specific high-ticket product. This doesn’t mean it’s the only product you can use, though.

You’ll be able to use the same strategy to promote any product or service you wish.

Is Annihilation a scam?   No

Would I recommend it?   Yes

So my next question would be if you have your own online business yet. And what I mean by that is a website!

Not only does your own website make you look that much more professional, but it’s a great place to host all your promotional material.

Whenever you create a squeeze page, or funnel, etc., they have to be hosted on a server. Some products will let you host your pages on their servers, but then you don’t have any control over them.

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  • Training by experts who’ve worked in the industry for over 15 years.
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  • A website builder that extremely fast and efficient.
  • Powerful website hosting that’s an industry leader.
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So where did you hear about Annihilation? Did my review answer all your questions?

If you have any more, or would like to leave a comment, please do so below and I’ll get right back to you.



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